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Use the field below to search for incident reports around an address - it will also auto suggest up to 10 incident addresses as you type.

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We cannot vouch for the truthfulness of any report on this site. If you feel a location has been reported in error, or want to dispute a report, please contact us.

Bed Bugs | Manhattan Pest Control, Exterminator and Bed …

September 6th, 2020 by admin

Bed bugs have become a serious problem throughout North America and Manhattan is no exception. Challenging to get rid of and control because of their ability to survive long periods of time without feeding, One Hour Pest Control LLC has devised effective pest management techniques that eliminate bed bugs from your home or commercial property in Manhattan.

A thorough inspection of a property infested with bed bugs is necessary in order for pest control management to be effective. Habitats include mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, baseboards and carpet edges. Cracks and crevices, upholstered furniture and particularly any area used for sleeping are also potential hiding places for bed bugs.

Bed bugs are oval shaped and cannot fly. With blood as their sole food source, bites may be painless but often cause uncomfortable skin irritations, excessive itching and complications with allergies. Many report difficulties with stress, anxiety and insomnia due to the presence of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs are most frequently transferred into the home or workplace through luggage and other items that have become infested at hotels, motels and other hospitality locations during travel. Bed bugs can also be brought into your property via used bedding, furniture and clothing.

Bed bugs have resurfaced in great numbers due to the banning of the use of specific pesticides. One Hour Pest Control LLC employs effective treatments to remove bed bugs from your Manhattan property. Our trained pest control specialists will meticulously eliminate all traces of an infestation with proven and effective techniques that are safe for children or pets.

One Hour Pest Control LLC exterminators use only the most advanced pest control treatment methods to kill bed bugs. Call us to schedule an inspection if you suspect bed bugs have invaded your home or commercial location.

(646) 998-4712

All information provided is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a legal contract between One Hour Pest Control LLC and any person or entity unless otherwise specified. Information is subject to change without prior notice. Although every reasonable effort is made to present current and accurate information, LinkNow Media makes no guarantees of any kind.

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Bed Bugs | Manhattan Pest Control, Exterminator and Bed ...

This Central Park Hotel is Crawling with Bed Bugs

September 4th, 2020 by admin

When you spend money on a pricey hotel right by Central Park in Manhattan, youd think you could lift up the mattress and not see dozens of bed bugs just waiting to gnaw you in your sleep. But no.

Elgin Olzen made just such a discovery during a recent stay at the Astor on the Park Hotel. He said this was actually the third room given to him and his girlfriend, as the first two had problems with electrical outlets and heaters not working which are completely tame problems compared to a bug infestation.

According to the Gothamist, this is far from the first time such complaints have been levied against the Astor.A 2014 Yelp review from Linda K made a similar complaint: in total we stayed at the place for about 10 minutes and paid full price for a night without getting any compensation for not being willing to sleep with bedbugs.

The hotel is now getting so much negative attention that Yelp has posted a disclaimer on the site, asking users not to post reviews unless they have actually visited the hotel.

Whats Trending host Ava Gordy has more on peoples horrified reactions, including some valuable advice on how to not bring bed bugs home with you:

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This Central Park Hotel is Crawling with Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Schools | Bell Environmental

September 4th, 2020 by admin

Bed Bug Solutions for Growing Bed Bug Problems in Our Schools and Colleges

Reports of bed bug infestation levels throughout New York metro area schools are skyrocketing as the bed bug epidemic sweeps throughout the city, region, and nation. According to the NY Department of Education, bed bugs have spread into schools in all 5 boroughs, with bed bug infestation incidents highest in schools in Brooklyn and Queens. The problem is only growing worse: the latest available statistics are for the 2010-2011 year-end. Those results show that bed bug incidents were 352% of the 2009-2010 school year!

These bed bug control issues arent surprising, especially considering that according to surveys 1 in every 10 New Yorkers has bed bugs! Whats more surprising is just how bad things will get without adequate bed bug detection and subsequent bed bug elimination. With over 1.1 million students in 1,700 New York City public schools, the potential for repeated incidents and full-blown bed bug infestations are enormous!

The bed bug control problem isnt limited to the Big Apple; schools in New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky have seen a rise in bed bug incidents this year. On top of that, bed bug infestation reports have come in from area colleges, including SUNY, NYU, John Jay College, Manhattan College, Drew, Rutgers, Hofstra, and Columbia Universities, as well as schools where local students attend such as Penn State, Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University!

Cornell University entomologist Jody GangloffKaufmann has noted

Bed bugs are a particular concern in colleges. As kids return from college, I cant think of a school that hasnt been affected in the northeast by bed bugs.

Its obvious that its time for educational facilities to work with expert bed bug companies to develop protocols that prevent, detect, and eliminate these pests with proven bed bug solutions before things get even worse.

Although theyre called bed bugs, these parasites can live anywhere with access to human flesh and small hiding places. These hitchhiking insects travel with students and staff into schools and offices. Due to the huge number of students at any given school, a bed bug infestation can quickly spread from a few individuals to nearly everyone by traveling on clothing and in backpacks. Students can then bring them back home or to their dorms, perpetuating the bed bug transit cycle. Once present in a school, bed bugs hide inside desks, lockers, furniture, and walls, where they multiply and quickly spread throughout a facility.

