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New survey finds Peterborough is best in Canada for fewest bed bug cases – Peterborough Examiner

August 2nd, 2017 by admin

If Peterborough: Where Roads and Rivers Meet wasn't good enough for a city slogan/tagline, how about Peterborough: Where Beds and Bugs Don't Meet?

Peterborough ranked tops in Canada as the city with the fewest bed bug problems in a nationwide ranking of 25 Canadian cities released Tuesday.

The ranking of 25 Canadian cities was released by pest-control provider Orkin Canada, based on the number of residential and commercial bed bug treatments the company performed between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

Even without including Scarborough, North York and Etobicoke, Toronto had the most bed bug cases, followed by Winnipeg in second, Vancouver in third and Ottawa fourth. Oshawa was 17th.

Bed bugs thrive in cool, dark places and, while rare, can be found on planes, trains and automobiles.

The critters could be present if you see any of these signs: dead bugs, spots of blood stains, or eggs in the crevice of folds of a mattress or sheets, any sort of soft furnishings and even framed photos. A clean room does not prevent bed bugs as two bugs can lay up to 10 eggs in a single day.

Those who are travelling are advised to keep their luggage elevated and away from linens and fabrics. If you suspect your luggage may have been carrying bed bugs following a trip, put all the clothing in the dryer at the highest appropriate temperature as heat is the only way to kill the bugs.

Orkin offers the following tips to avoid bed bugs while travelling:

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New survey finds Peterborough is best in Canada for fewest bed bug cases - Peterborough Examiner

Homeless people living in FiDi hotels can’t afford food – New York Post

August 1st, 2017 by admin

The city is shelling out a fortune to house hundreds of homeless people in pricey Financial District hotels but they hate living in the red-hot Manhattan neighborhood.

The free housing bestowed on scores of down-on-their-luck families is negated by the sky-high cost of food and other services in the trendy area, homeless hotel residents griped to The Post.

A homeless man whos living with his wife in the DoubleTree by Hilton at 8 Stone St. said it was disturbing the city would put us in a neighborhood like this, one of the richest neighborhoods in New York.

We are trying to be in the shelter to save up money, not spend. The sandwiches are $17, I cant afford that, said the man, 67, who did not want to be identified. We live out of Burger King and eat the cheapest thing.

Homeless mom Leeyen Riggon, who is eight-months pregnant, said she and her two daughters, ages 2 and 6, have spent the past three months crammed into a room at the Holiday Inn Express at 126 Water St. She also showed The Post a photo of a bedbug on the linen Friday.

My room is one bed, no microwave, no refrigerator, and I am sleeping on the bed with my two kids, said Riggon, 25. Its just terrible being here. I dont get treated like a human; I am treated like Im in jail.

The city wouldnt say exactly how much its spending to house homeless people near the New York Stock Exchange, but the three hotels being used typically charge as much as $429 a night.

Regular paying guests werent happy to learn that their hotels are doubling as homeless shelters.

I wish I would have known ahead of time ... It kind of grosses me out, said Stacy P., a business traveler from Milwaukee, as she checked out of the DoubleTree.

A married couple living near the Holiday Inn on Nassau Street blasted the arrangement as a Band-Aid on the problem of homelessness, and fretted it would drive down their quality of life.

Its not a good solution, said the wife, 30, who didnt want to be identified. One homeless person can say, Hey, this hotel is down here, now more homeless people can come down to the area.

The de Blasio administration said its renting 180 rooms to house 336 people because there are no homeless shelters in the area, where 450-plus people in the shelter system formerly lived.

Homeless people now fill more than one third of both Holiday Inn hotels, which the city began using last August, and 25 percent of the DoubleTree, which was added in February.

In April, The Post revealed that the city has used 30 Manhattan hotels to house homeless people, and Comptroller Scott Stringer has said taxpayers spent $73 million on hotel rooms during the 12 months ending Oct. 31, 2016 including $629 a night for some rooms in Times Square.

Asked what the Financial District lodging is costing taxpayers, officials provided only an average of $222 per hotel room, including social services.

Even that rate which works out to $6,660 a month dwarfs the cost of nearby studio apartments currently on the market for $2,195 to $3,795 a month.

Officials are planning to replace the hotels with a new homeless shelter, according to the city Human Resources Administration.

HRA rep Arianna Fishman said. We anticipate identifying new shelter space within this community for at least 450 individuals.

