Readers sound off on U.S. support for Israel, bed bugs and a Black … – New York Daily News

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We pay lip service to suffering that we finance

Los Altos, Calif.: It is essential to address the ongoing violence in Israel and its root causes. The violence that has erupted between Hamas and Israel, resulting in the loss of innocent lives, highlights the urgent need for a paradigm shift in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It has been fueled by decades of unconditional U.S. support in terms of money and weapons, which has led to seething Palestinian resentment of apartheid policies and brutal occupation. The culmination is the current dire situation, with Gaza under siege and the continued oppression of the Palestinian people.

Historian Rashid Khalidi aptly describes the situation as Palestinians living under incredible oppression. The blockade of Gaza has been a pressure cooker. It was only a matter of time before it erupted. The recent pledge of more military aid and munitions to Israel, coupled with the movement of U.S. warships towards the region, is a deeply troubling response. Sending more arms to Israel will only add fuel to an already raging inferno. Instead, the U.S. should prioritize defusing the situation and seeking a just and lasting peace.

The outpouring of support for Palestinians across the Middle East underscores the fact that the Palestinian cause remains a deeply felt rallying cry in the region. Diplomatic normalization agreements between Israel and Arab governments, such as the Abraham Accords, will do little to change this reality. As long as the conflict remains unresolved, stability in the Middle East will remain elusive.

It is crucial that the international community takes immediate action to address the root causes of the violence. The first step must be to lift the siege of Gaza and end the brutal occupation. Accountability for militant settler violence should also be demanded. Jagjit Singh

Utica, N.Y.: As we have all seen, bombing Gaza to rubble has not worked out so well in the past. Heres an idea for Israel to consider: How about not bombing Gaza, or going in at all? How about offering an immediate ceasefire and a promise to lift the blockade of Gaza upon the safe return of every hostage? Of course, Israel must hunt down the brutal Hamas murderers. However, she should also provide desperately needed sustenance to the Palestinian people. Its a sad truth that these poor people have been mistreated by Israel, but its also true that they have been left to wallow in squalor and misery by all of their obscenely wealthy neighbors. We think its time for Israel to do something different. How about waging peace? Jeff and Joan Ganeles

Manhattan: Voicer Betty Ussach apparently thinks Israel is making what she terms a disproportionate response to aggression. I assume she is referring to Israels response to the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. So, I guess she describes deliberate murder of babies, rapes of women and abduction of people, including the elderly, ill and children, as aggression rather than terrorism. War is horrible and no one I know wants to see innocent children or adults suffer on either side. However, Hamas terrorism must be ended! Sue Deutsch

Kew Gardens: The prime minister of Israel said the repercussions his nation will rain on Gaza will be felt for generations. Sen. Cory Booker said Hamas knew exactly what the repercussions would be for its attack on Israel without concern for the Palestinians and Palestinian-Americans in Gaza. He further stated that Hamas only objective is to kill Jews. If that is the case, then the leadership of Hamas and most of its membership might not even be in Gaza and were probably gone before their military cadre invaded Israel. However, the photographs, videos and interviews with Gaza residents attesting to the horrors they endure during the Israeli Defense Forces bombardment and incursion will provide Hamas with a major recruitment tool. Unfortunately, the repercussions will be felt for generations. As American author Raymond E. Feist stated, Never underestimate the potential for human stupidity when wealth and power are at stake. Glenn Hayes

Brooklyn: Once again, Leonard Greene misunderstands or misrepresents an event or situation (Peaceniks, show yourselves! column, Oct. 22). In his statement describing the recent terrorist attacks in Israel where a hospital was blown up and little kids have been kidnapped by murderous terrorists he casually misrepresents the gravity and depravity of the situation. Hamas terrorists breached the Israeli border, kidnapped and murdered hundreds of teens and 20-somethings at a concert, then paraded bodies through the streets. They also kidnapped and murdered many older people. The hospital you refer to as being blown up was not. A misfired terrorist rocket landed in its parking lot. But dont worry, youre not alone on that one. The New York Times also incorrectly reported that event as the IDF striking a hospital in Gaza. Hopefully, that helps explain the lack of peaceniks in tie-dyed T-shirts and why our government stands with Israel. Jack Flynn

Amityville, L.I.: I found it amazing and odd that new NYPD Commissioner Eddie Caban, a man, was lauded for shaping his departments leadership team to his liking. Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, a woman, was not afforded the same. She was met with disdain, ridicule and lawsuits. Barbara Reynolds

Oak Ridge, N.J.: Voicer Lenzy Kelley complains about gas prices going down. Its one of two things: Lenzy has a ton of money invested in oil futures or he needs to get a mental health checkup. I hope gas is $4 a gallon by Thanksgiving so I can read you crying in the Voice of the People, Why, why, why? Jim Heimbuch

Whitsett, N.C.: Bed bugs are spreading again. Its in France now but also in Las Vegas hotels. As people travel, so do those insects. Always check your things before bringing them into your car or home. Bed bugs dont like lavender, so its a repellent. They sell bed bug sprays in stores. Knowledge is power. Deonia Neveu

Madison, Wisc.: As a conservative, a person of color and an immigrant, I would be thrilled to see Byron Donalds become the first African-American speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Americas commitment to diversity must be steadfast. With people from all over the world coming to the United States for a better life, our legislative branch of government must also be diverse. I am happy to see growing diversity in Congress. It is wonderful to see Donalds, a hard-working member of Congress from Florida, announcing his candidacy for the speakership. I hope Republicans in Washington will unite to elect him. Tawsif Anam

Staten Island: Vote for Sen. Bob Menendez, who has had a black cloud over his head for several years. I can only guess that the people of New Jersey vote for a party, not the person. This type of voting is what is hurting our country. With that said, will it change peoples minds when they go out to vote? I can only hope it does. ThomasBell

Bronx: Donald Trump and his extreme MAGA supporters keep saying theres a witch hunt against him. Well, a thought came to mind: What if he was splashed with water? If he melts (he wont), then he may have a point. Lets cut the nonsense already! There is no witch hunt. This is about accountability for an individual who has spent years committing despicable actions, both criminal and unethical, while avoiding consequences with lies and threats. He is finally facing accountability with a multitude of civil lawsuits, criminal indictments and sanctions for violating court orders. Michael S. Wilbekin

Holliswood: To Voicer Joe Ewansky: No, its not cool for a kid to bring a gun to school. But the crux of my letter is that its a rarity, as the numbers provided in the Daily News editorial (K-12 gauge, Oct. 15) bear out (1,150 guns across 130,930 schools in 50 states during the course of one year). Your child is much more likely to get hit by a car going to or coming from school than ever encountering a gun at school. Facts are stubborn things. Stop letting yourself be gaslit. Gregory W. Chupa

Readers sound off on U.S. support for Israel, bed bugs and a Black ... - New York Daily News

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