EEK! Duluth Among List Of 2024’s Worst Cities For Bed Bugs – B105 Country

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This might just give you the chills! Bed bugs areone of those things that make just about everybody cringe.The last thing we want after a long day of travel is to get in a bed infested with bed bugs.

While technically bed bugs can be found anywhere, there are a few places that should be on your radar right now.Pest Gnome just released a list of the worst cities for bed bugs this year.

Unfortunately, manyMinnesota cities made the cut.Sigh. The good news is thatnoneof them are represented in the top ten or top 100, so we have that going for us.However,one of these cities hits real close to home.

I was VERY surprised to see that Duluthwas so high up on the list. The good news is that we weren't anywhere close to the very top of the list, so we have that going for us. Duluth came in at number 149, which was comprised of the 500 biggest cities in the country.

Before you panic, know that this study only looked at three factors: number of accommodations, multi-unit residential buildings and population density. The study also factored in access to exterminators to get rid of those pesky things.

Minneapolis is the city that made the top 25 here, coming in as the 24thworst city for bed bugs in 2024.St. Paul can be found a little further down the list, coming in at number 43.

While it's not super surprising thatthese two big cities made the cut, what is surprising is the fact that a bunch of other lesser-known Minnesota cities also made the list, all of them in the top half.

You always have to take studies like this with a grain of salt because they only take so many factors into consideration. However, it isn't a bad idea to check for bed bugs next time you are passing through any of these places!

Gallery Credit: Andrea Vale

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Gallery Credit: Andrew Vale

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EEK! Duluth Among List Of 2024's Worst Cities For Bed Bugs - B105 Country

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