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Anchor Pest Control, the Premier NJ Pest Control Company, Now Offers Preventative Yearly Service Plans – Benzinga

February 13th, 2017 by admin

Anchor Pest Control announces a new service to extend their residential bed bug control services. Using safe and effective preventative chemical treatments, New Jersey's leading pest control company can help homeowners avoid bed bug infestations before they even start!

Old Bridge, NJ (PRWEB) February 14, 2017

Anchor Pest Control of New Jersey is offering yearly preventative bed bug control plans to help homeowners save money by preventing home infestations. Using safe and effective preventative chemical treatments, New Jersey's leading pest control company can help homeowners avoid bed bug infestations before they even start. At a cost of less than 1/3 of a post-infestation treatment, the Anchor Pest Control yearly packages include multiple K-9 inspections and preventative chemical treatments. Most bed bug problems occur in residential and multi-family locations. Because bed bugs infestations are not affected by cleanliness, they are not as easy to prevent as roaches, ants, and other pests. Consider these facts:

Anchor Pest Control created their preventative maintenance program to help their customers avoid the hassle and stress of a bed bug infestation. "We would rather prevent an infestation than to have one of our customers have to suffer with the pain, hassle, and frankly, fear of having a bed bug infestation. One mother who had an infestation recently cried to me about how terrible she felt. She would get her children up in the morning and see tiny blood stains on the sheets from the bugs biting her kids in the middle of the night. I don't ever want to have that conversation again." Carmen Reino, Owner of Anchor Pest Control

Anchor Pest Control offers commercial and residential pest control services throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Bed bugs, termites, rodents and other forms of pests have been handled for more than 25 years by this team of professionals. Their innovative Bug ID Service is just the latest tool they have brought to their customers to protect them from creatures of all shapes and sizes.

If you would like more information about Anchor's bed bug prevention plans, please contact Carmen Reino at 800-585-1580 or email at info(at)anchorpestcontrol(dot)net.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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Anchor Pest Control, the Premier NJ Pest Control Company, Now Offers Preventative Yearly Service Plans - Benzinga

Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Orkin Releases New Top 50 …

February 11th, 2017 by admin

Baltimore Holds Top Spot on Bed Bugs Cities List

ATLANTA (January 3, 2017) Baltimore tops this years Top 50 Bed Bug Cities list, released today by pest control leader Orkin. In the six years Orkin has released the bed bug city rankings, this is the first time Baltimore has made the top five, moving up nine spots since last year. Four metro regions Las Vegas, Portland, Salt Lake City and Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem made the list for the first time this year.

The list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments from December 1, 2015 November 30, 2016. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments.

We have more people affected by bed bugs in the United States now than ever before, says Orkin Entomologist and Director of Technical Services Ron Harrison, Ph.D., adding that bed bugs are a growing issue. They were virtually unheard of in the U.S. 10 years ago, he says.

According to a 2015 Bugs without Borders Survey by the National Pest Management Association, nearly all (99.6 percent) of pest professionals nationwide have treated bed bugs in the past year, up from five, 10 and 15 years ago.

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers because they travel from place to place with ease, including luggage, purses and other belongings. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, from single family homes, apartments and hotel, to public places like movie theaters, public transit and libraries and offices.

Anyone can get bed bugs in their home. They are not a sign of uncleanliness. Bed bugs only need blood to survive. We have treated for bed bugs in everything from million dollar homes to public housing, Harrison says.

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect and treat because of their small size and ability to survive up to a year without feeding. They are about the size of an apple seed when fully grown, and can hide around seams of a mattress, behind headboards and in cracks and crevices, usually within a five-foot radius of the bed. The first signs of a bed bug infestation are often the bed bugs themselves or small dark stains bed bugs can leave behind.

People may have bed bugs and not know it, because many people have no physical reaction to bed bug bites, Harrison says. Thats why its important for people everywhere to inspect for bed bugs regularly.

