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  Sunday 22nd of May 2022 07:12 AM

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Revealed: The parts of Bolton with the biggest rat infestation problems – Manchester Evening News

The parts of Bolton with the biggest pest control problems have been revealed.

Postcodes in Bolton town centre, Farnworth and Great Lever all feature in the top ten areas visited by pest control in 2019.

Crompton Way, Hall Lane and Alberta Street had more than 100 rat-related visits between them while Crescent Road was the most visited for mice.

There were 30 rat-related emergency visits, three of which were in Anglia Grove at the start of the year.

Rats were by far the most common pest the local authority dealt with at 8,948 visits almost ten times more than mice at second place.

But for those people who cannot wait for Bolton Council to visit their property and are willing to pay more to exterminate pests, private companies available with some offering a same day service.

Ian Smith from Horwich, who has run his own pest control business for around 20 years, said rats seem to be getting inside buildings and homes more easily these days.

He claims eight out of ten cases of rats found in properties are caused by sewer faults.

This is when there are cracks and breakages in the pipes which connect to the sewer system.

He said: Rats get into the fabric of the building. Its something a lot of pest control companies dont want to admit because it can be hard work to find the fault.

It can be expensive, it can be frustrating. But at the moment thats the key to the problem in Bolton and everywhere else.

Mr Smith, whose father also worked in pest control, said that flooded sewers have also contributed to an increase in rats-related call outs this winter.

Rats and mice tend to keep pest control services busiest in the autumn and throughout the winter.

Andrew Glover, director of Premier Environmental pest control, explained why.

He said: You get problems with rats and mice throughout the year but it usually spikes in the winter because its cold so they look for a warm place where theres more food readily available that outside.

Mr Glover said that having a rat infestations can often be a case of bad luck but sometimes the problem is linked to poor hygiene, building maintenance or pipes not being sealed properly.

He said that wasp nests start becoming an issue in the summer as well as ants.

There were hundreds of visits by the councils pest control team related to wasps, bedbugs and ants last year as well as a small number of cases of silverfish, moles and beetles.

Treatment for rats usually consists of two or three visits but an infestation of bed bugs in Russell Street this year required 15 visits for one course.

Properties on Jessie Street, Philips Avenue and Adrian Road were visited 21 times each for bed bugs while Pixmore Avenue and Kent Court were the most visited cockroaches.

However, Mr Glover said that he has noticed a decrease in the number of calls he receives related to cockroaches in the 15 years he has operated in Bolton.

The postcodes which the council visited the most over the last year were revealed following a Freedom of Information request.

The Middlebrook area topped the list but many visits were routine, relating to a commercial contract with Bolton Wanderers.

The council also has a contract with Bolton at Home relating to Paderborn Court accounting for multiple visits as a preventative measure.

A council spokesman said: The councils pest control team undertake visits to domestic and commercial properties across the borough.

We understand that people may look at the figures and think theres a bigger pest problem in certain areas but this is not necessarily the case.

Quite often a number of visits will form one course of treatment. Many of the locations with higher number of visits are also due to us having commercial contracts in place, which means we will routinely visit on multiple occasions.

This is the case for Bolton Wanderers hence the high number of visits to the Middlebrook area.

We also routinely undertake a number of scheduled checks in some areas this means that while these postcodes may show multiple visits, this is for prevention work rather than to tackle an infestation.

To report a problem in your home call 01204 336553 or 336047 for businesses.

We now have a dedicated Facebook page bringing you all the latest news, events and community news in Bolton.

To keep up to date with all that is happening in Bolton - and to join in the discussion - follow the page here.

Reporter Tom George covers all things Bolton for the Manchester Evening News, you can follow him on Twitter here.

The postcodes which the councils pest control team visited the most over the last year were revealed following a Freedom of Information request.

The data provided shows how many times the local authority visited a property, but some were routine visits.

This includes a commercial contract with Bolton Wanders which explains why the Middlebrook area features so high on the list.

The figures only show visits made by the councils pest control team and does not take into account activity by private providers.

Middlebrook Retail Park, for example, uses a private pest control service.

