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For years, bed bugs have been making a comeback in the U.S. and around the world. The following web links provide information on how to identify, manage, and control bed bugs.

Find a Certified Entomologist — The Entomological Society of America operates certification programs for Board Certified Entomologists (BCEs) and Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs). ACEs generally specialize in pest control, and agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior. As part of their certification renewal process, they must have at least seven years of experience, must pass a test on structural pest control, and must annually provide a copy of a current pesticide applicators license.

EPA Bed Bug Information Page — This page from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows how to identify and prevent bed bugs, explains bed bug biology, and answers frequently asked bed bug questions.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — This page answers bed bug FAQs, has a pictorial key to help identify bed bugs, and contains lots of links to other useful pages.

University of Kentucky Bed Bug Page — Written by Dr. Michael E. Potter, this page describes the bed bug’s appearance, habits, bites, and how to prevent and control infestations.

Menace in the Mattress Video — This video from Rutgers University explains what bed bugs are, how they feed, where they live, and how to look out for them.

Spanish Bed Bug Training Video — This video from Preston Brown of Virginia Tech University addresses some of the most significant factors contributing to the spread of bed bugs in apartment complexes.

The History of Bed Bug Management With Lessons from the Past — This American Entomologist article, written by Dr. Michael Potter (University of Kentucky), explains the history of bed bugs in civilization and the methods used to manage them.

Bed Bug Basics — This presentation by Howard Russell, Michigan State University, contains photos of bed bugs in various life-cycle stages, explains why they are coming back, and how to identify them.

UC Davis Bed Bug Management Guidelines — This page from the University of California, Davis, explains the bed bug life cycle, how they feed, and how to monitor and detect them.

Ohio Department of Health Bed Bug Page — This page contains bed bug fact sheets and reports from Ohio.

Illinois Department of Health Bed Bug Page — This page shows how to identify bed bugs and what tells what you should do if you find them.

Purdue University Bed Bug Page — Written by Catherine A. Hill and John F. MacDonald, this page answers commonly asked bed bug questions. Click here for PDF.

Penn State University Bed Bug Basics — Information about bed bug biology, life history, management and more.

Cornell University FAQ List for Bed Bugs — Answers to all sorts of questions about bed bugs.

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Bed Bug Page — Videos, info, and resources on bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Resources | Entomological Society of America (ESA)

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