Neither the owners of the hotels nor their corporate parents returned requests for comment.

Additional reporting by Rich Calder and Ross Toback

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Homeless people living in FiDi hotels can't afford food - New York Post

Morning News: Hudepohl smokestack can’t be saved, Port says; Fairfield councilmember votes to bar pot, puts in pot … – Cincinnati CityBeat (blog)

July 31st, 2017 by admin

The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow owes more than $60 million to the state after revelations it hasn't been educating as many students as it claims an amount the school says could make it go out of business. But rewind. How did we get here?

Hello all. Did you enjoy the improbably perfect weather this weekend? Id like to be out enjoying it right now, but its Monday and we have news to talk about. So lets do that.

Last year, Cincinnati City Council made the Queen City the first in the nation to ban controversial, religiously based conversion therapy for LGBT individuals following the suicide of Mason transgender teen Leelah Alcorn. But the law has never been put into practice, according to this story, possibly due to how difficult it is to lodge a complaint about those therapies. The city has a different read on the situation, however, saying that The Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who wrote the above story requested forms for reporting sexual discrimination, not conversion therapy, as outlined in this memo from city solicitor Paula Boggs Muething.

A historic landmark that greets drivers heading through Cincinnati on I-75 cant be saved, the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority said in a letter to Cincinnati City Council last week. The iconic Hudepohl smokestack in Queensgate would cost almost $1 million to salvage a price Port Authority CEO Laura Brunner says isnt economically feasible. The Port owns the site and hopes to redevelop it. Initially, it estimated saving the smokestack would cost about $100,000. But it would cost nearly that much just to demolish a 45-foot section of the structure that cant be made safe, plus another $240,000 to partially rebuild the stack and $614,000 to do tuck-pointing and other restorative measures on the landmark. Council asked for a report on the feasibility of saving the stack in March, when it approved money for the Port to clear the site for redevelopment.

No way around it. This sucks. New owners of Cincinnati Magazine, Hour Media, last week jettisoned much of the publications upper editorial brass, axing editor-in-chief Jay Stowe, senior editor R.J. Smith, dining editor Joanne Drilling, photo editor LuAnne DeMeo and creative services head Sue Goldberg. Before coming back to Cincinnati in 2004, Stowe worked for Esquire, Spin, Outside Magazine and other high-profile publications. Smith joined the magazine in 2013 after serving as senior editor at Los Angeles magazine and writing for the Village Voice, the New York Times Magazine, GQ and others. Drilling spent a decade and a half as a much-lauded chef before joining the magazine in 2013. The layoffs come just before Cincinnati Magazines 50thanniversary issue, which will hit stands in October. Staff at the magazine has spent months putting the giant issue together.

Im a regular bus rider, and Ive never seen this on a bus or at a stop, but it still makes me itchy. An online video taken at Government Square purporting to show bedbugs streaming out of a crack in a bench there prompted Metro bus officials to immediately dispatch pest control to the downtown transit hub. Metro officials say the central bus stop is cleaned every day and that buses are preemptively treated to avoid infestations of pests like bedbugs.

"We appreciate our customers notifying us if they believe they have seen any pests on buses or at any of our facilities and it will be immediately treated as we work to diligently ensure our service is clean and pest-free," Metro said in a statement responding to the video.

Huh. A Fairfield City Council member who voted to bar medicinal marijuana in the city applied for a license to grow the crop himself in nearby Monroe. Chad Oberson, who owns Obersons Nursery and Landscapes, is one of 185 applicants vying for one of 12 level-1 state-issued cultivation licenses for medicinal pot. That license would allow him up to 25,000 square feet in which to grow the crop. Oberson and the five other Fairfield councilmembers unanimously voted to keep such grow sites from operating in the city.

Finally, Ohio taxpayers paid more than $1 billion between 2001 and 2016 to an online charter school that records show hasnt been serving nearly as many students as it claims. The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow owes more than $60 million to the state after those revelations an amount the school claims could make it go out of business. But rewind. How did we get here? Tied up in the ECOT saga is the improbable riches-to-rags-to-riches story of the schools founder, William Lager. After his office supply company went bust in the 1980s and creditors took him to court throughout the 1990s, Lager hatched his next business idea: a school without classrooms where thousands of students log in from home. He snagged a charter for his nascent company in 2001 and hit the ground running, collecting millions from the state even as ECOT hit problem after problem. You can read more about ECOTs beginnings in this Columbus Dispatch story.

