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Ants and mice are moving inside and wildlife may be looking for potential harbourage areas. Spiders are constructing egg sacs and mosquito activity is increasing. House fly activity can be expected. Commercial accounts will need to be aware of increased small fly activity. Nuisance wildlife, such as squirrels and chipmunks, will be much more noticeable.

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Once inside a hotel or home, bed bugs can spread rapidly from room to room. They do so through pipes, in vacuum cleaners, on clothing and luggage. Sanitation and the cleanliness of an establishment is not an issue in where you can find bed bugs, and since bed bugs are such notorious hitch hikers they can be found in almost any establishment no matter how posh or upscale.

Although bed bugs can thrive in almost any type of building, hotels and motels are particularly vulnerable. Thats because of the transient nature of their clients and the ease with which these pests travel in luggage, clothing and furniture. Short of inspecting guests luggage as they check in, there is no known way to completely prevent bed bugs from entering a property. Once they are inside, two bed bugs can lay up to ten eggs in one day. Thats why it is important to have any rooms with a bed bug problem treated immediately to prevent them from becoming a widespread infestation.

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Bed Bugs in Hotels -

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