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BuzzFeed’s NYC office may or may not be infested with bedbugs – Fast Company

June 22nd, 2017 by admin

On Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver targeted the coal industry. Now they are striking back. In the episode, he pleaded with President Trump to "stop lying to coal miners" about his ability to revive the shrinking industry. Oliver also targetedBob Murray, the notoriously litigious CEO of Murray Energy, even though he knew he was likely to be sued for doing so, as the company sent the show a cease-and-desist order before the episode even aired.

Murray runs the country's largest privately owned coal company, Murray Energy Corporation, and has sued media companies in the past, including recently filing a libel suit againstthe New York Times.Despite that cautionary tale, on the June 18 episode of Last Week Tonight,Oliver said Murray doesn't do enough to protect his miners' safety. He illustrated that point witha government report that concluded thatthe collapse of one of Murray's mines in Utah, which killed nine people, was due tounauthorized mining practices, while Murray claims the collapse actually happened because of an earthquake.

A legal complaint filed on June 21 in the circuit court of Marshall County, West Virginia, states thatOliver and his team "executed a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character of and reputation of Mr. Robert E. Murray and his companies," They called the segment a "callous, vicious, and false attack" that "childishly demeaned and disparaged" Murray, "a 77-year old citizen in ill health," which they claim caused "emotional and physical distress and damage."The complaint also says Murray's legal team tried to share studies with Oliver's staff thatproved an earthquake was responsible for the mine collapse, but were ignored.

HBO, however, stands by Oliver and his team."We have confidence in the staff of Last Week Tonight and do not believe anything in the show this week violated Mr. Murray's or Murray Energy's rights," HBO said in a statement to Fast Company.

[Photo: Wikipedia] ML

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BuzzFeed's NYC office may or may not be infested with bedbugs - Fast Company

Bedbugs in New York City – TripSavvy

June 21st, 2017 by admin

Tiny bloodsucking bedbugs have become an epidemic in New York City over the last decade. The little pests have invaded even the cleanest and most expensive apartments in neighborhoods around Manhattan. Here's everything you need to know about bedbugs in NYC:

A bedbug is a wingless, rust-colored insect about the size of an apple seed. Bedbugs are nocturnal parasites, which means they rest during the day and come out to dine on the blood of humans at night.

Bedbugs are attracted by human body heat and the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, and typically favor feasting on our shoulders and arms (ewww).

During feeding, the bedbug's proboscis pierces the skin of its victim, injecting bedbug saliva (double ewww); they typically feed for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. As the little critter fills with blood, its coloring changes from light brown to rust-red.

If you're on the lookout, bedbugs typically hide in cracks and crevices. They especially love to live in bedding and on mattresses, where they have easy access to food (that means you). Other living areas favored by bedbugs include:

Aside from those telltale bites (see below), other signs that bedbugs may have moved in include:

Bedbugs are rarely seen in action by their human victims. The first signs of a bedbug infestation are usually bites.

Bedbug bites are generally painless, though itchy and annoying. They tend to start as swollen weals, then fade to red marks and gradually disappear over a few days.

Experts suggest washing bedbug bites with antiseptic soap to avoid infection. The itching can be treated with calamine lotion or anesthetic creams.

Bedbugs often spread by hitching rides on people's clothing or bags. They jump from host to host when people brush up against each other in crowds (yet another reason to keep your distance on the subway).

They also spread through mattresses. Reconditioned mattresses, which are refurbished old mattresses, often spread bedbugs into stores and homes. In addition, bedbugs can spread when old and new mattresses are transported in the same truck.

Experts say bedbugs have been all but dormant for decades. The recent comeback is said to be primarily the result of increased global travel, along with the banning of potent pesticides like DDT.

Getting rid of bedbugs can be tricky, and in most cases, it's necessary to hire a professional. A qualified exterminator can use stronger insecticides to kill the bedbugs. Repeat visits may be necessary to ensure that all bedbugs are eliminated, considering that in proper conditions, adult bedbugs can survive without a meal for a year or longer.

However, these annoying pests can be eliminated.

Here are some do-it-yourself methods you can try in addition to calling the exterminator:

-- Updated by Elissa Garay

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Bedbugs in New York City - TripSavvy

Family of 4 Loses Everything to Bed Bugs, But Learns What Life Is Really All About – Babble (blog)

June 16th, 2017 by admin

It was Friday, May 26 when Ariel Esposito-Bernard was vacuuming her sons bedroom carpet and spotted the first bug.

