Bed bugs plague Medford establishments

Medford, Ore -- Little biting bed bugs are nipping up trouble at the Medford Gospel Mission. NBC5 News has also received word that a Medford motel, the Rogue Valley Inn, recently had it's fare share of the critter too.

Jackson County Environmental Health Program Manager, Chad Peterson said over the last couple years, there has been a rise in bed bug infestations. He said it's possibly because of more people traveling in and out the area.

The most recent bed bug infestation happened about a week ago at the Medford Gospel Mission. Bill Gourley, the Mission's Director said the problem started about a year ago. They were able to get rid of the bugs for a while, but they sporadically returned. A week ago, they came back again, but a little stronger.

Gourley said they've called in pest control and are focused on getting rid of the annoying critters.

One resident we spoke to said it's not so bad and he's grateful to have a place to help him get back on track.

"I think they try real hard to get rid of them. They spray, they fumigate, they do the best they can to keep them out," said Billy Chamberlin, a resident at the Gospel Mission.

"We also changed out mattresses, changed our procedure for our bedding and stuff so that we're running the bedding through the laundry each day," said Gourley.

The Mission is also brainstorming ways to keep the bugs from coming back in.

Gourley said one idea is putting in place something he calls a hot box. He said it's where people place their belongings in a heated box. The heat kills the pests.

Another way to avoid getting bit, wash and dry your bedding and clothes.

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Bed bugs plague Medford establishments

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