While the 50 metro areas listed above required the most treatments for bed bugs in 2016, Orkin has treated for bed bugs in all 50 states and around the world. To help detect and prevent bed bugs, Orkin recommends homeowners and travelers do the following:

At Home:

During travel, remember the acronym S.L.E.E.P to inspect for bed bugs:

Bed bugs can quickly become a major problem, as they can spread from room to room if undetected and allowed to multiply. Anyone who suspects a bed bug infestation should contact a pest management professional immediately.

For more information about bed bug detection and prevention, visit You can also find 100 facts about bed bugs in Orkins new bed bug e-book.

About Orkin, LLC

Founded in 1901, Atlanta-based Orkin is an industry leader in essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects. The company operates more than 400 locations with almost 8,000 employees. Using a proprietary, three-step approach, Orkin provides customized services to approximately 1.7 million homeowners and businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, Central America, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia, the Mediterranean and Africa. Orkin is committed to studying pest biology and applying scientifically proven methods. The company collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and eight major universities to conduct research and helps educate consumers and businesses on pest-related health threats. Learn more about Orkin at Orkin is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rollins Inc. (NYSE: ROL). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally posted here:
Dont Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Orkin Releases New Top 50 ...

National presenters kick off 25th Nebraska Urban Pest Management conference – IANR News (press release)

February 7th, 2017 by admin

February 7, 2017

Lincoln, Neb. Managing invasive pests such as termites and rodents is the focus of the 25thNebraska Urban Pest Management conference Feb. 21-22 in Lincoln.

The annual event brings together research-based information from around the nation, with industry showing the latest in technology and products to about 150 participants. Such offerings keep Nebraska pesticide professionals current in pest management and in business practices.

Our operators have many needs in following the rules and regulations of being applicators, said Andy Licht of the Nebraska State Pest Control Association, a cosponsor. Pesticide applicator businesses need sales, marketing, training and legal advice. This conference provides the science, the safety education -- everything they need.

Opening the conference Feb. 21 are Bobby Corrigan, urban rodentologist for greater New York City; Paul Bello, bedbug expert of PJB Pest Management Consulting in Georgia; Justin Schmidt, sting expert from the University of Arizona; and Sylvia Kenmuir, Target Specialty Products of California, discussing Integrated Pest Management to minimize risks to people and the environment.

The remainder of the conference features about two dozen sessions and panel discussions from university and private sector experts. Topics cover bedbugs, birds, bats, ants and other pests, in addition to termites and rodents. Ultimate conference beneficiaries, Licht added, are customers of conference participants -- homeowners, schools, and businesses involved in food service, food processing, health care, lodging, warehouses and sanitation.

A self-tutorial, hands-on laboratory of termites and other insects is available daily through Nebraska Extension, conference coordinator and cosponsor.

Registration is $150 per person until Feb. 10. After Feb. 10 the registration fee is $170.

Held in cooperation with the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, the UPM conference is said to be one of the best in the nation. It builds on the 24 years it was coordinated by Shripat Kamble, Nebraska Extension entomologist. Last year Kamble announced he was stepping aside as conference coordinator to do other work.

The UPM conference meets state recertification requirements for commercial and noncommercial applicators in the categories of Structural/Health and Wood-Destroying Organisms.

The event will be at the Cornhusker-Marriott Hotel. For conference details and registration, see

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National presenters kick off 25th Nebraska Urban Pest Management conference - IANR News (press release)

Critter Cities: America’s Top 10 Towns For Pest Infestations –

February 7th, 2017 by admin
Critter Cities: America's Top 10 Towns For Pest Infestations
There has been a 7% increase in complaints about rats in New York from 2015 to 2016, and a 16% uptick in Boston. Not squirming yet? A recent report by the pest-control company Orkin found a steep rise in bedbug incidents nationwide, to near-epidemic ...

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Critter Cities: America's Top 10 Towns For Pest Infestations -

Health emergency at DC school with infestation of rodents, bedbugs – Washington Times

February 7th, 2017 by admin


Aaron Doughty appears borderline frustrated and understandably anxious with D.C. school and health officials.

A father of two girls who attend Alfred Kiger Savoy Elementary School, Mr. Doughty and other parents learned by way of TV news that the school is infested with bedbugs and rodents.

A rodent problem might be understood, since Savoy sits hard by the Anacostia River. Bedbugs, not so much.