Bell Environmental, the bed bug specialist, has worked with schools of all types and sizes, from public and private K-12, boarding schools, colleges, and law and graduate schools, providing bed bug detection and bed bug control services to solve problems before they become insurmountable. By freezing bed bugs instead of applying harsh chemical pesticides and bed bug sprays, Bells Instant Freeze bed bug control can prevent schedule interruptions, student/faculty panic, and unwanted PTA and public relations issues.

Bells InstantFreeze bed bug control system is a non-chemical solution which fits with schools and students preferences for environmentally friendly solutions. InstantFreeze is safe to use around children and adults, and it is compliant with state laws governing the use of pesticides in schools. By freezing bed bugs, there is no need to wait for service until weekends or school breaks. Our InstantFreeze program precludes the need to publicize, post advance notice of treatments, or inform the entire school community when there are issues. With pesticide use public notice would be required. In addition, a non-chemical approach avoids the issues of pesticides causing damage to classrooms that are far worse than the bed bug issues themselves.

In addition its not safe to use pesticides around children. According to the advocacy group Beyond Pesticides, children are especially vulnerable to health hazards associated with pesticide exposure because of their small size, greater intake of air and food relative to body weight, and developing organ systems. Even low levels of exposure can affect young respiratory, neurological, immune, and endocrine systems.

Bed Bug Solutions With No Disruption

Bell Environmentals bed bug control program doesnt use chemical means for bed bug elimination in schools. When issues are suspect we can bring in a bed bug dog, like our famous canine detective Roscoe, to find the source of and determine the extent of the problem. Then, our technicians apply our InstantFreeze dry ice solution to eliminate bed bugs in every desk, crack and crevice of the affected rooms without the need for prolonged downtime, aeration, or concerns of long-term toxicity. This means students, staff, and faculty can return to classrooms right after bed bug treatment is finished. We also schedule these inspections and treatments around the schools requirements and can be on site for service immediately or after-hours. Why should getting rid of bed bugs cause more of a disruption than the bed bugs themselves?!

As part of our bed bug control service we can also provide educational seminars for your faculty, staff, and students on how to be vigilant looking for signs of bed bugs. Bell Environmental is pleased to share our childrens activity and coloring book Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt as a fun and educational guide to bed bugs and detection for children in elementary school. We have also developed a free application named after our famous bed bug dog detective Roscoes Tips for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. This app helps drive home the message and helps people learn how to be on the alert for bed bugs.

Bed bugs multiply quickly, and a few specimens can result in a bed bug infestation in no time! The sooner you determine if you have bed bugs and which bed bug solutions you need to apply, the less damage, downtime, and negative publicity your educational institution will face.

To further support your institution, we provide 24 hour/7 day service so we can provide your facility with late night and early morning bed bug control service so theres no lost time or displaced students.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to discuss a bed bug control plan for your school.

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Bed Bugs Schools | Bell Environmental

How to find out if your building or hotel has bed bugs …

August 30th, 2020 by admin

Encountering bedbugs is never a pleasant experience, and there are many unexpected places for them to hide. So when you're traveling or looking to rent a new home or office, it's always a great idea to do your research.

Since bedbugs can happen in almost any place at any time and for many of these websites reports are not confirmed or verified, you can't always be certain that reports about bedbugs are accurate.

That being said, here are some websites that allow you to check for bedbug reports.

The World BedBug Registry Project says it allows users to search hotels for any reported bedbug issues, dating back to 2012. The project was launched by bedbugs.netin 2012, and it gathers its information based on user reports of bedbug sightings.

According to the website, the Worldwide Bedbug Registry aims to be "the go-to bedbug reporting source for the public."

"Our goal is to provide the public with knowledge to make informed choices on where they should stay," the site creators wrote on the FAQ page.

Once you get on the website, you can search the reports by entering a specific hotel name or address. You can also search by a hotel chain, city, or state.

On the site,more than 12,000 user-submitted reports have been made about hotels in the US, including about 400 made so far in 2018. But that's just in the US the database is worldwide.

You'll want to keep in mind that these reports are submitted by users, so there's no way to confirm their accuracy and while the site says they cannot control what is posted, they do allow hotel management to dispute claims in the comments.

"This is a global public bedbug registry," the site states in their FAQ "As such, we can't control exactly what's posted. However, we do provide a medium for hotel management to respond to any claims made against them via the reply comments."

In addition to user reports, the site includes information about the hotel's response rate to the bed bug claims and how many bedbug-related reports have been disputed.

It's also important to keep in mind that once a sighting has been reported, it cannot be taken down even if the supposed bedbugs have since been exterminated.

The official government website for New York City suggests using the NYC Housing Preservation & Development website to search a building's address in order to discover data about that building including a list of complaints about the building (including bed bug-related ones) as well as any recent health and safety violations.

Visit INSIDER's homepage for more.

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How to find out if your building or hotel has bed bugs ...

