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  197 Irving Ave, Apt 2l, Brooklyn, New York, 11237, United States Bed Bug Registry Maps & Database
  Sunday 19th of January 2020 19:36 PM

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Address : 197 Irving Ave, Apt 2L, Brooklyn, New York, 11237, United States

Details: Not Specified

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What Are My Rights as an NYC Tenant with Bed Bugs? – Video

November 1st, 2012 by admin

What Are My Rights as an NYC Tenant with Bed Bugs?
Met Council is one of NYC's oldest non-profits that dispenses information on housing rights to tenants with questions. Here we learn more about the questions tenants have been calling about regarding their rights when it comes to bed bugs. To learn more about Met Council visit 2ratingsTime:10:00More inPeople Blogs

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What Are My Rights as an NYC Tenant with Bed Bugs? - Video

If I have bedbugs, what are my legal rights as a tenant? – Video

November 1st, 2012 by admin

If I have bedbugs, what are my legal rights as a tenant?
Who is responsible in a tenant - landlord case when bed bugs are found in the building? Sharing his wealth of knowledge on bed bugs and the law is New York City attorney Timothy Wenk of Shafer Glazer, LLP. For more information on Mr. Wenk, visit: To learn more about pest control options, visit 7ratingsTime:06:32More inPeople Blogs

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If I have bedbugs, what are my legal rights as a tenant? - Video

bed bugs in ny nyc attack! 718 559 6981 – Video

November 1st, 2012 by admin

bed bugs in ny nyc attack! 718 559 6981
Free Estimates 30 Day Follow up Licensed 24 Hour Emergency Care 718 559 6981 Bed Bugz Nyc team has 20 years of experience in eliminating bedbugs and other pests in homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, offices. Our exterminators are licensed and certified bed bug and pest professionals. Our unit of experienced exterminators our designed to seek out bed bugs where they hide. Once bed bugs have been detected, our team uses Thermal Heat Remediation traditional Crack and Crevice treatments to comprehensively deal with these pests. You can rest assured that our professional technicians will keep your home free of bed bugs. What we offer: - Free Comprehensive Bedbug/ Pest Inspection - Elimination and Control of Bedbugs and Other Pests - Use of Insured and Licensed Applicators - Personalized and Reliable Service - Competitive Rates - 24 Hours Service Availability - A Proactive Commercial Solution - Perform preventative measures for infestations - Return at a later date for a mandatory check up Bed Bugz NYC Certified Pest Exterminators Bed Bugz NYC LLC 21 Orchard St Manhattan, New York, NY 10002 Phone: 718 559 6981 Fax: 718-376-3141 Email: 718 559 6981From:ThisIs4thePeopleViews:5801 28ratingsTime:02:24More inEducation

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bed bugs in ny nyc attack! 718 559 6981 - Video

Where's Roscoe? Raising A Glass To His Clients!

June 16th, 2012 by admin

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) June 15, 2012

Bell Environmental Services, one of the New York metropolitan areas leading pest control companies, performed its services for more than 40 years with little fanfare. Then Bed Bugs returned to the US. Bell Environmental responded to the bedbug epidemic by applying its high quality, environmentally-friendly pest control solutions, and spotlighting the skills of its beagle detective, Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog].

The question Wheres Roscoe? referencing the companys television commercials, has become as ubiquitous as bed bug phobia the past several years.

Bell Environmental, headquartered in Fairfield, N.J., is more than just a bed bug firm, as long-time employees, current and former clients, business partners, and friends attending the firms 50th anniversary party on Saturday, June 16, can attest.

Though a beagle, Roscoe has gotten the lions share of public attention. Roscoe has been featured on Good Morning America, Animal Planet, and CBS News and local news programs since joining Bell in 2008. While Bell Environmentals bed bug services have received the most media coverage over the last decade, the firm has been a full-service pest control company since its founding. Bell Environmentals President Phil Waldorf started the firm in 1963.

Were proud of our 50 years in business," Waldorf said. "We've always put our customers first and are pleased so many will join us to celebrate this milestone."

About Bell Environmental Services Bell Environmental began in 1963 with a commitment to high customer service. It has brought innovative technology and environmentally sound bed bug control and commercial pest control methods to customers in New York City and its metropolitan area for decades. Owned and operated by its founding management, Bell leads the way in finding alternatives to dangerous pesticides to eliminate infestations of insects, rodents, and pest birds at facilities throughout the Northeastern United States. More information on Bell Environmental can be found at

Where's Roscoe? Raising A Glass To His Clients!

Here's Why Renting Your Home Through Airbnb Could Be Illegal

June 7th, 2012 by admin

Airbnb, the site where people rent apartments and houses to strangers, is lobbying for its cause in Washington, reports Slate's Matthew Yglesias.

The site has an edge over hotels in that it draws tourists to smaller cities that may or may not lack big chains. But not every city's OK with this:

"One reason those neighborhoods dont have hotel beds is that in most cities you cant just slap up a hotel in a residential neighborhood or turn an existing residential property into one," Yglesias says. "Big cities draw a fairly firm distinction between a house and a hotel, but Airbnbs entire business is based on obscuring that line."

For consumers, the real question is whether or not using the site is legal. Here are some reasons renting to strangers on Airbnb might not be smart:

-NYC residents can't rent their apartment out for less than 30 days, according to YM contributor BrickUnderground, though many still do. Fines start at $1,600, reaching up to $5,000 for the first offense, the site says. Check out the state's Multiple Dwelling Law for details.