Whats truly troublesome is that school officials were aware of the infestation last year, which means they had the whole Christmas break to clear out classrooms, treat the problem, and return or buy classroom materials.

Mr. Doughty took pictures of his girls bedbug bites and allowed them to be broadcast on WTTG-Channel 5, which first reported the story.

He said his daughters, 9 and 10 years old, would not return to Savoy until the problems are resolved. He said the girls bug bites began around Christmas.

They wont be back because they have several bites on them, and Im very concerned about the situation, he said. I will not be sending them to school.

D.C. does have a serious bedbug problem. Orkin, a leader in the pest control industry, lists the nations capital as the No. 2 center for bedbug infestation. Baltimore is No. 1, and Chicago and New York follow D.C. (In case youre interested, Houston, site of Super Bowl LI, holds the 17th spot on the top 50 list.)

Mr. Doughty isnt the only parent who took city health and school officials to task.

This is not how you should notify parents of rats and bedbugs, another parent told Channel 5. I had to see it on the news. Then, the school doesnt notify the parents until four days later.

As for school authorities, they issued this statement: We were made aware of an incident of bedbugs at Savoy Elementary School, and we hired professional cleaning contractors to thoroughly clean the school, developed an ongoing cleaning plan for the building, and ordered new nap mats with 2-foot risers. We are working with the school and the community to be vigilant in keeping unwanted pests from entering the building.

Reassuring? Not really.

Although officials implemented a three-day-a-week extermination and cleaning plan, a key mistake is allowing students, school personnel, parents and visitors to continue to come and go at Savoy, a pre-K through fifth-grade school.

Bedbugs are unwanted transplants because they travel on and in whatever they cling to. If infested backpacks and clothing are carried home from an infested school, the critters make the return trip to the freshly sanitized school in the infested gear.

Rodents and other four-legged pests dont stay away simply because the exterminator tells them to leave.

Clearly, authorities with the D.C. Health Department need a sustained public profile on this problem.

I say that because, as I stood outside Savoy yesterday afternoon, I wondered whether the trash bins, brooms and mop buckets I saw near the Savoy kids eating area were free of bedbugs or if the room itself was clear of rodents, which generally come and go as they please. The adults appeared as oblivious as the kids.

This was hardly welcome news to the Districts public schools chancellor, Antwan Wilson, who marked his first day on the job yesterday.

The D.C. Health Department informs on its website: Bedbugs feed only on the blood of warm-blooded hosts. They can conceal themselves in any tight crack or crevice, and are often found in padding, such as mattresses and box springs. They can also hide behind electrical faceplates, baseboards, folded areas of beds, bedding, adjacent furniture, picture frames, wallpaper and nearly anywhere inside a shelter, apartment, or structure.

Schools and other educational environs should be added to that list.

Deborah Simmons can be contacted at

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Health emergency at DC school with infestation of rodents, bedbugs - Washington Times

Concerns mount over BMHA chief’s heavy travel schedule – Buffalo News

February 7th, 2017 by admin

Dawn Sanders-Garrett, who heads Buffalos public housing agency, in mid-October 2015 hopped a plane to California for a housing conference that kept her on the West Coast for much of the week.

The next month, she boarded another plane, this one to Charleston, S.C., for a retreat that a public housing organization held for its board members.

Less than three weeks after returning from South Carolina, she headed to Miami for meetings sponsored by a public housing insurance organization.

About a month later, in January 2016, Sanders-Garrett again headed to Florida, this time for a conference sponsored by the same organization that hosted the November retreat.

It was a busy travel time for Sanders-Garrett, but not that unusual for her.

During 48 months from Jan. 1, 2013, through Dec. 31, 2016, the executive director took 34 trips for the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority almost all to conferences or meetings sponsored by five different industry groups, according to a Buffalo News review of BMHA travel vouchers.

The cost of Sanders-Garretts travel amounted to about $27,000 over the four years, the review found.

But that is not what is raising questions. It is her time away from the Buffalo authority as the financially stressed BMHA struggles to maintain the 29 apartment complexes where some 10,000 of the citys neediest residents live.

