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  Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 11:28 AM

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Suggestions for Bed Bug Exterminators? : halifax

We have bed bugs.

We've done some basic damage control - threw out a couch, bought some mattress covers, laundered bedding, some clothing, curtains, etc., and vacuumed all over the place - but the bugs persist.

I have no idea where they're hiding, but we wake up with new bites each day. We think they're also in the living room since we're pretty sure some recent houseguests are the cause.

We're going to mention it to the superintendent, but since there's a good chance we caused the infestation (although we did see a couple before the houseguests arrived...), and since I've read that Nova Scotia likes to put cost on the tenant unless they can prove otherwise, we're looking for some options.

Has anyone had to hire an exterminator for bed bugs? How much did it cost? How long did it take? Did you or your pets have to leave the apartment?

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Suggestions for Bed Bug Exterminators? : halifax

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Bed bug reports for Canada Tagged "Bed Bugs Nova Scotia …

Bed bugs Halifax - Kent Street

Posted by Bed Bug Expert on August 20, 2015

Bed bug supplies for Halifax available here at According to the report, 5261 Kent st has a major bed bug infestation. Management has been treating the units with no sucess. Bed bugs are spreading throughout the building, from unit to unit, room to room. To those living nearby, be careful, bed bugs spread from one building to another easily. If you find used furniture on the curb, leave it there, it could contain bed bugs. Have a look at our bed bug traps and monitors for early detection. Note we only report the news, we do not visit...

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Posted by Bed Bug Expert on August 13, 2015

According to the report, bed bugs are very present around Brunswick street. At 2309 Brunswick one tenant had the unit sprayed and bed bugs continued to bite her. She mentioned that bed bugs were present on many floors of the building, 14th 9th, 2nd and 3rd floors. Management uses ineffective precaution methods. 24 reports for this unit. Note we only report the news, we do not verify. Prevent, Monitor and Detect.

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Posted by Bed Bug Expert on August 12, 2015

5 bed bug reports found at this location. Family had moved into an apartment in April and the whole family had gotten bed bug bites. Some tenants threw out their couch and their back. Other units have been sprayed with no success. Bed bug keep coming back. Prevent, monitor and detect using bed bug traps and protect your mattress.

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Posted by Bed Bug Expert on August 10, 2015

Bed bugs have been found in this building. Note that we do not verify the presence of bed bug, wesimply report. Prevent, monitor and detect.

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Bed bug reports for Canada Tagged "Bed Bugs Nova Scotia ...

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Halifax 7th on list of top bedbug cities –

Halifax has made an unpopular top 10 list, ranking seventh on Orkin Canadas top Canadian bedbug cities.

The top 10 cities are:

1. Toronto

2. Winnipeg

3. Vancouver

4. Ottawa

5. St. Johns

6. Edmonton

7. Halifax

8. Sudbury

9. Scarborough

10. Calgary

Summer travellers seeking to avoid the tiny, biting, hitchhiking critters might do well to take precautions in public places, said Orkin Canada Halifax branch manager John Zinck.

A tip for travel is not to unpack clothes at the hotel and avoid using hotel clothing storage such as dressers. Put your suitcase in the bathtub or on the coffee table, Zinck said.

When you return from travels, leave your suitcase in the garage and launder all your clothes.

Bedbugs arent just for those bitten by the travel bug. Urban areas are often hardest hit but the company does get reports from towns around Nova Scotia also.

On the average day in Halifax, there could be 75 treatments by various pest control companies, Zinck said. Most bedbug treatments are going on in multi-story apartments or condo buildings.

Dwellings and structures frequented by students and seniors may be more likely to be afflicted with bedbugs. Social habits of visiting friends can lead to inadvertently importing the common bedbugs that arent picky about where they land next, he said.

If the population gets big, theyll go to your apartment if theres an adjoining wall, he said.

The problem with bed bugs is they dont have a preference.

Despite their name the bugs can go where people go: offices, cinemas, transit, even medical clinics. They can easily hitch rides on clothing, books and in bags.

Oval-shaped insects measuring 6-10mm, they swell after sucking blood. One pregnant female can spawn tens of thousands of offspring in six months.

One of biggest things that leads to a problem is people picking up furniture, especially upholstered furniture, off the side of the road.

Clutter is the friend of bedbugs, giving the creatures ample places to avoid detection.

Elderly residents may be particularly vulnerable, with bedbugs spreading quickly from apartment to apartment, to laundry room to taxi and even the ambulance.

He recalled a few Halifax buildings where multiple apartments had bedbug issues.

One couple didnt realize their home was infested despite blood-like stains on the walls left by bedbugs. In another incident, a lady came to the door and said she didnt have a problem.

They were literally crawling down her face. We got in the apartment and there were tens of thousands in there, he said.

Bedbugs are a nuiscance for taxpayers also. A year ago, the province pumped $1.6 million into pest eradication in Metro Halifax.

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Halifax 7th on list of top bedbug cities -

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Bedbugs – Halifax Forum – TripAdvisor – Reviews of Hotels …

2. Re: Bedbugs

Bedbugs are becoming a problem everywhere. Just because a hotel or any other type of accommodation has had them in the past doesn't mean they still do, and just because they didn't have them one month, one week, or even one day ago does not mean they are clear of them today. Further, there have been reports of bedbugs on transit, in stores, office buildings, and movie theatres .... any place warm where people and their belongings are. Clearly they are not a problem that is going to go away anytime soon.

Google yourself some information on detection, and protect yourself, not only from staying in an infested accommodation, but perhaps more importantly, from taking them home with you.

For instance, besides checking over the hotel room bed and environs for signs of bedbugs, never, ever put your suitcase on the bed - use the suitcase rack (pulled away from the wall). When you get home, don't take your suitcase up to your bedroom to unpack. If it is cold (below freezing) when you get home, you can upack any liquids and leave your suitcase outside (in the car or out in the garage) overnight.

There are lots of informative pages online - look for the ones published by universities, cities, or public health departments, for authoritative information.

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Bedbugs - Halifax Forum - TripAdvisor - Reviews of Hotels ...

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Warning! bed bugs – Review of Commons Inn, Halifax, Nova …

This hotel seems to be under new ownership/management, as it does not live up to the positive reviews we had seen. Rooms are small and dark, with no closet space. My wife and I also noted that cleaning was inconsistent -- the bathroom was ok, but glass tables in the room had a sticky residue. At least two of our colleagues spent one night and moved to a motel in Bedford with better facilities at the same price. The advertized "breakfast" was sparse, and we spoke to the manager about the coffee: bad quality and very weak. It did improve before we left, but we suspect it may have reverted afterwards. On the upside, the Inn is quite central to Halifax activities, and has free off-street parking, and the front desk staff were unfailingly courteous and helpful. Downtown Halifax may be overpriced in general in the "high" season, but we would not recommend the Commons Inn, especially at $110 a night.

This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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Warning! bed bugs - Review of Commons Inn, Halifax, Nova ...

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