K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta – K9 Knose-It

K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta – K9 Knose-It K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta – K9 Knose-It

Bed bugs can cause so much anxiety;let K9 Knose-It help make sure yourhome is COMPLETELY bed bug free!

We are based in Calgary, Alberta and serve residential, commercial and hospitality fields. In recent years there has been a sharp increase in bed bug (or as some people prefer to call them, bedbugs) infestations. For a human, these nasty little critters are difficult to detect. Even an experienced exterminator can easily miss the signs of an infestation, as they are relatively small and incredible at hiding! Their eggs are even harder to find even by qualified professionals, resulting in frustrating re-infestations. Until recently, bed bug detection was a hit or miss proposition well, not any longer! Enter the K9 bed bug detection team, with a nose that knows

K9 bed bug detection is the modern, accurate, discreet and reliable method of detecting bed bugs! No longer must you be concerned with the prospect of a human being unable to identify a potential bed bug problem in your home or business. A K9 detection team can sniff out bed bugs quickly and skilfully for you with an extremely high degree of accuracy. With our services, you will be able to rest easy knowing you have no unwanted guests in your room.

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K9 Bed Bug Detection In Alberta – K9 Knose-It

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