Sanders-Garrett was out of town for all or part of 158 days, while traveling for conferences and related meetings from January 2013 through the end of 2016, according to the travel vouchers. That includes weekends, travel days and a handful of times when at her own expense and on her own time, using vacation or personal days she stayed in or near a conference city a few extra days, The Buffalo News analysis found.

Her busiest year was 2015, when she took 10 trips that took her out of town for all or part of 49 days.

If the executive director is gone all the time, there is no direction, and thats what we see, said tenant leader Sam Smith, who lives in the Stuyvesant Apartments senior complex. And who pays the price? The residents.

Sanders-Garrett defends her travel, saying she works on behalf of the BMHA at these conferences, looking for ways to get more money and develop and advocate for state and national policies that assist the Buffalo housing agency.

She is always reachable by phone and computer while at the sessions, and others on her management team remain in Buffalo when she is not there, Sanders-Garrett said.

Even though I may not be in the office for these meetings, I am always in touch with the office, she said. There is never a time I dont know what is going on at the office. This is a 24-7 job.

But there are growing concerns with Sanders-Garrett's heavy travel schedule.

Michael Seaman, who approves Sanders-Garretts travels as chairman of the BMHA board, agrees Sanders-Garrett is accessible while traveling. He also believes her work at the conferences and meetings is important.

But given the day-to-day challenges the BMHA faces, Seaman said, it might be time for Sanders-Garrett to pull back on her travel schedule, perhaps using teleconferencing as an alternative.

I think today, with all that is going on, we need to pay more attention on the day-to-day services we need to provide for our residents, Seaman said, adding: A conversation has to be had. There has to be balance. Our main focus is to serve the residents the best we can. We spent a lot of money to have a conference room equipped with technology. Perhaps we can look at using that to get some of this done.

Others, like Smith, are more critical.

When the cats away the mice will play, Smith said.

Having an executive director gone 158 days in four years only works if an organization has a strong second-tier management, he said.

And they dont.

Started at HUD

Sanders-Garrett, 48, was named executive director in 2007 and earns $120,000 annually running the largest public housing agency in New York State outside of New York City.

At the time she was hired, the University at Buffalo graduate she has a bachelor's degree in public policy as well as an MBA had spent seven years working with HUDs Western New York field office, assisting municipalities and organizations with federal programs. She also was a member of Grassroots, the same political organization that is associated with Mayor Byron W. Brown.

When appointed, Sanders-Garrett said, she was told that representing the BMHA at conferences was part of her job.

So she has taken on dual roles as executive director of the Buffalo agency and as public housing advocate.

As head of the housing authority, Sanders-Garrett takes the brunt of the criticism when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for the third-straight year, labeled the Buffalo agency substandard. HUD cited the housing authority finances and management, particularly its inability to get apartments rented quickly enough after residents move out as well as the hundreds of vacant, dilapidated BMHA apartments deemed uninhabitable.

She also takes much of the criticism when residents complain that the authority is lax in addressing rats, bed bug infestations and broken electrical sockets and elevators.

In mid-December, Mayor Brown showed his frustration over the agency's operations when he ordered city crews to help board up dozens of vacant units after The Buffalo News published photographs of open windows and doors at the Commodore Perry apartments.

[PHOTO GALLERY: Life in the Perry Street apartments]

In mid-January, a 93-year-old resident told The Buffalo News that she was terrified when both elevators at one of the Marine Drive apartment buildings were broken.

I felt trapped, said the woman, who lives in a 12th floor apartment in the building.

She was fearful of walking down the 11 flights of cement stairs and being unable to walk back up.

Marine Drive Apartments seen from the 29th floor of One Seneca Towerin 2015. (John Hickey/News file photo)

And two weeks ago, Sanders-Garrett acknowledged learning last month that tenants she asked a building manager to relocate in October because of the poor condition of their BMHA apartments werent yet moved out.

Im disgusted, tenant commissioner Robin Edwards said.

Me, too, Sanders-Garrett responded.

I dont think they know what they are doing, Smith said of Sanders-Garrett and her top aides.