BL6 6SF (Middlebrook area) 100 visits

BL1 4TX (Paderborn Court) 50 visits

BL1 4BE (Russell Street) 50 visits

BL4 7QS (Hall Lane) 44 visits

BL3 2JS (Crescent Road) 43 visits

BL1 8TL (Crompton Way) 43 visits

BL4 9BJ (Philips Avenue) 42 visits

BL3 5DX (Wellington Street) 40 visits

BL3 5PE (Jessie Street) 38 visits

BL4 7QQ (Glenbrook Gardens) 37 visits

BL6 6SF (Middlebrook area) 74 visits

BL1 8TL (Crompton Way) 38 visits

BL4 7QS (Hall Lane) 35 visits

BL3 5JD (Alberta Street) 32 visits

BL3 4BD (Daisy Street/Broomfield Road) 31 visits

BL3 3AR (Hamel Street) 28 visits

BL3 5DX (Wellington Street) 25 visits

BL3 4AW (Church Avenue) 25 visits

BL1 4LJ (Gilnow Road) 25 visits

BL1 3QE (Wolfenden Street) 25 visits

BL6 6LG (Brazley Avenue) 5 visits

BL3 4QE (Armadale Road) 5 visits

BL2 5HA (Winster Drive) 5 visits

BL1 5RZ (Great Marld Close 5 visits

BL1 6QY (Dunoon Drive) 5 visits

BL2 2RD (Rossall Close) 5 visits

BL1 3XG (Constable Close) 4 visits

BL2 5AA (Winchester Way) 4 visits

BL5 3HS (Beehive Green) 4 visits

BL1 8SD (Parkgate Drive 4 visits

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Revealed: The parts of Bolton with the biggest rat infestation problems - Manchester Evening News

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Bed Bugs Removal Services in Calgary – Responders

Bed bugs are human parasites that do more than make a home in your carpeting, bedding, and other areas of the house. These insects also pose a threat to your health. If you have any reason to think that your home is infested, you need the Responders team on the job at once.

You may wonder what bed bugs look like, especially if youve never seen them before. These pests have oval-shaped bodies. The typical bed bug size is small compared to other types of pests. The shape is generally oval. While there are exceptions, the usual bed bugs color is brown. If the bugs have more of a reddish hue, that means they have recently fed, usually by biting a human host. Whatever they may look like at the time of the bed bug detection, you need to start the removal treatments as quickly as possible.

Knowing that you have bed bugs in Calgary is not always as straightforward as some people think. In the early stages, there may be few if any outward signs. Even as they begin to manifest, you may need to look closely.

One of the first signs of bed bugs is the appearance of tiny welts or red spots on your skin. They may itch or they may not trigger any type of feeling at all. What they do indicate is that bed bugs are in your home, most likely in the bedding. They are biting you and leaving those marks.

Some people do experience advanced bed bugs symptoms due to the bites. Its not tiny red dots on your skin. The welts are much larger and tend to itch a great deal. People with allergic reactions will find they are more pronounced than mosquito bites. The only way to get the problem under control is to call an exterminator and have the home treated.

You may also notice tiny dark dots on the bedding. That is often fecal matter left by the bugs. Even if you dont notice any itching or discomfort, this is enough of a sign to call Responders for help now.

Remember you can see small hives or notice the bugs on all sorts of surfaces. You may see bed bugs in the couch cushions or along the frame. Maybe you have bed bugs in bed around the base of the box springs. You may find bed bugs in the bedding when you change the sheets. If so, you can bet there are bed bugs in the mattress, and possibly eggs deep in the padding.

The bed and upholstered furniture are not the only places bed bugs can be found. They can be found throughout your living space. Bed bugs in apartment buildings, homes, and other types of dwellings are more common than many people think. You are likely to find bed bugs in the carpet, bed bugs in your clothes, and even bed bug on pictures and wall tapestries. The bed bug bites on pictures can ruin artwork and photographs that you will have a hard time replacing.

A bed bugs inspection should be arranged the moment you notice any sign of activity. Thats because they are more than an inconvenience. While they are no more than bothersome for some people, an allergic reaction to bed bugs can be severe. Dont risk it; let the team at Responders check the home and take whatever action is needed to keep you safe.

The goal of complete bed bugs eradication is the basis for our efforts. To that end, Responders uses the latest in bed bugs heat treatment. Our approach does not rely on chemicals that could stain furnishings and maybe cause additional problems for you and your family. All it will do is allow you to make use of the strongest bed bug killer available today.

When it comes to bed bugs elimination methods, the team at Responders knows exactly what to do. Call us today and arrange for a full home inspection. Well gladly talk with you about what kills bed bugs, the merits of bed bugs heat treatment vs chemical treatment, and how quickly we can get rid of the infestation. Leave your pest problem in our hands and you wont be sorry.

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Bed Bugs Removal Services in Calgary - Responders

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Cost Effective Bed Bug Control in Edmonton Alberta

Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation:

A severe bed bug infestation can be a nightmare for the homeowners in Edmonton. These hard-to-detect pests thrive in the darkest corners of your home and can be extremely hard to eradicate permanently. But, not when the professional extermination services are available at your doorstep. We offer comprehensive bed bug removal services in Edmonton provided by our highly trained and expert staff.

Bed bugs are a growing populace of pests that have become a huge problem in Edmonton. Identifying them can be difficult due to their tiny size. These brown and oval-shaped insects can be 10mm in size, similar to an apple seed. They are wingless and tenacious because its really hard to get rid of them.

