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  Wisconsin, United States Bed Bug Registry Map
  Sunday 4th of December 2022 22:56 PM

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Zoom In on the above map using the map controls for more detail, and select an incident by clicking on it for address details.

Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

Incident Radius: 400 Miles

We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

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Wisconsin Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports …

Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports. Click on the city below to find our latest bed bug reports in Wisconsin on hotels. To report a new bed bug incident, navigate to our city page below to see further details.

Recommended tips after hotel check-in: 1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs. 2. Check under the box spring. 3. Lift up each headboard an lay it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. 4. If you decide to stay in the hotel, do not put any clothes in dressers. Keep them in your luggage and your dirty clothes in plastic bags.

Date of stay: 10/14/2019Found several bed bugs on sheet and body in the morning as well as several small blood stains on sheets. Took pictures and caught and killed two with tissue paper, the spoke ...

8/23/ 2019. My husband and I were awakened by people talking loudly in the halls of the hotel in 1am in the morning. 4 rooms were evacuating because they found bed Bugs. We checked our beds and found ...

7/5/2019 time 5:50pm front desk refund my money they said manager was not in when I got ready to leave a lady that said she was the manager wanted to walk outside and talk maybe she didn't want to tal...

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Wisconsin Bed Bug Hotel and Apartment Reports ...

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Bed Bug Control – Wil-Kil Pest Control Wisconsin

Bed Bug Controladmin2019-04-05T10:49:45+00:00 Call today for an inspection/treatment:Jump Ahead:Got bed bugs? Bite back!

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that infest a variety of places. From homes, apartments and hotels to transportation methods and retail establishments bed bugs are everywhere! No matter who you are, handling a bed bug infestation is overwhelming. To alleviate bed bug problems quickly, people often turn to DIY bed bug treatments that are ineffective or even dangerous.

Wil-Kil Pest Control is your best defense when it comes to bed bugs in the upper Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Did you know that bed bug bites arent the most telltale sign of bed bugs? Many other insect bites, like mosquitoes and chiggers, look like bed bug bites. Other skin conditions such as hives, eczema and rashes can also resemble bug bites. Many people (about 70%) also dont react to bed bug bites at all.

If you think you have bed bug bites, ask yourself if any of the following scenarios are true before jumping to conclusions:

If any of these scenarios are true, you are getting closer to identifying a possible bed bug problem. Fortunately, bed bugs are not known to carry diseases and their bites are not harmful, just a little irritating. The best way to identify bed bugs is through the physical signs they leave behind.

Bed bugs like to stay out of sight and rest in areas close to people, but not likely to be disturbed regularly. If you think you may have a bed bug issue, here are some things to watch for before you call Wil-Kil for help.

Wil-Kils technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire property for bed bugs. Our technicians will look at areas like headboards, mattresses and bedding, nightstands and even living room furniture for bed bug signs and the actual presence of a bed bug. It is necessary that a licensed professional does this type of inspection, as they have the training necessary to identify if a pest found is a bed bug, or something else. They will also search areas where bed bugs are most commonly found, which may not be something the average person knows. This is the ideal inspection method for single family homes or hotels and apartments where under three rooms need to be searched.

A technician needs to inspect all areas of risk during a bed bug inspection. This can be time-consuming, especially when they are searching multiple rooms in hotels, apartment buildings or other group living facilities such as assisted living facilities or nursing homes. In situations where multiple rooms need to be searched, Wil-Kil also offers canine inspections. The bed bug dogs at Wil-Kil can cut inspection times down significantly due to their keen sense of smell and ability to detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs with a high level of accuracy. Instead of tearing a room apart to inspect for bed bugs, Wil-Kils canine teams can find the bed bugs within minutes, with more accuracy and cost-efficiency when compared to traditional detection methods.

Conventional treatments are localized to specific areas or pieces of furniture that are harborages for bed bugs. Methods include:

Areas must be extensively cleared of all clutter to allow easy access for inspection and treatment, and the property must be vacated both during and after treatment. Conventional methods also require multiple treatments, so an area will not always be cleared of bed bugs immediately.

Bed bug heat treatments (or thermal remediation treatments) are the best method for resolving heavy infestations, particularly in cluttered conditions or those situations where eliminating a bed bug issue fast is critical. Heat treatments may also include a conventional treatment for maximum effectiveness. Wil-Kil will bring industrial-sized heaters into your property and heat your space to a temperature of 120 degrees or above, which kills all stages of bed bugs.

Both people and pets must vacate the premise during the treatment for up to for as long as 10 hours, but once the room returns to normal temperature, it can be used immediately because one treatment solves the problem.