Sanders-Garrett said she and her staff work hard to improve operations. She blames inadequate federal funding for most of the problems the agency faces, including cutting more than half its staff since 2005.

I agree we can use more staffing. But we are living within our means, Sanders-Garrett said. The residences need new kitchens. The residences need new roofs. I cant fix problems without money.

The lack of federal money illustrates the importance of her attendance at industry conferences and meetings, she said. That is where she and others work to get more resources and create new programs to address problems facing the BMHA and other housing authorities across the nation.

Its why our voice is needed, she said. We have to get out there, not just as Buffalo, but as a collective, to fight for the resources necessary, to advocate for new and innovative programs, to make changes to help the BMHA.

Leadership roles

Sanders-Garrett doesnt just attend industry conferences and meetings, she takes leadership roles.

She has been asked to serve on committees and boards, according to national organization officials.

We want knowledgeable folks on the board to help us develop policy on behalf of the housing authorities, said Timothy G. Kaiser, executive director of the national Public Housing Authorities Directors Association, who said he approached Sanders-Garrett to serve on the board of trustees.

She brings knowledge as a housing authority director and as someone who started her career working for HUD, Kaiser said.

Sanders-Garrett was named to the public housing association board of trustees in 2014, when she also was named to the board of the New York State Public Housing Directors Association. The two organizations are at the forefront of lobbying on behalf of the public housing authorities in New York and nationally.

In addition, she has had a committee assignment since 2013 for the HAI Group public housing insurance organization, a company created by public housing organizations throughout the nation. Sanders-Garrett is one of about 150 committee members who help the organization set policy at quarterly meetings.

Sanders-Garrett has provided invaluable input, helping HAI address affordable housing policies, said Courtney Rice, HAI Groups communications director.

Being able to sit at the table and shape what the policies are give you an opportunity to do more to help the BMHA, Sanders-Garrett said.

She then ticked off a list of accomplishments through these organizations.

They helped secure stimulus funds for housing authorities, bringing an extra $14 million to the BMHA. The money was used for new roofs, sidewalks, lighting, siding and furnaces at BMHA developments.

More recently, a successful lawsuit the national organizations filed against HUD on behalf of hundreds of housing authorities, including the BMHA, is likely to save the Buffalo housing authority almost $4 million earmarked for building improvements.

And the statewide public housing group she works with persuaded Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo last year to put $2 billion in his budget for public housing improvements throughout New York, including Buffalo, although the State Legislature did not yet agree to free up the money.

The Perry public housing in Buffalo. (Mark Mulville/News file photo)

The public housing organizations also worked to get alternative funding programs as federal funds dry up, and through their efforts, HUD now allows housing authorities to use private financing for capital needs, and the public housing insurance organization now offers gap financing to help housing authorities with capital projects, she said.

The BMHA hopes to use these programs to demolish uninhabitable units, and reinvent several of its run-down developments, including the Commodore Perry, A.D Price and Frederick Douglass Towers apartments, she said. None of these projects has yet received funding.

[RELATED: Battle brewing over plans to replace A.D. Price public housing]

That federal officials havent provided the Buffalo housing agency requested money for some of these projects frustrates Seaman, the BMHA chairman.

In past years, Seaman said, he traveled to some conferences with Sanders-Garrett and joined her in efforts to explain to federal lawmakers the BMHAs need for additional money, especially to demolish hundreds of vacant, dilapidated apartments in the Commodore Perry apartment complex.

Weve been trying to get someone to pay attention for four or five years, Seaman said. They are not listening, not willing to deal with the challenges.

Conventions at resort locations

Public housing agencies provide shelter for some of the nations neediest people. But when the directors of these agencies meet to talk about shared problems, they attend conferences and meetings in four-star hotels, sometimes at resort communities in California and Florida.

Sanders-Garretts travel in 2015 started at the end of January with a weeklong stay in the Tampa, Fla., area, for a national conference of the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association at the Trade Winds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach. Trade Winds Island advertises itself as set on 20 lushly landscaped acres adjacent to a private white sand beach on the Gulf of Mexico.

Two months later, toward the end of March, Sanders-Garrett spent a week in Southern California attending a public housing insurance meeting in Coronado, a resort city across the bay from San Diego.