Horrified, I scooped it into a baggie and stared at it, praying fervently that God turn it into a grasshopper, a spider, a centipede really anything except what it was; a bed bug, the Queens, New York momlater shared on Facebook.

What would follow in the next few days wasas frustrating as it was heartbreaking. Esposito-Bernard says she spent hours at the laundry mat, costing herhundreds of dollars. Night after night, the family was forced to throw awayevery single thing that could not be boiled or washed and dried on high heat. (Their curtains even melted in the process.)

But all their work was useless, and through somber words she shared, its all gone.

Just days after finding the first bug, Esposito-Bernard, her husband Chris, and their sons, 4-year-old Hunter and 19-month-old Sawyer, had lost everything.

I would like to say I was unaffected as I tossed my records, books, kids toys, furniture, shoes, cards, the kids library, rugs, beds, cribs, bookshelves etc in the trash, because in the end, it is just stuff, Esposito-Bernard admits, but I was. I sobbed over my sons trains as I tried to boil them and melted the entire pot. Chuggingtons mixed with Thomas all melted together, salted with my tears. I sobbed as I tossed the books I spent hours reading the boys.

In an interview with Babble, Esposito-Bernard explains that she called an exterminator right away, but that suddenly the week turned into a whirlwind of hell.

The most disturbing part, she says, isthat bed bugs arent just hardto find; theyre nearly impossible to get rid of.

You dont know where the bugs and eggs are, she continues. They are smaller than a grain of rice. They were in between the pages of books, and everything else that we began to inspect. They hide in all the cracks and crevices of the house, and since they dont just come out to chill, they are nearly impossible to clean, or kill.

Between the bed bugs themselves and the pesticides that destroyed everything else during the extermination process, the Esposito-Bernard family had said goodbye tonearly everything they owned.

Eventually we realized we could save nothing We were tossing memories.

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Eventually we realized we could save nothing, she says quietly. We spent hours trying to save my sons books, because they were important to us. The memories of reading the books to him; my husband reading to my son before he was born.

We were tossing memories, she relents.

The photo books, my husband made a huge one for our anniversary, all of the furniture, the kids toys, everything, Esposito-Bernard continues.One of the only things I saved was a handwritten book from my brother, which I sealed into a plastic bag with a note that says dont open until 2019, she says chuckling. I want to make sure that all the eggs are dead.

Its clear that themom-of-two has kept her humor through it all. While she may have lost nearly all of her possessions, she didjokingly point outthat there are still some things that remain a humongous stock pile of melted trains, for example.

In some ways its cathartic, to hear someone in the middle of what many people would consider to be devastating, finding something to smile about.

It was hard, she confesses, My brain kept saying that this is all our stuff; this is everything that we have accumulated. Living in New York, there isnt room for extra [things], so everything that we have, is very important to us. But, it has also been a cleansing time, she says, reflecting on what she has learned through the process.

I have oscillated between losing it and reminding myself its just stuff, Esposito-Bernardshared on Facebook. My family is healthy and intact. It is a season. It. Is. A. Season. It wasnt the books or those specific toys we played with that made [them] feel loved. It wasnt the exact crib we laid the boys in that made them feel safe. It was us. It was our time, our attention and our love that made our home. We will start over. We will build a new home.

And as she quipsto Babble, at least we wont have to hire movers when we move into it!

But jokes aside, the experience has been life-changing for the Esposito-Bernard family, in more ways than one.

I wrote, what I wrote, she says of her Facebook post, because I was trying to make the point that sometimes you have a lot, sometimes you have a little, but none of that is wrapped up in material goods.Right now, we have nothing, but our family is safe and healthy, and everyone that we have ever touched has come around, all at the same time, to stand together with us. And its reminding me that we have a lot. It has been breathtaking and incredible, and is a good example of what I want to teach my boys, that life is really about.

I know a little something about what thats like myself. After my husband left me and our kids five years ago, I lost nearly everything too, and was even thrust into poverty for a period of time.But inthe process, I learned more about myself and of life than I ever could have imagined.