The 10 Best Bed Bug Exterminators Near Me (with Free …

August 28th, 2020 by admin

If you are concerned you have a bed bug infestation, look for physical signs of their presence. Bed bugs love to hide in small, dark spaces and typically come out to feed (generally on human blood) after dark although they will come out in daylight if hungry enough. The Environmental Protection Agency states that indications of an infestation can include seeing shed exoskeletons of bed bugs, rusty spots on your bedding (which are either bug droppings or bloodstains), live bed bugs, bed bug egg casings, a sweet and musty odor (if the infestation is severe), and evidence of bites on your skin.

To spot bed bugs, look in and along mattress seams and bedding, in curtain and furniture folds, inside cracks or crevices in the walls, behind picture frames and mirrors, under loose wallpaper seams, on recently used luggage or backpacks, inside electronics, and inside clothing or cluttered areas such as closets. If you see signs of bed bugs, be careful not to disturb them too much as you dont want them scattering to other parts of your house.

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The 10 Best Bed Bug Exterminators Near Me (with Free ...

New York City Bed Bug Registry Maps & Database NYC Bed …

August 16th, 2020 by admin

I was sitting down with a couple of my fellow programmers after a long day of testing our new online shopping cart, and we asked ourselves a very important question:

Why dont most science fiction books get the feel of programming right?

If youre not a programmer, youll doubtlessly protest: Theres a lot of programming in speculative fiction! But there isnt, actually. What there is is a lot of is hacking, which is to say breaking into established systems, usually with a lot of muttered techno mumbo-jumbo like Im in the mainframe! while hopelessly-inept thugs spray the area with bullets.

Now, theres nothing wrong with hacking. (One of my favorite series, The Murderbot Diaries, features a cyborg killing machine who loves both soap operas and hacking into cameras, so Murderbot is certainly well-balanced.) But programming involves the act of creation, of fine-tuning, of project managementnone of which traditionally lend itself to an captivating narrative.

So I asked: What are the core activities of programming, and which stories come closest to getting it right?

What Happens When Youre Maintaining A Project: Every day you arrive at work to look at a list of bugs that your customers have discovered, sorted by priority. You go down the list, from most important to least important, and try to fix each of them in turn.

These are usually not terribly exciting bugs. Which is good. You dont want the exciting bugs, which tend to be things like You know that salary information our program was supposed to keep confidential? Well, it didnt. And you get to hunt through code trying to find the error while the vice president of your company (salary $140k annually, plus three weeks vacation) calls up and screams in your ear.

No, most bugs are mild, obscure things like User is logged out every Thursday at 10:13 pm. If youre lucky, you patch a widespread inconvenience with a two-line fix and look like a genius. If youre not, youll be sitting there on Thursday at 10:13 pm, hoping you can see the bug so you can fix itwhich is known as the dreaded repro, short for Cannot reproduce the bug, which is programmer-speak for That doesnt happen when I do it, so who knows whats happening?

Maintenance is, generally, tedium. The code is well known. The problems are low-key. Not exactly high stakes stuff.

So what novel best feels like maintaining code?

Three Parts Dead is technically about magical lawbut it turns out that magically-enforced laws turn out to have a lot of overlap with programming, even if the protagonists think of themselves as contract negotiators.

The novel starts out with the exciting kind of bugKos Everburning has been found dead by his priesthood for no reason that anyone can understand, and the junior partner and the new developer are sent in to investigate. It turns out that whats happened to Kos Everburning is very much a bug in every (computerized) sense of the term, and much of the novel concerns itself with forms of data recoveryor, more accurately, retrieving the contracts that fuel a gods power.

Three Parts Dead isnt about the mild kind of maintenancebut then again, slow bug-fixing would probably make a lousy book. And theres a lot more horrible gargoyles and soul-sucking shadows and vampires than youre likely to encounter in troubleshooting your Apache stack.

But close enough.

What Happens When Youre Working On Legacy Code: This code has been around longer than youve been alive, and it will be around long after youre dead. And like all ancient thingsincluding cars, plumbing, and peoplelegacy code has quirks you have to work around lest you encounter its ire.

The trick to legacy code is that it is, by definition, the most vital code in your program. People use it every day, and they cant not use it, so altering legacy code is like doing heart surgery. On a jogger. Who refuses to stop jogging while youre doing heart surgery on them.

Everyone knows the legacy code is bad. Half your job consists of facing teams of management who brightly say, Well, it should be easy to while you explainwithout looking like youre stonewalling themthat in fact, that this trivial fix will require eighteen months of resources minimum because some obscure limitation of the legacy code (the portion of code nicknamed the dream crusher) is the entire reason we cant have nice things.

What you dont tell them is that even if they approve the eighteen-month project, their fix will in fact probably never get implemented, because the legacy code has outlasted previous teams of management, and will outlast them, and will probably outlast the heat death of the universe.

So what novel best feels like working on legacy code?

Honestly, most of A Deepness In The Sky doesnt involve legacy codingits a sprawling space opera about first contact and a culture of Spiders in the throes of their own scientific revolution, and a great big juicy hatesink of a villain.

But when I talked to other programmers, what they remembered was Vinges profession of the programmer-archaeologist, whose whole job was sifting through aeons-old code to try to understand what all of this mysterious infrastructure does, hunting through the archives to extract and resettle useful programs.

Theres even a hidden wink to Unix timestamps in thereindicating that long after humanity has spread across to the stars, well still be marking our time (as many computers today) as the seconds elapsed since midnight on January 1st, 1970.