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Morning News: Hudepohl smokestack can't be saved, Port says; Fairfield councilmember votes to bar pot, puts in pot ... - Cincinnati CityBeat (blog)

Now this columnist can ‘sleep tight’ – San Diego Jewish World

July 30th, 2017 by admin

Posted on 29 July 2017.

By David AndersonThe Moderate Voice

David Anderson

NEW YORK I live in a 20 story apartment building in Chelsea, Manhattan. I was a little concerned yesterday when the building manager whom I ran into in the elevator whispered: We need to chat in private.

Ive had problems with one particular neighbor so I assumed it was about him. After his spurious complaints about the occasional waft of tobacco smoke emanating from under my door he tried to sue me weeks after my moving in seven years ago. Sue a lawyer with time on his hands: good move, asshole.

It wasnt idiot neighbor, though. Apparently the folks one below me, a nice young couple I know as elevator friends, brought home some bedbugs. The building manager wanted to arrange an inspection by a professional bedbug search and destroy firm for apartments contiguous to, above and below the poor couple in 13G.

To contextualize this you really need to understand the horror and the sadness of people afflicted with these severe little buggers. Theyre typhoid and malaria and flesh eating herpes all rolled into one for New Yorkers and we dread them. The local news never shuts up about them, and if you throw out a mattress in this city the sanitation department wont touch it unless its sealed in a $40 mattress condom to prevent jumping bugs. Im from Australia where insects are the size of telephones and kill you with neurotoxins in minutes, but I was still knocked off-kilter by all this.

Exterminator Jim and his dog arrived promptly at 7pm they get to make their own hours it seems and curt hellos were exchanged. Jim was telling me you cant even kill them with cold or hot laundry washes or you just end up with cleaner bedbugs. Theyre mainly found in poorer neighborhoods. So they look ugly, suck the blood of the poor and are almost impossible to get rid of. Like Republicans, really, I quipped.

Id seen his companys adds on TV where they use a beagle to sniff out the bedbugs like at the airport with heroin in suitcases. My dog, a friendly Australian Shepherd named Aussie assumed Id invited the beagle over for him as a playmate. But no: this dog was all business.

You know when youre at the airport and customs is going through your bags, sorting, sifting, sniffing? And youre pretty sure theres nothing in there but your mind goes to what could be there and you think of how Paul McCartney once spent two weeks in a Japanese jail for an inadvertent spec of hash found in Linda McCartneys make-up case. Our psyches arent up to this kind of buffeting. It wasnt just the prospect of an almost unlimited amount of money and hassle to de-louse my house, what griped me was the gossip that would burn through the building like a London tower block that David is the Bed Bug Guy, and attendant community shame.

It was all very Midnight Express: Theres something! my inspector-inquisitor exclaimed when his dog got interested in a pile. I kept my cool: Is it Ebola? I asked like a smartass.

Ehhhh? Nah. Looks likelike a hidden dog treat.


Then I thought: What a fantastic job he has! He gets to go into peoples homes, people already a little psychologically off-balance by the thought of being THE INFECTED, poke through their stuff: their bed, their closets, their laundry baskets, crotchless lingerie, rubber mankinis, guns, drugs, and INSPECT them. And with his dog! How wonderful: its like being a modern day witch hunter: or walkies for the officiously curious. Im sure the beagles enjoy it: dogs love a job.

The upshot? The infected neighbors downstairs in 13H were of course walked through the lobby nude in irons and swiftly lynched (pursuant to our Rental Agreement, Sec. C, subpara 4.5). We all got em in the lobby, a nice local touch as the Management Company usually do capital punishment at their office in Midtown. Their apartment was scorched to a cinder with flamethrowers. My apartment came up clean and now we can all get some unbitten sleep. So sleep tight, and dont let the well you know the rest. *

David Anderson is an Australian-American who lives in New York with his dog Aussie, and absolutely no bedbugs.

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Now this columnist can 'sleep tight' - San Diego Jewish World

Bed Bug and Extermination Services in New York City …

July 30th, 2017 by admin

Pest Extermination Services

20 Years of Professional Licensed Bedbug Control and Pest Exterminating Services for Home Residents and Commercial Owners

Hill's Pest Management has over 19 years of experience in exterminating and controlling bedbugs and other pests in homes, motels, hotels, restaurants, offices, and more. Our licensed and certified bedbug and pest extermination professionals guarantee immediate results in controlling pests and are in full compliance with state health regulations.