Other conferences and meetings that year took her to the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles and Doubletree Hotel in Charleston, S.C., as well as the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

The Turning Stone Casino resort in Verona is one of the places that Dawn Sanders Garrett has visited. (Buffalo News file photo)

There also was a statewide conference that took her to the Turning Stone Casino resort in Verona.

I cant control where the meetings are, Sanders-Garrett said.

The resorts are selected to attract agency directors, said Kaiser, the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association executive director.

We had a member years ago who said, To train people, you have to get them to come. You have to provide a location they want to go to,' he said. I dont think that diminishes the mission of members to provide safe, decent affordable housing to low-income people.

Some conferences are advertised as places for directors to network and to see what vendors are offering for everything from computer software and pest control services to management and financial analysis.

Panel discussions allow authority directors to share experiences about developing affordable housing projects and pilot programs that encourage unemployed tenants to find work.

There sometimes is training in HUD policies as well as new ways to finance public housing, and sessions when executive directors brainstorm ideas to present to HUD, Congress or the insurance industry.

And sometimes members of Congress and their staffs are guest speakers, outlining what can be expected in upcoming budgets. When events are held in Albany or Washington, the public housing directors lobby lawmakers as well as state and federal housing officials.

More trips

Sanders-Garrett said she anticipates taking about the same number of trips this year as she did in 2016, when she went on eight trips.

But she emphasized that she remains flexible. She has previously and will in the future cancel a trip if BMHA work necessitates she remain in Buffalo, she said.

She skipped the national public housing directors conference held in Orlando, Fla., earlier this month.

I was scheduled to go, but we are working on a number of development deals, she said. I felt it was best to stay here. The BMHA is the first priority.

Topping that list of development deals is the $20 million plan to demolish and redevelop whats left of the original A.D. Price homes on Spring Street. The buildings have been vacant since 2009, when residents were moved out and into nearby high-rise apartments.

Preservationists last month accused the BMHA of promoting demolition by neglect, and other critics said the housing agency continues to reduce the number of public housing units in Buffalo despite a waiting list for apartments.

The agency denied the demolition by neglect accusation, but agreed its housing stock has gone down as dilapidated units are demolished.

We plan to get them replaced, said Modesto Candelario, Sanders-Garretts assistant executive director.

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Concerns mount over BMHA chief's heavy travel schedule - Buffalo News

New York NY Bed bug Hotel and Apartment Reports

February 1st, 2017 by admin

We were sleeping in room 904 when my friend discovered a bedbug on her bed. She also faced itches and red spots on her arms and neck. When we filed a complaint at the reception they said they would in...

I was on a business trip for my work. And I was bitten by bed bugs while staying at this hotel. At first I thought I was having some sort of allergic reaction. But when I got home I had a nurse I know...

I woke up in the morning after sleeping here and felt fine, but by mid afternoon, my side started to hurt. At around 5pm, I took off my shirt to find about 10 beg bug bites in two separate groupings o...

Pretty sure I was bitten by bed bugs. I stayed with 4 friends in a 1 bedroom apartment for the weekend. I get home Sunday and broke out on my arm 4 bumps the wells and extremely itchy. I ...

Found a live bed bug crawling across my pillow on my 2nd night of stay. I took a picture then killed it and called the front desk. They said they would send someone to check. A maintenance person came...

Woke up to 7 bed bug bites on my legs. 831...

This hotel has a serious bedbug issue but the management seems to just not want to accept it. I have stayed there twice now and have been bitted both times. The management disregarded it as "insect bi...

BED BUG ALERT!!! My spouse and I received 50+ bites during our stay over 3 nights. The hotel management won't call me back - only communicates through email and refuses to give the name of the inspec...

Multiple units in this building reported bed bugs in 2015 and 2016. (I know of at least 3.) I'm sure the other units have bed bugs, too, and they just don't know it yet. There have been reports in nei...

We reserved the hotel online from Italy. pictures posted were misleading and nothing to do with the actual conditions of the hotel. Room was dirty. We were barely able to spend one night. The followi...

