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Bed bugs are not the ideal pet to have in a home, and many prefer a dog, cat, or even hamster. When this problem does occur, questions arise also as to how to take care of these little things. There are several effective laundry detergents that will rid the sheets of bed bugs in no time. Review the following list to see if one of them will work for you.This product can be found at any home warehouse store, such as Home Depot, for example. It contains active ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, and potassium sorbate. These ingredients kill bed bugs as well as the eggs. During the wash cycle, it eradicates insects and in the dry cycle, the heat eliminates the eggs on contact.This bed bug laundry detergent brand treatment is effective in saving the infected mattress and eliminated the chance of bed bugs returning. In the rinse cycle of the infected items, this treatment kills the bed bugs on contact. Not only that, it also kills fleas, ticks, and other pests as well. Using all natural ingredients, there is no harm to be done to the items washed, and it is also scent and stain free. This product is non-toxic and is safe around children, pets, homes, and hospitals.This solution is to help prevent bed bugs in commercial and residential places. It is a daily routine to prevent the infestations and is very well known within housekeepers and cleaning staff. Spraying mattresses, box springs, headboards, furniture, and carpet will kill bed bugs on contact if any are lingering around. This product does not stain any surface and has no odor, so no one will ever know if there were bed bugs present. Even after use, rooms are able to be occupied without worry, and no toxic residual effect is present.This substance is to be added into any existing laundry detergent to kill infestation and bed bugs in the wash. It is very potent and shows no mercy, killing on contact. It chemically activates in the water and gets rid of the problem in 60 seconds. As serious as this product is with killing these bugs, it is non-toxic and not harmful to any linens. This is all a part of a three-step solution for killing bed bugs.This solution is another additive for the laundry. It can be used in cold or hot water and still effectively kills all infestation present. This product can be used in the washer as well as mop water to kill bugs and mites on hard surfaces as well. Its active ingredients include Eastern red cedar oil, which is extracted from a species of juniper found in the North American Great Plains. Ethyl lactate is active as well, which is an emulsifier found naturally in a wide variety of foods. Cedar Bug-Free Laundry additive is classified as a minimum risk pesticide.Bed Bug Bully is an all-in-one anti-allergen detergent concentrate. It is formulated to safely eliminate dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens from bedding and linens. Using this product constantly will eliminate the dust mite allergens that are the primary cause of asthma arising from bedding and washable clothing. It is safe for all fabrics, does not fade color, and is effective in cold, hot, or warm water. Bed Bug Bully is 10 times more concentrated, meaning less detergent is needed for loads. Earth-friendly and USDA BioPreferred, this product is highly recommended to treat infestation.Continuous use of any of these bed bug products will prevent these little creatures from coming back and laying eggs in clothing and bedding. It is important to nip this problem in the bud before anything extreme happens to anyone else in the household. Getting rid of bed bugs will ultimately feel exhilarating and a fully clean house will be the outcome.Recognize the signs of bed bugs, so eliminating them will occur sooner. Be on the lookout for black stains on the mattress. This is where they lay the eggs. Several red, itchy bites all over the body are another big sign of the bed bugs. Some are just big enough to see crawling around on the carpet or hardwood flooring, but do not simply sweep them up and put them in the trash. They thrive on hiding in little places and laying lots of eggs. Once the eggs are laid, thousands of more bugs can hatch, causing a never ending cycle of infestation. (MORE)

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