Bed bugs mostly harbour in crevices and dark cracks during the day, and they feed on human blood during the night when youre fast asleep. The female can lay up to 500 eggs due to which they populate faster than you expected. The signs of infestation include patches of small red bites on your skin, bed bug sightings in your home, brown or black stains on the upholstery, or casings shed by the bugs. If you notice any of these, timely identification and extermination are imperative.

If you are oblivious to the growth of bed bug infestation in your home, you may be endangering the health of your family. Mostly, people have no idea how these pesky creatures entered their home. They may be carried by the items that you brought from the outside, especially things like mattresses, books, luggage, clothing, upholstered furniture, or electronics. Once theyve entered your home, you need an effective bed bug treatment in Edmonton to remove them completely.

A bed bug infestation is a serious issue and you must address it as soon as you can. There are traditional methods of removing bed bugs that use chemical sprays. But, these sprays can be severely harmful to the health of your family. Hence, we provide the safest method of bed bug extermination using the heat treatment.

This treatment does not only target the live bugs but also kills their eggs. In this method, thermal remediation is used to remove these creatures from every nook and cranny of your home.

Our skilled staff have undergone proper training to conduct this treatment at your place. Youll not need to leave your home or move the furniture to get it done properly. In fact, we also provide a SafeHeat kit if you prefer doing it on your own.

As a trusted bed bug exterminator in Edmonton Alberta, we possess the right knowledge and equipment that it takes to remove these pests permanently from your property.

We will conduct a detailed inspection of your home to recommend the best treatments. Our services are always available and we can also provide written reports from the certified exterminators if you need.

If you need any help, we are just a call away.

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Cost Effective Bed Bug Control in Edmonton Alberta

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Bed Bugs in Alberta: How To Identify Bed Bugs & What To Do …

While bed bugs in Alberta may not be as commonplace as ants, spiders, or other insects, getting them in your home is a seriousissue, and not one that can be easily handled by do-it-yourself pest control. After learning a bit more about bed bugs, youll see why.What Are Bed Bugs?

These very small pests can be hard to spot at first, especially since they spend most of the day hiding in sheets and bedding, hence the name. At night, while you sleep in your bed, they emerge to feed on your blood. Many homeowners never even realize they have bed bugs until they start waking up with several bed bug bites. At that point, it is definitely time to call a professional pest control company.

These are very small, reddish brown insects that can live on your mattress and/or box spring. Appearing almost as small red dots to the human eye, bed bugs can be difficult to find or identify, but it shouldnt be too difficult to identify the signs of an infestation.

The first sign most people have of an infestation are usually bed bug bites. Thankfully, these bites are not usually dangerous, though they can become infected if not treated. Other signs include:

If you are wondering where bed bugs come from, the answer could be a variety of sources. If you recently visited a hotel, motel or an apartment complex, you could have carried them home on your clothing, luggage or other objects. Remember, these are common insects and having an infestation is not necessarily the result of anything you did wrong.

While there are some things you can try, you should be forewarned that these pests are very hard to kill and effectively remove, so it is a job best left to the experts and professional pest control companies. That being said, you can try insecticides, vacuuming and cleaning thoroughly, as well as laundering all items that may contain bed bugs. However, if you dont manage to get them all, the infestation will persist. A professional pest control company has the knowledge and experience to handle the problem effectively and ensure there isnt a repeat occurrence.

If you think you have a bed bug infestation, you should notify a professional pest control company in Alberta. A licensed and experienced pest control expert will assess the situation and inform you of the findings and your options. We recommend Assassin Pest Solution:

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Bed Bugs in Alberta: How To Identify Bed Bugs & What To Do ...

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K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta – K9 Knose-It

K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta - K9 Knose-It K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta - K9 Knose-It

Bed bugs can cause so much anxiety;let K9 Knose-It help make sure yourhome is COMPLETELY bed bug free!

We are based in Calgary, Alberta and serve residential, commercial and hospitality fields. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in bed bug (or as some people prefer to call them, bedbugs) infestations. For a human, these nasty little critters are difficult to detect. Even an experienced exterminator can easily miss the signs of an infestation, as they are relatively small and incredible at hiding! Their eggs are even harder to find even by qualified professionals, resulting in frustrating re-infestations. Until recently, bed bug detection was a hit or miss proposition well, not any longer! Enter the K9 bed bug detection team, with a nose that knows

K9 bed bug detection is the modern, accurate, discreet and reliable method of detecting bed bugs! No longer must you be concerned with the prospect of a human being unable to identify a potential bed bug problem in your home or business. A K9 detection team can sniff out bed bugs quickly and skilfully for you with an extremely high degree of accuracy. With our services, you will be able to rest easy knowing you have no unwanted guests in your room.

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K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta - K9 Knose-It

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