Stayed 1 night on 8/24/16 in room 529 at Club Quarters World Trade Center and had bites on my ankles and feet. Stayed on the Club Quarters side of the hotel. Colleague stayed on the World side of ho...

saw adult bed bugs. left with one on my bag....

there were bed bugs in the room...

20 bites, blistering all over my body from one night stay. Confirmed diagnosis by physician....

Bedroom was infested by bed bugs. They appeared while I was sleeping (3:00 a.m.) Engineer confirmed it. I was transferred to another room....

Terrible, long-standing bedbug problem in this building, which is full of rent-controlled apartments with hoarders who refuse to let exterminators do treatments. Bedbugs are here to stay. Bedbu...

Spent 6 days here and 3 days after returning home the bites started showing up. My husbands were so bad he ended up in Urgent Care. After researching and seeing pictures I remembered the bed being cov...

Thank you! Your feedback will help us improve our website!

Recommended tips after hotel check-in: 1. Pick up the mattresses in the rooms and look under it. Check around the edges of the box springs. 2. Check under the box spring. 3. Lift up each headboard an lie it on the bed. Carefully inspect the hole where the headboard was lifted out of. Also, inspect all niches and corners of the headboard. 4. If you decide to stay in the hotel, do not put any clothes in dressers. Keep them in your luggage and your dirty clothes in plastic bags.

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New York NY Bed bug Hotel and Apartment Reports Bed bugs: news, information, support

January 9th, 2017 by admin

This is an update from our story last night on the bed bug treatment-related fire in Detroit.

The tenant who accidentally started the fire in Detroit on Tuesday has now spoken to journalists, offering a heartbreaking apology for her actions:

According to Fox 2 News, the tenant had bed bugs for a whole year, and desperation when the bed bug problem persisted after professionals treated the home led her to take matters into her own hands:

They had sent exterminators over, but it didnt work, and these things just kept at me, they just kept at me, she says. I went in there with clear skin, now my skin is all bitten up and looking like leather. I just want to get rid of these bed bug tormentors.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, says she killed some of the bedbugs a few weeks ago by turning up the heat in her west side apartment, which is near Outer Drive and Rouge Park. So, she says she did the same Tuesday and doused her floors with alcohol, which is often used to kill bedbugs. But, she also had her oven on and she did not know the fumes are flammable.

When I was standing in the front room, the whole floor just ignited. The whole floor just ignited! I couldnt get the fire extinguisher, she says.

As we noted in our previous post, Fox 2 reported yesterday that officials had confirmed the fire was started after the tenant used a smoke bomb and then tried to put it out with a pillow.

Its not clear from this report whether that is correct, but the tenant here reports that a floor sprayed with alcohol ignited from the lit oven.

Alcohol is a contact killer for bed bugs but is highly flammable and if used at all, should be used with great caution.

This is a tragic situation and the womans story of living with bed bugs for a year makes the desperate nature of her actions more understandable.

Her phone call on the news report is quite heartbreaking. I really hope she can forgive herself and move on.

No one should be in the position of living with bed bugs for so long. This story highlights the need both for education about how to kill bed bugs safely, what to expect during treatment, and how to resolve bed bug problems in apartment buildings.

If bed bug treatments fail, there will be reasons why (which might include attached neighbors with untreated infestations, or the methods being used, among other things).

If you are in this situation, there are safer options. Ask landlord to provide more treatment, and ask if they have professionally inspected attached units.

Dont assume treatments cant work. In this case, it isnt clear whether the tenant had given up on professional treatments too soon, whether the landlord stopped providing them, or what other factors were involved.

Self-treatment can be done if professional treatment truly isnt an option, but you need to educate yourself about safe and effective methods.

If you must self-treat, seek out good information from sources like the Comprehensive Guides to Bed Bugs and Treatment in our resources page, which offer treatment advice.

Above all else, please be careful.

Alcohol is flammable, smoke bombs and other bug bombs and foggers have their own dangers and dont work well on bed bugs anyway, and heating your home to treat bed bugs isnt a do it yourself job and can be dangerous.