All the way to the heat death of the universe.

What Happens When Youre Building Long-Term Projects: At one point, the projected failure rate of massive IT projects was around 50%; now, with much better management structures and development skills in place, that failure rate is down to around 15%.

Still. Those Russian roulette odds means signing onto a long-term project is an act of faith.

Theres a good chance that you will pour your best programming art into this project, only for it to fail for reasons that were by no means your own. Maybe management figures out halfway through that what you built isnt actually what they needed. (Non-programmers are astonishingly incoherent when it comes to explaining what they want, and often demand you to do the exact opposite of what they need.) Maybe another manager takes over and doesnt believe in your project, so he starves it of resources until you dwindle to dust. Maybe some other company devises a better solution, and they abandon you to buy that.

Every line of code you write is a hope. (Quite often, that hope is that you will slay the dreaded Legacy Code.) But you dont write a lot of code; instead, you hold endless meetings with other programmers, debating weighty theories as to how this complex thing should function, getting bogged down in minutiae that actually do matter, but every moment spent in these necessary arguments is running out the clock.

Some days you feel like youre programming a dreamthat youre wrestling with more of an idea than an outcome.

So what novel best feels like building long-term projects?

There is a vast river of mist that separates an empire. A man wants to build a great bridge to join the two halves.

Thats pretty much the story.

Kij Johnsons prose is always dazzling and sparse, and her mastery has never been more on form than in this novella, which isnt so much about code as it is that sense of immensity you feel, looking straight on at something that is so monumentally difficult that you might never finish it. And Kij is very precise in describing the elements of building, the huge influx of resources it will take to accomplish this task.

Its not about programming in the physical sense; despite the title of software engineer, building a bridge isnt much like creating a program at all. But The Man Who Bridged The Mist is very much about that sense of wonder, of sweat, of politicsall the things that must come together to create the impossible.

What Happens When Youre Joining Things Together: Wanna know the trick about programming? No individual part is all that difficult.

Dont understand how one website calls another to get information? You could learn that in an afternoon. Want to know how a database stores your password safely? Thats like two hours. How to get words in a browser to render in bold, italic, or superscript?

Fifteen minutes. Seriously.

But programming does require expertise, because while no individual portion tends to be indecipherable, its putting them all together that requires many overlapping knowledge bases. Putting together a website that allows you to log in requires knowledge of how websites talk to each other, and storing passwords, and getting words to render the login formbut theres so much more you need on top of that to get it to function.

Whats happening is that you are assembling a Justice League together from your own skillsets, piling on all the little aptitudes youve gained along the way until you can create something magnificent by fusing these modular skills into one project.

And thenif youre luckysome hotshot programmer comes along and shows you how you can spin three plates in tandem to make your code do something you never thought it could do before, something more powerful and intoxicating and whoa we are flying high on the narcotic of our own tech.

So what novel feels most like being dazzled by new interactions?

As is usual with fantasy books that evoke programming, theres a lot more magical ninjas involved than youre likely to see scanning Stack Overflow. But the flourishing tech start-up economy of Bennetts steampunk city of Tevanne is fueled by scrivingsmagical instructions that alter reality. And a plucky kid is tasked with stealing an important artifact that, of course, is more than it appears.

But what Bennett nails in this book is that feeling of technology stacking upon itself. The magic follows rules, and the rules are clear, but the ramifications are not fully thought through. And theres multiple times when the characters face down impossible uses of scriving that, when broken down, not only seem plausible, but almost downright inevitable in how they got used.

Plus, you know, theres a whole criticism of the merchant houses that rule the city, and what that refined capitalism-as-cult does to the power structure. So if you want a little critique with your intrigue, well, here ygo.

What Happens When The Documentation Sucks: It feels like there should be a fantasy series that handles this, because you never feel more like a D&D Wizard learning a new spell than when youre poring over someone elses half-assed documentation.

Except the wizards in books all have this admirable commitment to documenting every aspect of their spells so others can learn them safely. Whereas the code that actual programmers write tend to be like 18th century cookbooks, where they assume with a frightening confidence that you already understand how much suet goes in a blood pudding so were just not gonna talk about that.

Or the documentation is about that pie you desperately need to bake, except that theyre not making the pie using an oven or a pie tin, no, these people have a kitchen that only uses an air fryer that youve never heard of and they bake their pies in a pile of natural coal, but you sort of hope its the same principles so its pie time, mofos.

Or you follow the documentation note-for-note, levelling up your baking skills until you understand this Bakewell tart so thoroughly that youre sure Paul Hollywood himself would give you a handshake over it, only to discover that theyve discontinued that brand of Bakewell tart and the new children 3.0 wont eat it.

Plus, wizards in stories are smart. They generally dont type in inscrutable commands we found on our servers in the hopes that this doesnt actually summon a demon (or, in our case, install a malicious daemon on our hard drive). Theyre never pretty sure they understood most of whats happening here, and what they understood fixed the code so far, so time to do the old cut-and-copy and call response code YOLO.

Which is not to say theres not some attention paid to bad documentation in magic, but the books tend to be The wizard goofed up the spell, not This spellbook was written by disinterested wizards who just wanted to get the bare minimum down before they went off for some pipeweed.