Right now, the Esposito-Bernard family has almost nothing left from the life they used to lead; nothing, that is, except for everything that is truly important.

My son misses his books, Esposito-Bernard says, but what he is learning, is that he still has us.

If you wish to help the Esposito Bernard family build their new future, you can support them through a GoFundMe accountthat was started by their friends.

Little Girl's Airport Tantrum Turns into an Epic 'Moana' Sing-Along

Article Posted 1 day Ago

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Family of 4 Loses Everything to Bed Bugs, But Learns What Life Is Really All About - Babble (blog)

Most consumers can’t identify bed bugs, survey finds – ConsumerAffairs

June 14th, 2017 by admin

Whether youre traveling for work or just taking a vacation, one of the last things you want to see when you drop your bags in your hotel room is an infestation of bed bugs. But are those tiny insects really bed bugs at all?

In a recent survey, researchers from the University of Kentucky found that up to 60% of respondents would switch hotels if they found bed bugs in their room. But, ironically, the same survey found that only 35% of business travelers and 28% of leisure travelers could identify a bed bug in the first place.

"Considering all the media attention paid to bed bugs in recent years, the fact that most travelers still have a poor understanding of them is troubling," said co-author Dr. Michael Potter.

Potter and lead author Dr. Jerrod M. Penn of the UKs Department of Agricultural Economics say that this lack of understanding can be especially harmful to the hotel and hospitality industry.

In an age where online reviews can save or sink a business, they found that most travelers will go out of their way to avoid a hotel with a reputation for bed bugs.

"From a hotel industry perspective, it's worrisome that a single online report of bed bugs would cause the majority of travelers to book different accommodations, irrespective of whether the report is accurate, said Penn. Furthermore, the incident could have involved only one or a few rooms, which the hotel previously eradicated.

The survey does offer some hope to hotels, though. Approximately half of the respondents said that they would stay at a hotel if it proactively provided information on the steps it takes to prevent bed buginfestations. Making this information readily available and responding to online reviews to improve hotel conditions could go a long way towards gaining consumer trust.

"Hotels and others in the hospitality sector should develop a reputation management plan to prudently respond to online reports of bed bugs in their facility, said senior author Dr. Wuyang Hu.

Hotels should also train their housekeeping and engineering staffs to recognize and report bed bugs in the earliest possible stages, when infestations are more manageable. Similarly important is training front desk and customer service employees to respond promptly and empathetically when incidents arise within the hotel.

The teams full study has been published in the journal American Entomologist.

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Most consumers can't identify bed bugs, survey finds - ConsumerAffairs

Is Hong Kong on the verge of a major bed bug epidemic? We talk to the experts and get some tips – South China Morning Post

June 14th, 2017 by admin

Waking up several times during the night with itchy skin, Mr and Mrs E (whose names have been withheld) have not had a good nights sleep in almost a year. They have tried everything from tossing out their belongings including bedding replacing the wooden bed with a metal-framed one, and flea bombing their subdivided apartment numerous times. But they still cant get rid of their unwanted intruders, bed bugs.

Watch Hong Kong is Disneyland for bed bugs video

Theyre getting desperate, because Mrs E is pregnant and due to give birth any day. On a visit to their cramped apartment in Cheung Sha Wan with Francisco Pazos, head technician of pest control company, Pazos lifts the blanket and immediately sees the small dark insects crawling on the bed. Many more appear as he moves the mattress.

Judging by the amount of droppings, Pazos estimates there are more than a million bed bugs in the apartment, and classifies the case as an extreme infestation. The neighbouring apartments are likely to be crawling in them, he says.

Bed bugs (Cimex hemipterus) feed on blood, are arguably the most irritating household pests, and are indiscriminate lodgers. They can be found in all types of homes, clean or dirty, big or small.

Pazos next takes us to a luxurious, 3,700 sq ft Mid-Levels flat. One of two domestic helpers suspects the critters hitchhiked to Hong Kong with her employer when he returned from a trip to the mainland. The parasites have since spread to all of the bedrooms.

Bed bug infestations are on the rise - and the pests are hard to kill

Hong Kong is on the verge of a major bed bug epidemic, Pazos warns. There are only two types of households in Hong Kong: those who have bed bugs and those who will have bed bugs.

