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  United States, Bed Bug Registry Map
  Tuesday 21st of November 2017 11:15 AM

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Latest Bed Bug Incidents and Infestations

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs | Real Simple

This article originally appeared Its all over the news: Bed bugs have reached epidemic levels in lots of big cities around the country. And, according to research entomologist and bed bug expert Jeff White, This bug isnt going away any time soon Continue reading

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Iowa Legal Aid

Once thought to be largely eliminated in the United States, bedbugs have again become a problem for tenants, homeowners, hotels and even retail stores. Bedbugs easily travel from one location to another and spread rapidly in connected living spaces such as apartment buildings. Often by the time that an individual has discovered visible evidence of bedbugs, the infestation has become widespread. Continue reading

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How to Prevent & Avoid Bed bugs – Bed bug Prevention Steps

Print Article By DoMyOwn staff Familiarize yourself with what a bed bug and a bed bug infestation looks like so that you can avoid interacting with an active infestation. While you might not always be able to prevent a few bed bugs from entering your house or apartment, early detection can stop 1 or 2 bugs from becoming a full-blown infestation Continue reading

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Indiana, United States Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug …

Bed bugs are six-legged insects that feed on theblood of humans during the night-time hours and crawl away to hide during the day. They are commonly found in large buildings such as apartments, dorms, prisons, hospitals and hotels; however, infestations can also occur in private homes as well. Bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, but most people experience itching, pain and/or swelling of the skin where a bed bug bite occurs (such as the arms, face or back).An infestation of bed bugs could also cause some mental health issues, along with insomnia. Continue reading

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Pictures of what Bed Bugs look like

Bed Bug shown next to a finger for size comparison In the photos below and attached slides, well show you exactly what bed bugs look like on human skin, a close up of an infested mattress showing the entire life cycle, in a cup (gross), next to a ruler for size comparison, crawling on the floor, hiding in a headboard, and even one caught crawling out of a stocking! Because many of the pictures Im showing you are close ups, you might not realize how small they really are; an adult bed bug is the size of an apple seed except that it has legs and skin-piercing mouthparts to bite you with! And get this, when they are born, they are only a millimeter in size and because they are almost transparent, they blend in with the background (like your body). Attacked! These people are covered with horrible bed bug bites! Dont let their tiny size fool you into thinking theyre harmless! These little bugs know exactly where to hide, when and who (yes, they can be selective) to bite and have driven many of their victims insane. We also have an incredible collection of photos showing people BITTEN and ATTACKED by these bugs as well warning, it may give you nightmares 😉 As you can see from the image below, this bug could easily be missed; the baby (1st instar) is extremely hard to find and is almost transparent until its first feeding! Notice how their body elongates and turn a reddish-brow color as they fill themselves with blood? Continue reading

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