So what novel feels most like when the documentation sucks?

No winner.

Im not saying there isnt oneIm merely saying that I havent read it. Im sure you all have suggestions in the comments.

But those books need to look a lot like this XKCD homage to DenverCoder9.

What Happens When Your Technology Takes New Root: Technology is like memes; the greatest sign of success is that people start messing with it.

And when they mess with your technology, if youre lucky, your users will find uses for it that you never considered. Twitter was originally seen as a glorified group chatnobody thought that itd become the main method for Black Lives Matter groups to propagate evidence of police brutality. Flickr (a photo website sadly waning in influence now) started off as a way to share screenshots on a MMORPG. Heck, in its early stages, the Internet was basically seen as a way to store documentation.

Every technology that takes root evolves in unpredictable ways. And when truly life-changing technology hits, it transforms society. Thats a responsibility that every programmer needs to face up tothe same code that makes it easy to check in on your kids can become a way for an abusive partner to lock their spouse into misery. And let us not forget the astounding cruelty that can take place when an unthinking coder decides that User engagement is the same thing as Happiest post of the year! and decides to drag out a fathers dead daughter as the top post in their year in review.

(RIP, Rebecca Alison Meyer, forever embedded in the Internet as #rebeccapurple.)

So what novel feels most like technology changing society?

Nexus is the first in a trilogy, but trust me, youll want to read the whole thing. Because it deals what happens when programmers perfect the Nexus OSan operating system that ties directly into your brain.

This is not a unique take. But what makes Nexus so relentlessly unique is the way that the brain-hacking keeps spiraling into new hands, and those hands in turn change what the Nexus OS is for. Governments want to use it for both surveillance and control, obviously, but they see it as a threat to freedom. The hackersor at least the Burning Man-flavored hackers presented heresee it as an opportunity, or a drug, or the possibility for unique forms of psychotherapy.

None of them are wrong.

What Naam does in this book is astounding, in a science-fiction book: he doesnt really seem to have an opinion. Is Nexus good? Bad? Neutral? That all strictly depends on whos using it, and even the characters change their opinions on Nexus as the world begins to shape and adapt to it.

When you look at something like the Internet, its been both a force for unalloyed good and an enabler of seething evils. Nexus would be exactly the same. And here, in the Nexus trilogy, technology is allowed to be a reflection of human growth, not the seed-bed for a moralizing author tract.

What Happens When You Have To Deal With Patch Notes: In an ideal world, your fellow programmer would be your ally. But often, your fellow programmers are the oppositionadding trivial bugs they should have caught, rewriting perfectly good code to fit their own pedantic standards, ignoring the big warning sign that says PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE CAGE WITH THE FACE-EATING LEOPARDS shortly before filing a ticket that says Face eaten, pls help.

So you have long threads devoted to What Not To Do, and then people argue about What Should Be Done, and its tedious and bureaucratic and yet somehow necessary.

So what novel feels most like dealing with patch notes?

Gonna be honest; I made this category just because I still love this story.

Its not a novel. Its about, what, 2,000 words max? But it honestly does feel like this. Promise. And its amusing as all hell.

What Its Like To Find Your Users Contorting Themselves Into Pretzels Over A UI Bug You Could Have Fixed In Twenty Minutes: Remember when I said that non-programmers are routinely very bad at knowing what they want, and ask for massive solutions that dont actually fix their problem?

Welp, theres a flip side to that: people who treat anything computerized as though it were set in stone.

Now, this generally doesnt apply to customers; theyre an odd mix of continually demanding and dead-as-the-void silent. But if you develop software for an office, the people at that office will often assume that this is all management will allow them to have.

Your software will become the thing they have to work around, and theyll never tell you.

If youre not careful, youll find entire cultures warped around a feature you could have knocked off in an afternoon. Secretaries will mail each other spreadsheets of invoice numbers that they looked up, painfully, one by one, when you could have literally added one control to the search bar. Clerks will enter in forty-digit gift certificates on a keypad because nobody thought to ask for a scanner.

And you will walk in to stammer, Thatno. You dont have towe could And somewhere in the back of your mind you will be tallying all the hours lost to this worship of The Software, and wonder how soon you can rescue these poor, benighted souls from their own faith.

So what novel feels most like finding your users contorting themselves into pretzels over a UI bug you could have fixed in twenty minutes?

No winner.

Again, Im not saying nobodys written this book, Im merely saying that I havent found it. Please, sound off.

But personally, Id love to read some behemoth of a novel detailing an oppressed civilization rebelling against a malicious AI, and at the end of it some dude from QA comes in and says, Oh, yeah, we can patch that and fixes it in a weekend.

What Its Like To Optimize Your Computers: If youve ever spun up a computer with Linux installed, you know theres an overwhelming amount of options that you can tweak. You can go blind staring at a thirty-page manual that documents the options for a single command let alone the options on the four hundred or so other commands.

Sure, the defaults are probably good. And maybe even secure, if youve found a Linux distro thats user-friendly.

But what if you really need to fine-tune that server until it sings? What if youre spinning up a web server that needs to handle 50,000 users connecting all at once? What if youve got a ton of complex data, and you need to make sure your data storehouse is optimized to return answers to any query under 15 milliseconds?

