In Georgia, what are the tenant/landlord laws for bed bug …

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If it is not in the lease, pest control may not be required of the landlord UNLESS local housing or health codes require.

If the pest problem in the apartment is severe (and most BB infestations are) the landlord may be required to address the problem because the property's condition violates local health ordinances--that is your point of entry to getting the LL to act, and to pay. Recommend you immediately contact your county housing code enforcement and report the matter.

LL has the responsibility to treat for infestations, treat the whole building. LL must pay for that treatment and cannot be unreasonable in delaying treatment. IF LL can prove who introduced the BBs to the property, LL MAY go after that party for the costs--but it is VERY hard to prove who did what in a multiunit dwelling. If it were me, I would refuse to pay, demand the LL treat the infestation, and force the LL to prove it was me--they likely cannot. See and

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In Georgia, what are the tenant/landlord laws for bed bug ...

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