Hill's Pest Management Offers:

Individual service plans are also available since every business is different in its layout and bedbug/ pest situation. Hill's Pest Management can create an unique program of product and methodology to most effectively prevent and control your problem with bedbugs and other pests.

Bedbug Control and Pest Extermination Services Available for: New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island.

The Bed Bug Detectives Hill's Pest Management recommends with Bed Bug Detectives, an independent NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Dog Inspection Company, to provide you the most comprehensive and thorough bed bug inspection and remedial services.

Bed Bug Detectives' dogs have a keen sense of smell that can pick up the scent of live bedbugs and viable bedbug eggs with up to 95% accuracy! This eliminates the need for invasive searches or tearing up your home or office. For more information, please call Bed Bug Detectives at (347) 252-6677, or visit:

Hill's Pest Management has no professional affiliation with Bed Bug Detectives, we only recommend them for their work.

Call Now - Problem Solved!


Read the rest here:
Bed Bug and Extermination Services in New York City ...

Bedbugs make an unwelcome comeback in Southern California – Press-Enterprise

July 29th, 2017 by admin

Gary Shelton tossed clothes, a wooden bed frame, a directors chair and cardboard boxes stuffed with papers from his community-activist campaigns.

Other clothes the 68-year-old Long Beach man washed, dried and bagged.

Then he waited. And waited. And waited.

An exterminator sprayed his ninth-floor Plymouth West apartment three times for bedbugs December, January and February.

If there is any evidence of bedbugs, they treat again, he said.

Finally, in March, Shelton was given the all-clear.

Its like living out of an overnight case for three months, he said of the lengthy process.

Comeback bug

Experts say the reddish-brown bedbug, which is about the size and shape of an apple seed, has made an extraordinary comeback after a roller coaster of a century.

In the early decades of the 1900s, the bug was widespread across the U.S. But the advent of DDT during World War II changed that, killing off huge numbers in the 1940s and 50s.

We thought it was gone forever, said Dini Miller, professor of entomology at Virginia Tech. When you think about it now, that was kind of stupid.

After lying low for decades, the dreaded insect that was mentioned in medieval European literature has been enjoying a renaissance of sorts since 2000.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, theyre in apartments, houses, shelters, college dormitories, cruise ships, buses and trains. They typically live within an 8-foot crawl of where people sleep.

If you thought your car was a refuge from the blood-sucking pests, guess again. Miller said bedbugs are fond of automobiles for good reason.

The food comes and sits down on a regular basis, she said. And everybody gets something to eat.

But you dont know when your blood is being slurped through the bedbugs version of a straw an elongated beak for a meal. The Centers for Disease Control say the bug injects an anesthetic and anticoagulant that renders its bite painless.

Itchy bite marks can appear in a few days. They are similar to marks from a mosquito or flea bite a slightly swollen and red area, the Centers for Disease Control said.

They do not transmit any diseases, said Dong-Hwan Choe, an urban entomologist and assistant professor of entomology at UC Riverside.

The bugs feed mostly at nighttime, which creeps people out, Choe said.

And dont think you can fool them if you work a graveyard shift and sleep during the day.

Sleeping with the lights on is also not likely to deter hungry bed bugs, University of Kentucky entomologist Michael Potter wrote in a 2015 article, Your Guide to Bed Bugs.

A feeding takes three to 10 minutes, according to Potter. Then the bug crawls back into its hiding place to digest the meal. Its flat body enables it to hide in tiny crevices in mattresses, box springs and bed frames.

Unlike other insects, bed bugs cant fly. But they can crawl more than 100 feet in a night.

The nations big bad bedbug blow-up can be traced to a number of factors, experts say: DDT is long gone; the EPA banned it in 1972.

Even so, the bugs were building up resistance to DDT, Miller said. And they are building up a defense against insecticides being used today.

Some have developed thick, protective skins. Others produce enzymes that break down toxic ingredients and render insecticides harmless.

We like to call those the hard drinking bugs, she said.

Still other bedbugs have mutated.

They meet, fall in love and make other genetically immune babies, Miller said.

Inland Empire bedbugs in decline

Bedbug outbreaks reported to the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health have actually gone down in recent years, according to spokeswoman Lana Cao.

