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Attorneys Helping Bed Bug Attack Victims in Texas

Texas has one of the largest numbers of bed bug claims in the country. We handle a lot of cases out of Texas involving hotels and vacation rentals. This year, we had the pleasure of representing three registered nurses who traveled to attend a Continuing Learning Seminar at a Texas Hotel located in Dallas. The seminar was to last for a few days so the three nurses shared a room to save on travel expenses.

Our investigation of this incident revealed that the three nurses arrived at the Texas hotel in February of 2016. Upon checking into the hotel, they were given their room where they set down their belongings. All three went out to dinner for the evening. Thethree nurses came back to the room, prepared for bed and laid down for a nights rest. At approximately 6:00am, one of the nurses woke up feeling an itching and burning sensation on her body. She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror to find raised red bite marks on her body.

Upset and confused, she went back to her bed and pulled the blankets and top sheets off of the bed. Immediately visible were small dark insects crawling all over the bed. Horrified, she woke her roommates. The other two nurses also had red marks on their bodies and saw bugs crawling in their beds.

After finding the bed bugs and seeing red bite marks on their bodies, the nurses called the front desk to complain. The night manager and a maintenance worker came up to the room to inspect for the presence of bed bugs. It did not take long to confirm that the room was infested by bed bugs. The nurses insisted they make an incident report and took down the names of the manager and maintenance worker. Many of the bed bugs were captured and photographed. Photos of the bite marks were also taken to preserve their existence. A full inspection of the room revealed a broken glass pipe under the bed. There was significant evidence that the room had not been fully cleaned for some time.

The experience was so horrible that they all checked out of the hotel and could not complete the seminar and they lost the registration fees. In addition to the lost registration fee, each nurse missed out on an opportunity to earn a bonus at work. The hospitals where they worked offered bonuses for employees who complete a certain number of continual learning courses. This represented several thousand dollars of lost earning potential.

As the days went by, the intense pain, burning and itching continued which left each nurse unable to go to work for several days. Fortunately, each nurse worked at a hospital where they were able to receive excellent medical treatment for essentially no cost to them. After several days of treatment, the symptoms subsided to the point that the nurses were able to return back to their normal routines. However, the effect of the bed bug attack left each of them very anxious and upset for months to come.

After approximately 3-4 days of checking out from the hotel, our office received a call from the nurses to find out what can be done about their horrifying experience at the hotel. After speaking with the attorneys at BedBugLaw.com, the nurses were signed up and a letter of representation was sent to the hotel. After a few weeks of investigation into the incident, the hotels insurance carrier was notified of our claim. After a lengthy investigation by the insurance company, we were able to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients. The settlement included a sizable amount to compensate the nurses for their missed opportunity to earn a bonus at work.

Had the nurses not contacted our office, they would have been left with a simple Im sorry from hotel management. At checkout, the hotel made no offer of compensation or even an offer to refund the room for the night. The attorneys at BedBugLaw.com were able to present a compelling argument which led to a favorable settlement.

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Texas Bed Bug Settlement - Bed Bug Law

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