The Spanish expert, who has dealt with the pests for more than 10 years, says the city is a Disneyland for bed bugs because the high population density and small, cluttered homes are perfect breeding conditions. Seams of mattresses, crevices in furniture and cracks between floorboards are all ideal hiding places for bed bugs.

Pazo says his team receives more than 500 phone enquiries a month. They visit some districts more frequently, such as Tung Chung and Ho Man Tin, but Pazos says this is not a reflection of how severe the problem is in these areas. Rather, middle-class families in these neighbourhoods are more likely to have the financial means to pay for treatment. The cost ranges from HK$1,500 to HK$18,000, depending on the type of treatment, size of the home and the level of infestation.

The resurgence of bed bugs is a worldwide problem. They were almost wiped out in the 1960s through use of the pesticide DDT. The pesticide was later found to have wide-ranging harmful effects, and was banned worldwide in 2001 under the Stockholm Convention. Since then, the critters have made a comeback.

We experienced a sudden reappearance around 2000, followed by rapid population growth, mirrored across most of Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, says Dr Richard Naylor, an entomologist from University of Sheffield, in northern England, who studies the bloodsuckers behaviour.

One theory about the spread of bed bugs in Hong Kong is that they are imported from the mainland, where migrant workers dormitories and trains have spread the pest rapidly across the country. Shenzhen has a large immigrant population and many factory dorms, where bed bug infestations are often reported. Considering its vicinity to Hong Kong, the risk of bed bugs spreading from Shenzhen to Hong Kong is high, says Dr Changlu Wang, an entomologist from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

New York, with a population density comparable to Hong Kongs, suffered a mass infestation in 2010, when bedbugs were reported in hotels, shops and cinemas. City authorities had received more than 8,000 complaints in 2008 alone.

Sleeping in McDonalds better than in a bug-infested bed at home, says Hong Kong McSleeper

Statistics on the number of homes affected are difficult to obtain because many sufferers are too embarrassed to report the problem. There is a stigma surrounding bed bugs. People believe that they are associated with dirty places, which isnt true. But because of this, people tend not to talk about the problem, Naylor says.

Some people may be aware of the problem because not everyone reacts to their bite.

Cheung (who didnt want her full name revealed) took her eight-year-old son to two doctors when he developed rashes on his skin. One doctor laughed off the suggestion the rash could have been caused by insect bites.

Our youngest son was being eaten alive and was misdiagnosed by two different doctors, who put him on antihistamines for several weeks, Cheung says. The drugs made him drowsy but his rashes just got worse. The cause was only discovered after another of Cheungs sons got rashes from bites, and they did some online research.

The easiest way to tell if you have a bed bug problem is by looking for droppings pin head sized black dots normally found on bedsheets, Pazos says. Another way is to blow hot air from a hairdryer into the corners of a wooden bed, which will flush them out. They are typically brown and flat, and up to 4.5mm long.

Bed bugs possess many qualities that make them hard to get rid of. Containing an infestation is notoriously difficult due to how quickly they grow and reproduce. An adult female bed bug can lay about 25 eggs a week. The life cycle from egg to adult takes about six weeks, which means if a single female bug finds its way into your bed, it can keep on laying fertile eggs, and by the time its ready to mate again, its own offspring will be reaching maturity, Naylor says.

This ability to inbreed means they can mutate, and produce stronger detoxifying enzymes that can break down insecticides. They can grow a thicker protective exterior that prevents insecticides from harming them.

Modern populations of bed bugs now have widespread resistance to every major class of insecticide, Naylor says. So its not surprising that people are struggling to control the insects using conventional insecticides.

Most of Pazos clients have already tried terminating bedbugs with flea bombs or by employing pest control companies, to no avail. [Flea bombing] is the worst thing you can do, Pazos says. They feel uncomfortable and will stop feeding for a night or two, but they will come back when they are hungry. It only makes them more difficult to kill because they hide deeper inside the walls.

Pazos has found another way of combating bed bugs that he says has been particularly effective. He uses an amorphous silicon gel powder, which he dusts on every surfaces of an infected apartment, and kills the insects by dehydrating them. It is completely harmless, he says. To prove his point, a colleague dips his finger in the powder and slips it in his mouth. (Not all types of silicon gel are non-toxic, Pazos stresses.)

