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Bed bugs were once a common public health pest worldwide, which declined in incidence through the mid 20th century. Recently however, bed bugs have undergone a dramatic resurgence and worldwide there are reports of increasing numbers of infestations. Australia has also been included in this trend and the Department of Medical Entomology, ICPMR, has been at the forefront of documenting this phenomena and providing information on the ecology and control of this important public health pest.

Bed Bugs Infestation!

Where is the problem? Everywhere

In Your Bed!!
The bed bug problem is worldwide and the biggest problems occur where there are high concentrations of people and travel. Because NYC is the number one destination for international travel, business and illegal immigrants, New York City is ground zero of the bed bugs epidemic, but the problem includes every major city in the United States, and the world too.


There are many reasons why bed bug infestations are on the rise. The numbers of bed bug infestations are growing worldwide, especially in the United States and Canada.

Some people are unaware they have a bed bug infestation
One reason for the growth in bed bug infestations is that people are unaware they have a bed bug problem right away. People wake up itching and scratching in the morning thinking they need to change their detergent, or that they have a rash, so they go and see a dermatologist and get expensive prescription creams to reduce the inflammation. However, treating the symptoms and not the cause – the cause is bed bugs.

Should people try to solve or treat their bed bug problem on their own? One reason for the growth in bed bug infestations is because people try to deal with the bed bug problem on their own when they discover they have a problem, instead of seeking out a professional pest control exterminator.

Who? Who Bed Bugs Attack?

Race, religion or income status has no protection against Bed Bugs.

Right now and for the last 10 years there has been an ongoing exponential geometric growth and Surge Numerically of the bed bug population in the metro New York City area and reported bed bug infestations has increased 30 to 40% each year in some boroughs.
Given that bed bugs can walk, jog or run at about the speed of a startled Ant, it gives you the idea that given new York cities size bed bugs could literally infest every domicile in nyc in less than 5 to 10 years given the current exponential population growth.

Why they are spreading

The problem of bed bug infestations is growing at an alarming rate because no government level containment protocols are being enforced. In some areas of NYC like Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens the number of infestations has steadily grown without stop for the past 10 to 15 years.


Here on this Date July 4th 2009, In the spirit of our founding fathers a Declaration of War and Independence – against and from – a new enemy in New York City and all over The United States, even worse the Whole World: A new Super Strain Bed Bugs Epidemic!

There until this day has been an undeclared war right now raging against a new menace terrorizing New York City – the Bed Bug! If there were a Bed Bug Epidemic going on right now worldwide, then New York City would be Ground Zero. With millions of immigrants pouring into the United States every year, and International Tourism in NYC, bed bugs have reached pandemic proportions from 5 star hotels, multimillion dollar duplex central park apt, to the slums of Harlem, every corner of NYC from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and even Staten Island (which has the least problem of the 5 boroughs).

I would like to state and emphasize that bed bugs are actually – zig zagging, weaving, walking, climbing, travelling back and forth across new York city in every possible way by peoples bags whether walking or via trains, planes and automobiles. Worse bed bugs are travelling across plumbing, on wires whether underground or not – DAILY! The Whole Damn City is in a state of a Bed Bugs Epidemic and on the verge within five to ten years of a Bed Bug Tsunami as the geometric 30% growth continues its nearly unstoppable evolutionary surge across New York City and the World.

In fact, the Only Real Solution seems to be rooted in Prevention Consciousness.

Alas, there is unfortunately only one way out of this mess, the winner of our war of liberation and independence from Bed Bugs, it is this:

A NYC Bed Bug Pest Control Protocol will someday hopefully become required reading for everyone living in New York City! We seek the requirement that all new tenants signing a lease or renewing a lease are informed and educated about Bed Bug Prevention by a link to a single easy to use web site, which gives them a total FREE ONLINE education on Bed Bug Prevention.

Free NYC Bed Bug Pest Control Quote