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Bed Bugs – New York City

January 8th, 2017 by admin

Information for New York City Residents

Bed bug infestations are increasingly common, but there are steps that can be taken to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. When bed bugs are present, they can be safely controlled. This web site will help you learn more about how they thrive, how to recognize and inspect for their presence, steps to take to prevent them from infesting your home, how to safely rid your home of bed bugs if they do occur, and also how to select and work with a pest management professional.

Read the guide, Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely (PDF)

Bed bugs are small insects that are usually active at night when people are sleeping. Adult bed bugs have flat, brown oval bodies and are about the size of an apple seed.

The New York City area has more than 1,000 pest control companies and thousands of licensed pest management professionals. To get rid of bed bugs, you need to choose the right company, be clear about what you want done, and monitor the service you get.

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Bed Bugs - New York City

The Big Business Of Battling Bed Bugs – ABC News

January 8th, 2017 by admin

In what some call America's most bedbug-infested city, a man named Frank reluctantly discussed the high cost of his bloodsucking guests.

"I had a bedbug-sniffing dog come out and then exterminator treatment," he said. "I spent $350 for the stupid dog and a few hundred dollars to send my clothing out for cleaning. That's more than $1,000 just to be safe."

Now the bugs were taking another bite out of Frank. He contemplated the ceiling-high display of mattress bedbug barriers priced between $59.99 and $99.99 at a Manhattan Bed Bath & Beyond store.

From New York's handsome prewar buildings to the low-slung homes of the U.S. heartland, bedbug infestations are translating into big bucks for pest control companies and retailers selling protection against them.

"People are making a lot of money," said Larry Pinto, a Maryland-based pest control consultant and co-author of the Bed Bug Handbook. "Pest control companies specializing in bedbugs are making a lot of money.

This week, none other than extermination company Terminix ranked New York as the nation's bedbug capital. The firm based the ranking on the volume of calls to its offices around the country. New York surpassed Philadelphia, Detroit, Cincinnati and Chicago, which rounded out the top five cities.

Over the last three years, Terminix said, the company's commercial bedbug business more than doubled, with a significantly higher number of calls from individual householders.

Terminix and independent pest control experts say international travel is partly to blame. The bugs have been reappearing decades after which they were believed eradicated.

The Big Apple had been hit hard. Former President Bill Clinton had an outbreak at his Harlem office, as did lingerie outlet Victoria's Secret, teen clothing store Hollister, the iconic Empire State Building, movie theaters, and countless hotels which lost thousands of dollars in revenue combating the bugs.

"Now they're winding up in places without beds," Michael Raupp, an entomologist at the University of Maryland. "It's a boon and a bane because these things are not easy to control."

While they do not spread disease-causing germs, bedbugs can cause painful irritation and itching. They are hard and expensive to eradicate, often requiring the application of insecticides by pest control specialists or special steam treatments, according to experts. In rare cases, residents must leave their homes for weeks.

"I don't know if I'd say it's an epidemic or not," said Self, owner of Ameritex Pest Control in Beaumont, Texas. "I never actually had a call to go treat for any bedbug until about four years ago. In the last year and half, I'm getting three to five calls a month. Sometimes, I'll get 10 calls in a week. Bedbugs are great hitchhikers."

His initial inspection is free, Self said. "I'm kind of unusual at that. A lot of guys charge $100, $200 for an inspection."

A small town of 15,000, Beaumont, with eight pest control operators, is a competitive market, according to Self. "I bid on a small, four-apartment complex for 2,000 bucks but a guy came in behind me at $600 for all of them. Sometimes you get what you pay for."

Douglas Stern, managing partner of New Jersey-based Stern Environmental Group, started a new division of his extermination business six months ago in response to the growing number of infestations.

His company's new "bed-bug-prep concierge service" helps large-scale clients prepare infested furniture, large objects and spaces for extermination. Stern said he's worked with a number of high-profile clients including airlines and department stores. About half of the firm's business now is bedbug related and Stern said plans are in the works to expand into other cities.

"This is just the beginning," Stern said. "What we're experiencing in New York City other cities are not yet seeing. The problem is spreading."

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The Big Business Of Battling Bed Bugs - ABC News

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