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Flea bites vs bedbug bites: what are the differences?

Medical Author: Dr. Anita Dhanorkar, BHMS

Medical Reviewer: Pallavi Suyog Uttekar, MD

You may be bitten by an insect and get a small, painful, itchy, red bump on the skin. Some insect bites may be serious and you can see the marks at the site of the bite. There may be oozing from the marks in the case of a black widow spider bite or a wasp bite.

It is very difficult to know whether you were bitten by an insect if you have not seen it. However, the treatment for most insect bites is similar.

Flea bites look like red spots over the legs and ankles. They may appear in a cluster of two or three.

The bites are usually present over the exposed area. Marks may appear in a line of three bites called the breakfast, lunch, dinner pattern. Some people may experience allergic reactions to it.

Fleas are wingless, 2 to 8-mm long, oval caterpillar-like bloodsucking parasites that mostly feed on humans and animals (cats, dogs, rodents, and even birds). They may jump as high as 150 times their height and travel from one body to another over a great distance. They can survive in extreme conditions for a long time without any food, even for one to two months. They were the most common transmitter of bubonic plague in the past.

If your dermatologist suspects a flea bite, they will inquire about your living conditions and recent exposure after your skin examination. There is no laboratory test to confirm that fleas are the causal agent of these rashes.

If you are diagnosed/suspected to have a flea bite

Bedbugs are small red-brown insects that often live on furniture or a bed. If they bite you, you may see

If you get a bug bite

It is very difficult to differentiate a flea bite and a bedbug bite from looking at the rash. To detect the cause of your bite, your dermatologist will examine the skin and consider your personal history and the places you visited recently.

Flea Bites: Treatment, Symptoms, 11 Home Remedies & Pictures - MedicineNet

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