Well, then youre gonna take such a deep dive into the documentation that you risk getting compression sickness. Youre gonna trawl forums, check Stack Overflow, drop into Slacks and Discords to ask the experts. There are people who are paid to do nothing but make computers run sleeker, harder, better, fasterand if you want to get there, youre going to have to have a fundamental understanding of the keepalive timeouts and the proxy caches.

So what novel feels most like dealing with optimizing your computers?

Full disclosure: I wrote this book, so, you know, take my recommendation with the mandated grain of salt.

That said, I wrote this book as a programmer who was very curious about what cybercombat would be like in the futurebecause eventually, when real-time computer image processing gets to be quick and reliable enough, there will come a day when the computer can outdraw and fire our slow, tired human reflexes.

At which point, everything will come down to optimization. Because once you remove the human element from warfare, well, whats that mean for programmers when your default settings were lax enough to accidentally fire upon an innocent child?

Thats where Mat, the hero of Automatic Reload, is right now: hes a hulking cyborg with prosthetic armaments, and he has emerged from a blink-of-an-eye combat to realize that his guns have killed the wrong person. As such, hes become obsessed with fine-tuning, ensuring all the maintenance he does will never again harm a bystander no matter what firefights might erupt, and that mechanized PTSD is slowly killing him. Fortunately, he finds the right girl to help talk him out of his trauma.

Unfortunately, shes also a genetically engineered killing machine.

What Its Like To Have Bad Management As A Programmer: Want to know one of the nicest things a good manager can say to you?

I know this is a terrible solution. Its tech debt, and well regret it later. But our CEO needs a fix this week, not in six months, so get to it.

The rest is here: 8 Science Fiction Books That Get Programming Right -

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New York City Bed Bug Registry Maps & Database NYC Bed ...

Bed Bug Exterminator NYC, Manhattan NY | Bed Bug Control …

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NY Bedbug Dogs has been in the pest control industry for over 40 years. We provide results to thousands of customers in the greater NYC area and long island, ny.

NY Bed Bug Dogs offers bed bug extermination to residential and commerical customers in the NY Metropolitian area as well as New Jersey.

Our certified and highly trained bedbug dogs can pinpoint bed bug infestation areas in minutes. For example, a bed bug canine can search an average hotel room in less than 2 minutes! Once they find the infestation, then remediation of the bed bugs can be done working on the areas that need to be done producing fast results with less cost.

Our Mission? Provide fast, confidential and unmatched customer service to clients who are seeking fast and affordable solutions to their bed bug problems. We restore peace of mind that minimizes family and business hardships and treat each client with respect and courtesy.

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NYC Bed Bug Exterminators the Bed Bug Pest Control Experts Providing Local Experienced Exterminators Servicing All 5 Boro's of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island

Bed Bug Hiding Places

Common Bed Bug hiding places are usually behind pictures, tapestries or anything else mounted on the wall. Anything with seams, cracks or crevices present are prime nesting areas.

Picture frames are also classic and common hiding locations as are heating and air ducts. Also be sure to check inside clocks, phones, televisions and smoke detectors. The bottom line is that you need to treat any location if you as much as suspect activity.

Many people have the misconception that getting rid of bed bugs is done through traditional pest controls which uses harsh pesticides. The truth of the matter is that bed bugs have grown immune to the pesticides exterminators are using. That is why there has been such an enormous increase in bed bug infestations throughout the US.

Bed bugs can live in almost any crevice or protected location. The most common place to find them is the bed. Bed bugs often hide within seams, tufts and crevices of the mattress, box spring, bed frame and headboard.

Bed bugs tend to congregate in certain areas, but it is common to find a single bug or some eggs scattered here and there. Persistence and a bright flashlight are requisites for success. A thorough inspection and treatment may take up to several hours. Some companies are beginning to use canines for detecting hard-to-find infestations. When properly trained, the dogs can be very effective. However at this time very few companies are using them due to the expense of training and maintaining such animals.

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New York City NY Bed bug Hotel and Apartment Reports

June 30th, 2020 by admin

Hotel had decent reviews and was declared to be bed bug free. I always check the beds upon checking in, just in case. I didn't have to look very hard for this one. It was right on one of the pillows. ...

1. I stayed at the hotel from 14-19 Oct. I got insect bites but didn't know what caused them. I returned home and saw my physician to confirm they were bed bug bites. 2. I reported the problem to...

Found and killed bed bug. Showed it to head housekeeper, said she wasn't sure it was bed bug. No manager on duty at time of stay (weekend). Flew home, after repeated calls, spoke with manager who said...

1/20/2019 Bedbug!!! I saw one crawling and didnt have any bites yet. I trapped it under a glass and mgmt carried it out. They gave me a refund but were nonchalant about the issue. DO NOT STAY HERE I...

I stayed at MADE Hotel from Wednesday, November 20th - Friday, November 22nd. 2019. I'm urging anyone reading this to not stay at this place. I was bitten by bed bugs during my two nights stay here, a...

Room 2619 stayed 2 nights,13and 14Feb2019. I was bitten with bed bugs in my face and arm. The hotel added 50,000 points to my Hilton Honors account for the incident and offer to let them know few days...