The unfortunate truth is that there is really no way to stop bed bugs from getting inside your hotel. With travelers coming from all over and a high rate of room turnover, there are numerous opportunities for bed bugs to find their way into one of your rooms. The general belief in the industry is that most properties have had bed bugs, and those that havent, will in the future. But there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk:

Bed bugs can quickly ruin a trip by hitchhiking from other guests on to your belongings. This can happen at hotels and even airports. There are a few things you can do to help minimize your risk of attracting bed bugs:

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Bed bugs are back after a long dormancy and are on the rise in Madison, Green Bay and throughout Wisconsin. They are rapidly infesting homes as well as many commercial facilities especially those with high turnover rates such as: hotels, movie theaters, college dorms and hospitals.

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When people think of bed bug problems in businesses, they most often think about hotels. In reality, bed bugs can become a problem anywhere that people and their belongings come in contact with each other. [...]

Bed Bug Control - Wil-Kil Pest Control Wisconsin

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Milwaukee Bed Bug Exterminator | Pest Control Service | A …

Milwaukee Bedbug Exterminators

Bed bugs are easy to find but hard to eliminate. They are the one pest which does not discriminate, whether you are rich or poor, black or white, female or male, it doesnt matter. These tiny pests enjoy the company of anyone they can attach to and feed off of.

It gets worse.

Not only will bed bugs live anywhere in your home, but they also reproduce quickly and can live for months without eating. When these tiny little vermin take up residency in your home, its not for a temporary visit; it is for the long haul. Dont contaminate your living quarters by using encasements, insecticides, and foggers. Stop bed bugs in their tracks by hiring the friendly help of your local pest control exterminator, A-Landlords Pest Control. Find out more about bed bug extermination in Milwaukee, or

Our Milwaukee pest control experts have provided superior pest management services across southeastern Wisconsin for over 25 years. Our vast knowledge of every aspect of the pest control industry makes A-Landlords Pest Management the exterminators you can rely on for removing unwanted pests.

We specialize in keeping your home pest-free and comfortable for your friends and family. Our friendly and professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company and services. For experience, knowledge, great customer service and affordable prices, trust A-Landlords Pest Management.

Effective pest management is a process requiring skilled pest control technicians with years of industry experience. The expert exterminators at A-Landlords have the knowledge and the methods necessary to eradicate every kind of invasive pest. We are prepared to tackle any pest control problem you are struggling with. We provide superior residential and commercial pest control services throughout the southeastern Wisconsin area, at rates that wont break your bank.

Our Milwaukee exterminators are familiar with all the pests known to wreak havoc on homes in southeast Wisconsin. A-Landlords pest control technicians know where pests hide and how to remove them from your home or business. Our expert pest control strategies will eliminate any problem you have.

Bed bugs are one of the biggest problems in the Milwakukee area, and our exterminators deliver the best bed bug extermination solutions. Bed bugs hide extremely well and populate very quickly, so it is never too early to call an exterminator for bed bugs. A-Landlords has extensive experience dealing with these pests and we will completely eliminate your bed bug problem, no matter how large.

In addition to small pests and insects like bed bugs, we also offer highly effectiverodent control services. Rodents and other pest issues can quickly get out of hand, which is why we provide quick and effective resolutions for all types of pest infestations.

There has been news that trained canines are being used to detect bed bug infestations. The truth is, bed bug detection dogs are only as effective as their training--and sometimes even great training is not enough.

Dogs are taught to find bed bugs by their scents, but bed bugs are constantly on the move and scents can travel. Just because an exterminator has a cuddly companion with a great sense of smell doesnk't make him the best choice for your pest control services.

When ridding your house of pest infestations like bed bugs, you should put your faith in the hands of the professionals. A-Landlords exterminators have decades of experience and years of education to go with it.

Our trained professionals will check all of the bed bug hotspots and eliminate the problem before it becomes worse. With their extensive experience, they can locate and eradicate any bed bug infestations in your home, apartment building, or business.

Dont leave your pest control problems to a pup that could very well help the bed bugs spread further in your house. Put your trust in the experts who know how to manage every pest control problem.

A-Landlords exterminators not only take care of your pest issues, but we also provide services to make your yard look its absolute best.

Our superior lawn care services include weed control programs, customized seasonal fertilization, and snow plowing throughout southeast Wisconsin. We provide year-round lawn care, with specialized care methods for every season. Our weed and feed services are available in spring and fall and can be performed up to 4 times per season.

Trust A-Landlords for consistently exceptional lawn care and pest control services in southeastern Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee Bed Bug Exterminator | Pest Control Service | A ...