Another, more expensive, method, is to raise the temperature of an apartment up to 60 degrees, which Pazos can do using special equipment. It is almost like a sauna, he says. Bedbugs die when the temperature reaches about 48 degrees, but Pazos maintains the heat for three hours so it penetrates walls, furniture and mattresses.

Pasoz shows how the heat treatment works, on a visit the cluttered flat of an elderly couple in Shau Kei Wan. It was one of the worst cases he had seen. When he first visited, the bed bugs, which are normally inactive in daylight, were crawling on the floor. The elderly man, who suffered the most, had thrown out the mattress and was sleeping on plastic sheets to prevent bites.

I wanted to cry seeing how my old man suffered, his wife says.

Its been five weeks since Pazos and his team first visited the flat. They have since done one heat treatment and applied the silicon dust three times. Like a detective on the hunt for evidence, Pazos lifts up the wooden bed panel and, bingo, he finds fresh bedbug droppings.

Despite rounds of chemical warfare and turning up the heat, Pazos job is not yet done.

Tips to deal with bed bugs

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Is Hong Kong on the verge of a major bed bug epidemic? We talk to the experts and get some tips - South China Morning Post

Disgruntled man releases bedbugs in Maine city office – KBTV Fox 4 Beaumont

June 8th, 2017 by admin

The city manager in Augusta, Maine, says the municipal office building had to be sprayed for bedbugs after a man threw a cup of the pests onto an office counter and about 100 of them scattered off. (Courtesy William Bridgeo)

The city manager in Augusta, Maine, says the municipal office building had to be sprayed for bedbugs after a man threw a cup of the pests onto an office counter and about 100 of them scattered off.

City Manager William Bridgeo tells the Kennebec Journal the man apparently complained Friday to the code enforcement office about bedbugs at his former apartment then left, but returned after he showed the cup of bugs to a manager at his new apartment and was told he couldn't live there.

Bridgeo says the man let the bugs loose in the General Assistance Office where he asked for a form to request assistance and apparently was told he didn't qualify.

Police didn't immediately release the man's name or say if any charges would be filed.

Read the original here:
Disgruntled man releases bedbugs in Maine city office - KBTV Fox 4 Beaumont

Angry man denied assistance releases 100 bed bugs in city office – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

June 7th, 2017 by admin

New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
Angry man denied assistance releases 100 bed bugs in city office
New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV
AUGUSTA, Maine A Maine man, apparently angry he didn't qualify for assistance, slammed a cup of live bedbugs on the counter of a local municipal office, releasing about 100 tiny pests, the Kennebec Journal reports. The man went to the code ...
Angry man releases about 100 bed bugs at Maine city officeNews On 6
Angry man unleashes bedbug attack on city hallKFVS
Disgruntled Man Releases Bedbugs in Maine City Office
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
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Angry man denied assistance releases 100 bed bugs in city office - New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV

Disgruntled Maine man unleashes 100 bedbugs in Augusta city hall – New York Daily News

June 6th, 2017 by admin

New York Daily News
Disgruntled Maine man unleashes 100 bedbugs in Augusta city hall
New York Daily News
A Maine man's stunt shuttered the Augusta city hall after he slammed a container of bedbugs onto a counter, spilling dozens of them into the office, according to a report. He whippped out a cup and slammed it onto the counter, and bam, off they flew ...
Angry tenant allegedly dumped bedbugs inside city officeNew York Post

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Disgruntled Maine man unleashes 100 bedbugs in Augusta city hall - New York Daily News

Bed Bug Pest Prep NYC, The Industry Standard Bed Bug …

June 5th, 2017 by admin

The Industry Standard

Bed BugPreparationService

Before exterminators can effectively treat properties, pest control companies require that you prepare your residence according to their specifications. All pest management professionals agree that the proper preparation maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment, regardless of the method being used. The prepping process is a demanding, time consuming and stressful ordeal. Thats where we come in. Well prepare and sanitize your home for bedbug extermination exactly to the letter that each pest control company requires. Our prepping service will reduce the number of bedbugs in a matter of one day.


**PEST PREP 2.0 "Pioneering the Prep Industry one prep at a time"

All of our Prep Teams are now equipped with 3 variations of heat. Steam, Dry vapor, and nowThermal portable chambers to sanitize all of your belongings beforethey arevacuum sealed in plastic, all done without ever having to leave your home or office.