My friend and I stayed in Room 2939 and we didnt notice bedbugs the first night but we did the second night. We complained and filed a report. The hotel moved us to another dirty room. The staff ...

Checked into hotel on 7/13, on 7/18 discovered bites all over my back and torso-pulled back sheets on both beds, both mattresses were soiled with bed bug waste. Management notiifed- they offered us an...

Stayed over Christmas break 2018. Were given smaller room than we reserved, but it was quieter with views so took it without arguing though had to use pull-out sofa for two of us. Our first morning we...

10/4/18 - Live adult bed bug found under the comforter. Front desk was notified and we were immediately moved to another room....

March 23rd 2018 at 9:00am I found/squished a bedbug at the foot of the bed. I then realized the notes on my neck, right hand, right shoulder, and left elbow were all from bedbugs the previous 4 days a...

Unit 14 of this co-op is riddled with bed bugs and mice. The landlord and person renting rooms in this unit won't and haven't done a thing to remedy this infestation. People there had to sleep i...

Found multiple bed bugs, spoke to the staff in the middle of the night. They offered to move me, but I packed up and left. Ill plan on being reembursed for my stay and cleaning. ...

There are recurring bedbugs problems since I have moved into this place in October 2015. Neither the landlord(s) nor the overtenants have taken any actual actions aside from replying emails. On top of...

At the time I did not realize it was bedbugs that were causing red bumps on my skin. Because I also have allergies for dust mite but it was bedbugs and this hotel did not even clean the room good. We...

My whole body was full of bites. Same goes for my friend who stayed separately in a different room. Management handled this very lightly, and asked us to go buy a spray ourselves to get rid of the b...

Report: 2/23/2017 We stayed here over night for a school field trip and each and every child was covered in bed bug bites the next morning. When we reported it to the front desk they did not believe ...

Bed bugs found under the sheets upon arrival to this hotel, and online there reviews have countless comments stating they saw bugs as well. Was there this past week on Wednesday January 9th to check i...

My daughter and her friends traveled with a group from our local college to visit NYC. My daughter noticed she was all bit up (this was Thursday July 12,2018). Turns out it was bed bugs. Management of...

Sept 13, 2017. I discovered i had bed bug bites all over my lower back. Management handle the situation poorly and adamantly denied that they had bed bugs. They gave us some generic report the next d...

1. 11/24-11/25 2. Management was very sympathetic. Refunded us for our entire stay, and sent detailed email with how to handle our bites and reduce risk of spreading bugs to our homes. ...

Itchy for a few nights but didnt even think it could be bedbugs, we are very unfamiliar with them. Then on the last night there was a bug walking around on the bed. We caught it under a cup. Before t...

My partner and I went to The Beekman for a stay on March 17, 2018. We had a positive experience going into the evening -- beautiful decor and quality service. It's hard not to be impressed by the well...

My family and I have suffered from multiple bedbugs bites (arms, legs, hands, face) while staying at this apartment from March 30th to April 2nd, 2018, that we had rented through Airbnb. The two bedro...

June 26, 2018 Brought a live bed bug to the manager who proceeded to take several attempts to kill it with his fist. Was not immediately comped. Received a phone call hours later saying our roo...

First discovered and reported on 9/14/18. Management moved me to a new room. Upon checking out the next morning, I was told I would get an email of the pest control report, which I still haven't r...

I stayed in three different rooms because I had booked online and for some reason it broke down into three different reservations and three rooms. The first night I didn't notice bites. The second nig...

Recommended tips after hotel check-in: 1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs. 2. Check under the box spring. 3. Lift up each headboard an lie it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. 4. If you decide to stay in the hotel, do not put any clothes in dressers. Keep them in your luggage and your dirty clothes in plastic bags.

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New York City NY Bed bug Hotel and Apartment Reports

Battling Bed Bugs | Archive | July / August 2009 | Habitat …

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The bed bugs that recently tried to make themselves at home at one 217-unit Manhattan co-op didnt have a prayer. Thats because the building, near Times Square, is blessed with a board of directors that didnt hesitate when confronted with an age-old stigma that has become the citys newest scourge.

Instead of burying its head in the sand, the board took action against the blood-sucking pests swift, coordinated, ruthless, expensive and, in the end, effective action. And theyre not ashamed to admit it. In fact, theyre proud of it.

Were so proud that weve taken care of it and have a good maintenance program in place, says board vice president Rose Keough, who also sits on the co-ops Bed Bug Committee. Because of what were doing, whatever happens, well be able to keep it localized and deal with it.

Every co-op and condo board in the city should take notice of whats happening at this property, a linked trio of 10-story brick towers built in 1923 as a residence hotel. Quite simply, the board realized it didnt have the luxury of going into denial or taking half-hearted measures. This was war.

The first alarms were sounded last spring when a shareholder alerted the board that he had bed bugs in his apartment. Assured Environments, the buildings exterminator, came in and determined that there were bed bugs in the mans apartment, in several adjacent apartments, and in a relatives apartment down the hall. Eventually, it was discovered that two stairwells and some of the basement storage lockers were also infested.

We had so much to learn, it was very frustrating, says Kit Cowan, president of the board for the past two years. Not only about exterminators, but about how to get into apartments, what rights the proprietary lease gave us, whos responsible for the costs.