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Northeast Wisconsin Bed Bug … – Erdye’s Pest Control

Have questions about bed bugs or want to schedule your FREE inspection, call or text us.

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Its okay, bed bugs are sneaky critters that are hard to find. Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed solely on the blood of people and animals while they sleep. Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color, wingless, range from 1mm to 7mm and can live several months without feeding.

Since bed bugs are most active at night (peak activity usually occurs between 10:00p.m. and 6:00a.m.) detection can be difficult. However, they can usually be seen along the seams of mattresses and furniture.

Just because bed bugs have the word bed in it, doesnt mean that they are only found in the bedroom. In fact, bed bugs can quickly spread to other rooms in the home via electrical sockets, loose wallpaper and by hitchhiking on your clothes.

Distribution of bed bugs found in 13 infested apartments. Source: University of Kentucky

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Theres not really any one cause for bed bugs. They are found all over the world, from the ritziest of hotels to homeless shelters. Most people get bed bugs by visiting a home/hotel/resort that currently has a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs are capable of crawling onto you or into your belongings and when you return home, they may then infest your home. Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers so they are commonly spread by hitchhiking on clothing, belongings or used furniture.

Hitchhiking commonly occurs via:

Once you realize that you have a bed bug problem, youre quickly going to be asking, How to kill bed bugs? or How to get rid of bed bugs? The answer is surprisingly simple. You just need to call us.

We know a BED BUG HEAT TREATMENT is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs and the whole bed bug life cycle. Plus, it only takes one day!This efficient, effective system heats your living space to over 120 degrees and will kill bed bugs in just one treatment!

All Erdyes Pest Controls technicians have been highly trained by industry leading professionals in the use of this system and the treatments are performed usingprofessional heating equipment.

All Erdyes bed bug treatments are performed using specialized professional electric heating equipment. Our heat treatment generally allows us to heat one room, or an entire apartment (depending on size), and easily penetrates mattresses, box springs, furniture, carpets, walls, and ceilings without fear of damaging the structure, furniture, or other personal items.

Bed bug heat treatment does require a little bit of preparation prior to the actual treatment. You can download the client preparation checklist here.

Our bed bug heat treatments is proven to be the best way to get rid of all bed bugs and eggs without the use of additional chemicals or bed bug sprays.

There is one simple fact that makes heat treatments the most effective way to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs HATE heat; in fact it is one of the few elements that kill them with the first application.

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Northeast Wisconsin Bed Bug ... - Erdye's Pest Control

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1st American Pest Control Home and Office Pest Control …

Rodents such as mice, rats and chipmunks can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Rodents gnaw on wood, plastic and wiring, thereby causing plumbing and fire hazards. Fecal matter and urine may lead to health problems in the home or work place.Fall is the best time to carry out preventative maintenance to protect against these pests. 1st American Pest Control will inspect the structure of your home or business at the time of service. We will then implement a program tailored to your needs.After we have resolved your rodent problem, we will offer an estimate to seal the exterior of your home or business. This will help in maintaining a pest free environment.

Did you know that bed bug infestations have become very common over the past 5 years.They dont pick their home, YOU do. Bed bugs can be transferred to and from hotels, motels, used clothing & furniture and even movie theater seats! Anywhere people go, the bugs go with them unless they are treated properly. The good news1st American Pest Control will rid you of those nasty bed bugs!The pros and cons of heat treatment vs chemicals used by 1st American Pest Control: 100% effective We have access to bed bug sniffing dogs in cases of uncertainty. Cost effective Heat treatment is up to 3 times the cost of chemicals used by 1st American Pest Control. Safe for all clothing, furniture and household items Heat treatment requires bringing the temperature in the room up to 150 degrees! This can damage your sprinkler system, paint, drywall, wall paper, plants & fish aquariums.

Summertime also brings a host of stinging insects such as mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and hornets.We offer pest control service for a variety of pests including but not limited to: Ants Spiders Ticks Mosquitoes Box Elder Bugs Fleas Centipedes Millipedes Earwigs Asian Beetles Bees Wasps Hornets Cockroaches Bed Bugs Crawlers and Occasional InvadersQuotes are given over the phone for these common pests.

German cockroach is the most common and frequently found in homes and apartments. American cockroach is commonly found in commercial buildings such as restaurants. Oriental cockroach referred to as a water bug. Roaches carry viral and bacterial pathogens on their bodies and in their feces. When we unknowingly consume contaminated food or use utensils that have been exposed to the cockroach, we can become sick. These conditions are especially harmful to children.

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1st American Pest Control Home and Office Pest Control ...

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