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Bed bugs have been found in the United Airlines Headquarters. The infestation comes at a time when commercial businesses and homeowners are facing the decision between using chemical treatments and heat treatment solutions, such as those offered by Environmental Heat Solutions.

From movie theaters to taxi cabs to homes, the spread of bed bugs continues to rise. This problem has escalated from increased international travel, and even a rumor of infestation is bad for business. Bed bugs are tiny bugs that feed off human blood and most often come out at night. Unfortunately, bed bugs are notorious for crawling into small areas including clothing, briefcases, or luggage. For United Airlines headquarters employees, a recent bed bug infestation in the office could lead to an infestation at home.

Bed bugs were recently found on the 16th floor of Chicagos Willis Tower, the headquarters of United Airlines. For now, the infestation seems to be limited to a single floor. United Airlines confirms the presence of bed bugs, but reassures employees and the public that the infestation was limited to only a few cubicles. According to, some employees have complained they have been told very little about the infestation other than that exterminators were brought in.

Were sure that part of the discussion going on about dealing with the bed bug infestation is how to treat, says a representative from Environmental Heat Solutions. While there are some cases of pesticides being used effectively, it is a very risky, toxic and sometimes unreliable way to treat for bed bugs.

Fortunately, there are family-friendly solutions are available. Environmental Heat Solutions offers an alternative by getting rid of bed bugs through heat, which also takes less time than traditional chemical treatments. Businesses and residences alike have the option of using heat as a safer alternative to chemical processes.

The threat of poisoning to humans and pets is real, and the CDC recommends watching for signs of pesticide poisoning including headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and tremors. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates annual pesticide poisonings at between 10,000 and 20,000 people in the United States. Businesses that cater to children, the elderly, or animals, as well as households, may choose heat as a safer and equally effective solution for getting rid of bed bugs.

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Located in Purcellville, Virginia, Environmental Heat Solutions was founded with one goal in mind: To help those suffering from bed bug infestations. They are Washington, D.C. Metro Areas bed bug specialists, offering bed bug heat treatment and canine detection services throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. With many years of experience handling bed bug infestations, Environmental Heat Solutions has found heat treatment to be the best approach for eliminating widespread infestations quickly and with minimal environmental impact. Environmental Heat Solutions offers a free, no-strings attached consultation with the desire to inform anybody who suspects a bed bug infestation and provide them access to definitive answers regarding the costs involved with finding and eliminating such infestations. For more information, please visit:

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How To Treat Bed Bugs Virginia, VA 20132, Call 540-441-7246 today! Environmental Heat Solutions

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