Get a true, objective opinion on your Bed Bug diagnosis. We are fullyequipped with cutting edge fiber opticcamera technology to verify if bed bugs are in your furniture, walls, or any other area notvisible without breaking through the surface.

Just click fiber optic camera link above

Each situation is singular in nature,That's why we do same day in home


24 hr Bed Bug LIVE Helpline



For our customers Privacy, Pest Prep NYC vehicles are unmarked, our uniforms do not bear our name, and our equipment is carried in concealed plastic bags. Your neighbors will only know why we're in your home if you choose to tell them.

In order for a pest control company to effectively treat your home or apartment for bed bug infestations', it must be prepared accordingly. Unfortunately, the bed bugpreparation process can be a stressful and time-consuming process; but thats wherePest Prep NYCthrives. By using our bed bug treatment preparation services, you will allow the exterminator to treat areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The following is our thorough process:


Stripping Beds



Vacuuming Bed Bugs

Steaming Bed Bugs & Eggs

Bed Bug Laundry Service

Perimeter Preparation

Electrical Outlet Preparation

24 Hour BedBugHelpline


Bed bug infestations are increasingly common in New York City. There are steps that can be taken to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. When bed bugs are present, they can be safely controlled. This guide will help you: 1. Learn more about bed bugs and how they thrive. 2. Prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. 3. Safely rid your home of bed bugs if they do occur. 4. Select and work with a pest control professional. Recognizing a Bed Bug From its appearance Bed bugs are small insects that feed mainly on human blood. A newly hatched bed bug is semi-transparent, light tan in color, and the size of a poppy seed. Adult bed bugs are flat, have rusty-red-colored oval bodies, and are about the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs can be easily confused with other small household insects, including carpet beetles, spider beetles and newly hatched cockroaches (nymphs). From its markings, droppings and eggs Blood stains, droppings and eggs can be found in several locations including: Mattress seams and tufts, sheets, pillow cases and upholstered furniture. Crevices and cracks in furniture. Baseboards of walls

Visit link:
Bed Bug Pest Prep NYC, The Industry Standard Bed Bug ...

Manchester battles bedbugs at Wilson School – The Union Leader

June 5th, 2017 by admin

A bedbug was reported at the school on May 23 and another was found two days later in another part of the school, said city Health Director Tim Soucy. Officials ordered thorough cleanings and a limited pesticide application in an attempt to eliminate the bugs, he said.

He believes the bugs were brought to school from the outside.

There are certainly still issues with bedbugs in the community, Soucy said. This is not unique to Manchester by any stretch of the imagination.

On Friday, Principal Polly Golden announced that the plastic bags would be distributed to the 450 Wilson students on Tuesday morning. She stressed that the Health Department made no recommendations to close the elementary school.

Soucy said a bug was reported in a second floor area of the school on May 23. The following evening, the citys cleaning service Aramark cleaned the area with hepa-filtered vacuum cleaners.

A contractor applied pesticide and set traps in the area.

But an adult bug was found on the first floor on Thursday, which prompted plans for a top to bottom hepa vacuuming of the school and pesticide applications at both locations. That took place on Friday after the close of school, said Philip Alexakos, Manchester chief of environmental health.

In her letter, Golden said the school is following a best-practices plan that has been in place since 2011 and is modeled after New York City guidelines.

She said the situation is being monitored, and the plan will be adjusted as needed.

Soucy referred to bedbugs as hitchhikers, likely to be transported in something like a backpack or pants cuff, but not on a persons skin.

They only feed at night, and they dont like light, he said. They prefer carpeting, upholstery and clothing to hard surfaces such as concrete floors or wooden cabinets, he said

These bugs like to hide. They really dont want to be in a school. They hitch a ride, Soucy said.

Bedbugs hiding in clothing or other material can be killed if exposed to heat, Alexakos said. They would die instantly if exposed to temperatures of 120 degrees or higher. Twenty to 30 minutes in a medium or high-temperature dryer will also kill them.

Soucy said his department does not compile the number of bedbug reports associated with city schools, but the city Facilities Division receives reports of all maintenance-related problems, including insect infestations, in city buildings.

The rest is here:
Manchester battles bedbugs at Wilson School - The Union Leader

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