-Renters and co-op owners can be evicted if the city catches on, at least in New York.

-According to a hotelier in Rome who spoke up on a Quora thread, "it's illegal to rent our space without authorization from the city (comune). It's not easy to obtain this, and in some cases wouldn't be possible at all." The same might apply elsewhere abroad.

-Neighbors could complain, leading the police to fine you and issue a violation, said BrickUnderground. There are also the issues of bed bugs, safety and noise.

Ready for a trip? Check out:

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Here's Why Renting Your Home Through Airbnb Could Be Illegal

Upper Eastside NYC Bed Bugs Exterminator 347-286-7771 Upper Eastside Bed Bug Fumigations – Video

April 19th, 2012 by admin

17-04-2012 12:15 347-286-7771 Exterminator Upper East Side Manhattan NYC has developed a green program for our sensitive accounts including organic food markets and certified green buildings. For the majority of our clients, we already provide a green blend program of natural products in addition to growth regulators, baits, traps as well as the least toxic traditional pesticides to control ants, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and flies stored product pests, as well as other non-beneficial pests. Bed Bugs: 347-286-7771 Upper East Side Exterminator has developed an effective treatment program that involves cooperation between the management staff, on-site managers, homeowner and our route managers to control bed bug infestations. Ants: There are a great number of products available for the control of ants. Our highly trained route managers will identify the type of ants that you have and customize a program to eliminate any infestation. Pigeon Control: A number of control measures are available for controlling pigeons. These can include using bird-proofing apparatus, repellents and baits. 347-286-7771

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Upper Eastside NYC Bed Bugs Exterminator 347-286-7771 Upper Eastside Bed Bug Fumigations - Video

NYC Bed Bugs – Video

March 31st, 2012 by admin

02-10-2011 15:37 Call in Chemtech Exterminating and your bed bug problem will be a thing of the past. Call 212-831-5892 or 888-347-2010. Serving NYC,Manhattan,Brooklyn,Queens,Bronx and Long Island.

Excerpt from:
NYC Bed Bugs - Video

BedBug Pest Control Exterminators Bed Bug Removal Long Island / New Jersey / Westchester / NYC – Video

March 31st, 2012 by admin

19-10-2011 17:48 | Call Us 24 - 212.205.3330 | Mention YouTube for 50% off your inspection | We are the first company established to exclusively eliminate bed bug infestations. Cimetics bed bug exterminators nyc, bedbug nj, and bed bugs long island use the patented heat treatment method. We guarantee 100% elimination in 24 hours. Get rid of bed bugs is the name of the game when Cimetics comes by. We are even in the bed bug registry nyc when it comes to quality work and 100% elimination. This is the real deal bed bugs elimination where you can have your life back in 24 hours with our complete bedbugs extermination process... Call Today !!!

Originally posted here:
BedBug Pest Control Exterminators Bed Bug Removal Long Island / New Jersey / Westchester / NYC - Video

NYC Housing Court Kills Bed Bugs – Video

March 31st, 2012 by admin

18-01-2012 10:30 Learn how to kill bed bugs without spending too much. "City housing officials got so antsy over a bedbug invasion that they shipped off 5000 boxes of files for fumigation, forcing Housing Court cases to be postponed. The bloodsuckers turned up at the Department of Housing Preservation and development around Nov. 15, leading to the evacuation of the entire third floor, which contains the tax-incentives divisions and parts of the housing-litigation and IT divisions. Officials said that even though the critters were spotted only in isolated areas, a top-to-bottom cleaning was ordered, meaning everything on the floor had to be temporarily relocated." Bed bugs can hide not only on clothes and luggage. Even in books and magazines, they can also be present. Proofs of that are the several cases of bed bug infestation in libraries. And given that, it was just right for the New York Housing Court to be anxious about their presence.

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NYC Housing Court Kills Bed Bugs - Video

Exterminator NYC (718) 303 1052 Best Exterminator NYC – Video

March 31st, 2012 by admin

20-01-2012 16:32 Exterminator NYC CALL (718) 303 1052 - Best Exterminator NYC For all Bed Bug Extermination in NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens Welcome to Pest Exterminator New York City! Bed bugs have been an epidemic all throughout the metropolitan area but with knowledge and the proper treatment, bed bugs can be successfully managed and eliminated. Bed bugs are pests which can harbor in many different places although their name suggests they only linger in beds. They can be found in places such as upholstered furniture box springs, electrical outlets, between walls, within insulation as well as radiators and heat pipes. Early signs of bedbug can include bites, welts and skin irritations. Other key signs of infestations are blood spots and fecal matter within sleeping spaces. Many people mistake the severity of bedbugs since the popular images which are found online are exponentially magnified and aren't properly shown as how tiny these pests can be! Exterminator NYC We specialize in the best treatment methodologies for bed bug treatment and prevention. Our treatment methods include chemical, heat as well as Cryonite freeze treatment. Our chemical treatments are applied to all baseboards within the location to create a chemical barrier which then if there are traveling bed bugs would saturate themselves within the compound and disintegrate them. Heat treatment is a highly effective eco-friendly method where high temperature heat is directed into ...

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Exterminator NYC (718) 303 1052 Best Exterminator NYC - Video

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