Who is responsible? In 2004s Ludlow Properties v. Young case, a housing court judge awarded a rental tenant a 45 percent rent abatement because of a severe bed bug infestation in his apartment. But responsibility in co-ops and condos is a murkier legal issue. Theres no case law involving co-ops and condos right now, says Timothy Wenk, a lawyer with Shafer Glazer, who has been handling a mushrooming number of legal cases involving bed bugs during the past five years. But I would recommend that boards hire a pest-control specialist once they know about a bed bug condition. Liability could fall on them if bed bugs travel between apartments.

The board realized it didnt have the luxury of figuring out who brought bed bugs into the building or who was responsible for getting rid of them. Its virtually impossible to pinpoint the source of an infestation, says Keough. If you wait around for that to be settled, it can turn into a massive problem.

Dissatisfied with the progress Assured Environments was making, the board followed the recommendation of its property manager, Elliot Davis of Advanced Management Services and hired Pest Away Exterminating, a smaller company that works in concert with other companies to coordinate major assaults on bed bug infestations.

Every buildings different, says Jeff Eisenberg, president of Pest Away. Our biggest strength is strategic; we look at the building as a whole. The problem was in the basement. Youve got to plug the dam, not just keep bailing water. We laid out a plan [concerning] how that would take place.

That multi-pronged blueprint was hammered out by Pest Away and the board, then spelled out at a building-wide meeting last September. It involved contracting with K-9 Bed Bug Detective to bring in a new bed bug-sniffing beagle named Russell; treating the insides of the infested apartments walls with a powder called Delta Dust (deltamethrin); heating cracks and crevices to 285 degrees, then treating them with a chemical cocktail; and packing everything in the basement storage lockers in air-permeable containers.

Two porters and a security guard were hired to make sure the packing was done properly and the basement quarantine not breached. The containers were then removed by a company called Moving Right Along, which placed them in fumigation vaults and transported them to its facility in Ozone Park, Queens. There, Bed Bugs and Beyond Fumigation Specialists treated them with sulfuryl fluoride, commonly known as Vikane. Meanwhile, the empty basement storage rooms were treated with heat and repeatedly vacuumed.

Once all items and the building were declared bed bug-free, the items were moved back in. New rules for the storage bins, hammered out with the co-ops lawyer, were prominently posted. Every item in all 81 bins must be double-wrapped in air-tight plastic or placed in a plastic bin with an air-tight gasket. No exceptions. Russell, the beagle, now visits once a week. Hell check every apartment three times a year to make sure the scourge has not returned. The total cost to the co-op so far has been about $250,000, which came from the reserve fund and the sale of three apartments that the co-op took over during the S&L crisis in the 1990s.

If we let those bugs move into this building, its going to cost us way more than the money were currently spending, says Keough. Until they come up with a cure for bed bugs, its just pro-active vigilance. As of this moment, we have no bed bugs.

Cowan quickly raps the wooden table with a knuckle. Then, addressing one of the most stubborn and erroneous myths about bed bugs, he adds, If your building has bed bugs, it doesnt mean youre dirty. It means youre unlucky.

Ben Weisel opened Metro Pest Control in the 1970s, during that dark age when President Gerald Ford was telling a financially hobbled New York City to, in so many words, drop dead. Back then, there were plenty of pests to keep Weisels exterminators hopping: cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants, mice, rats, and water bugs. But not bed bugs.

They were pretty well wiped out, says Weisel, now 67 and semi-retired. Much of the credit for their scarcity goes to DDT, Weisel says, a pesticide that was widely used during and after World War II, later vilified by Rachel Carson, and finally banned in the U.S. in 1972 because of environmental concerns. Only recently did bed bugs begin making an unwelcome return to New York City.

What happened, says Weisel, was that people started traveling to Europe and a lot of Third World countries and bringing bed bugs and eggs back with them. The population started exploding about eight years ago.

Today, Metro Pest Control gets a staggering 150 calls a month to treat bed bugs. The problem has become so severe city-wide that Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently created a 10-member Bed Bug Advisory Board and gave it nine months to produce recommendations on dealing with infestations in residences and institutions; disposing of infested items such as clothing and furniture; and creating a list of rights and responsibilities for landlords, tenants, and homeowners.

Information about bed bugs is becoming more plentiful and easier to find. The Bed Bug Registry, for instance, has a detailed website ( that offers a report of bed bug infestations in hotels and apartment buildings across North America.

One, located on Avenue D in Manhattan, offers these words of wisdom from an exasperated tenant named Anit: The bed bugs came because a tenant on the fifth floor went camping, brought them home with her and decided not to mention anything to her roommates or the super for three weeks, even after having noticed them. Bed bugs are an unfortunate reality here in the city. It helps when people are pro-active about taking care about them.

Right you are, Anit. In fact, pest control experts will tell you that the worst thing you can do after sighting bed bugs is to procrastinate or go into denial. Since a female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs during her lifetime and since the eggs hatch after incubating for one to three weeks a co-op or condo board needs to take prompt and forceful action as soon as theres a bed bug sighting in the building.

Its a jungle out there. So, watch your back. Literally.

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Battling Bed Bugs | Archive | July / August 2009 | Habitat ...

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