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  Monday 26th of February 2024 09:50 AM

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Cleveland hotel nearly fails inspection after live bed bugs found in rooms – Local 3 News

A hotel in Cleveland nearly failed its inspection after bugs were found.

Lincoln Inn & Swiss House on Georgetown Road scored a 74.

The inspector said rooms were not sufficiently designated as non-smoking.

The walkways were found to be dirty with trash. According to the inspector clean linens were stored near a leaky pipe in the laundry room.

Live bed bugs were found in two rooms by the inspector. Those rooms will be closed until they can be treated by a licensed professional.

A hole was found in the sheet in a room.The inspector noted a chemical spray bottle was stored facing clean linens.

If you have a question about a restaurant, hotel, pool or gym call your local health department.

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Murray County

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Whitfield County

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Cleveland hotel nearly fails inspection after live bed bugs found in rooms - Local 3 News

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Bed bugs are increasing. Where does your city rank? – ConsumerAffairs

Just about every city in America has something it can claim that its got the best of. But the last thing a local chamber of commerce would like to advertise is that its got more bed bugs than anyplace else!

Now, on top of its hotdogs and pizza, the Bulls and the Bears, and a history full of gangsters, Chicago can boast that it is the worst city in America for bed bugs, according to an annualstudy from Orkin.

New Yorkers and Philadelphians don't have much to cheer about, either. New York has the second-worst bed bug problem and Philadelphia is third.

The problem is increasing in Greensboro, N.C. That metrogained the most ground this year, moving up 25 spots, followed by Milwaukee (#25) and Tampa (#31).

The only two towns in the U.S. that can feel good aboutthe results of this study are Louisville and Lexington, Ky.,which finished last. Maybe bed bugs dont like bourbon.

Heres the whole list of bed bug-infested cities based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from Dec. 1, 2022 Nov. 30, 2023. The ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.


New York



Los Angeles


Washington, D.C. (+2)

Indianapolis (-1)

Charlotte (+5)

Champaign, Ill.(+1)

Columbus, Ohio(-1)

Cincinnati (+1)

Atlanta (+3)

Grand Rapids, Mich.(-2)


Baltimore (-8)

Richmond, Va.(+9)

Greensboro, N.C. (+25)

St. Louis (+6)

Youngstown, Ohio (+7)

Pittsburgh (-3)

Dallas-Ft. Worth (-5)

Flint, Mich.(-2)

Raleigh-Durham (-4)

Milwaukee (+15)

Charleston, W.Va.(-7)

Greenville, S.C. (-3)

Norfolk, Va.(-5)

Davenport (+8)

Nashville (+3)

Tampa (+10)

Toledo (+6)

Dayton, Ohio(+1)

Knoxville, Tenn. (-4)

Las Vegas (new to list)

Omaha, Neb.(-4)

South Bend, Ind.(-9)

Houston (+6)

Cedar Rapids, Iowa(-8)

Ft. Wayne, Ind.(-5)

San Francisco (-19)

Buffalo, N.Y. (-13)

Harrisburg (-7)

Seattle (-5)


Orlando (+1)

Minneapolis (new to list)

Oklahoma City (new to list)

Louisville, Ky.

Lexington, Ky.(-4)

Paris has had time to work on its bed bug program, but according to reports, the punaise de lit (bed bug) situation is getting worse there instead of better like 65% worse. according to Frances Union Chamber of Insect Control.

Thats a headache and a half for the most visited city in the world, whose hoteliers have been searching for something positive for the 15 million people coming to town for the Olympics.

"While the bed bug infestations in Paris have made travelers more conscious of the pests in hotels while traveling internationally, it is also important to take precautions at home, said Ben Hottel, Orkin entomologist.

Second-hand items such as clothing and furniture are also common bed bug hiding places, allowing pests an opportunity to hitch a ride home with new consumers. Examining any new items before they enter your home will help to catch a bed bug infestation sooner, rather than later.

If you live in one of the markets where bed bugs rule, it may be a good idea to double-check to see what levels of infestation you may or may not have. ConsumerAffairs has a complete guide to pest control including reader reviews and ratings available here.

Gary GuthrieReporter

Garys main beats for the ConsumerAffairs news team are travel and technology, including the hearing aid industry. (Hes also been a hearing aid user for over 15 years.) Prior to working here, he was a programming consultant for radio and TV stations in some 20 markets around the U.S., as well as a presentation developer for the likes of Jack Daniel's, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, and Columbia University.

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Bed bugs are increasing. Where does your city rank? - ConsumerAffairs

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