In 2015, the department received 188 calls regarding bedbugs. In 2016, that had dropped to 163. And as of July 17, the department had heard only 71 complaints.

Cao suspects educational programs offered by the departments mosquito and vector control program are part of why reported outbreaks are declining in San Bernardino County.

The education is super helpful, she said. They let you know what they look like and what to look for.

Still, thats of little comfort to those covered in itchy bites delivered by surprise bedroom guests.

Once you get an infestation, its pretty bad because they spread like wildfire, Cao said. They dont really transmit any diseases. God forbid if it does.

Riverside Countys Department of Environmental Health does not track calls related to bedbugs, but provides educational information and directs callers to pest control companies instead. But calls for service in Riverside County have been going up for Green Dog Pest Service, according to owner Deanna Sparks Kjorlien.

Its gone up, for our inspection business, 50 percent over the past year, Kjorlien said. Were getting twice as many calls for Riverside County.

Her company, which was founded in Hemet, but moved to Solano Beach earlier this year, uses bug-sniffing dogs to detect bedbugs.

She attributes the rise to changes in bedbugs and changes in Inland Empire residents:

The bugs are building up a resistance (to insecticide), and theres a lot more travel, Kjorlien said. Any time you have travelers and anyone who has their luggage with other luggage, going from hotel to hotel, the nature of bed bugs is that theyre hitchhikers.

And even when Inland Empire residents are staying home, more are living closer to other people.

Were not all single-family residences in the Inland Empire any more, Kjorlien said. Theres lots of apartments and shared-wall houses.

And thats especially true at senior living communities, such as the Plymouth West community in Long Beach.

They go from apartment to apartment to see their friends. Or they go to the shared dining hall, Kjorlien said of residents. If one person gets infested, its spread. If you dont get all the apartments treated, everyone gets them.

L.A. region a hot spot

As for the region overall, Los Angeles is the nations sixth-worst metro area for bedbugs, according to Atlanta-based Orkin. In the pest control firms 2017 ranking, L.A. followed Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York and Columbus, Ohio.

For the Orkin survey, the L.A. area was defined as Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.

Miller noted Terminix puts out an annual ranking, too. In its most recent report, Detroit was No. 1 on the list. L.A. was No. 4.

You have to take all of this with a grain of salt, Miller said. But, its one of the few indicators that we have.

Theres no denying that Sheltons home is in one of the hardest-hit properties.

Davis said 84 of Plymouth Wests 196 units have been treated in the past 12 months.

Some units have been treated multiple times.

A friend was over and noticed a live bug in the middle of the bed spread, Shelton said.

He was stunned. I wasnt getting bites that I was aware of, he said. But he promptly called the apartment manager.

After seeing one, he started seeing a lot more bugs.

Once you see them, youll see them in your mind, Shelton said. Youll see them everywhere.

Staff writer Beau Yarbrough contributed to this story.

Size:1mm to 7mm, roughly the size of Lincolns head on a penny

Color:Reddish brown, similar in coloration to apple seed

Food:Human blood

Home:Within 8 feet of sleeping quarters. Known to live in apartments, houses, hotels, shelters, cruise ships, buses, trains and dormitories

Travel:Cant fly or jump, but can crawl fast up to 100 feet per day

Bite:Similar to mosquito, flea bites; does not carry disease

Evidence of presence: Bedbugs in folds of mattresses and sheets, rusty-colored blood spots; a sweet, musty odor

Treatment:insecticide, heat; significant preparation required of home occupants in advance; professional treatment recommended

No-nos:Do not spray bed sheets, blankets or clothes; do not apply bleach or alcohol. Applications of rubbing alcohol have sparked fires.

Sources:U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Your Guide to Bed Bugs, by Michael Potter; news reports

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Bedbugs make an unwelcome comeback in Southern California - Press-Enterprise

Horseshoe casino cincinnati has bed bugs – San juan hotel and casino spa – Sports Rediscovered

July 25th, 2017 by admin

Bengaluru FC and Mohun Bagan picked up their second win in two games as they beat Chennai City FC an...

The 2017 edition of the Hero I-League gets underway today and we have two exciting matches lined up ...

The Indian women's Hockey team have made it to the Olympics after 36 long years and one can sense th...

Following an impressive game of football for those in blue, all it took was one moment of unluckiness for both ...

CK Vineeth was on song in the first encounter of the season as Bengaluru FC went ahead and cemented their ...

Bengaluru FC and Mohun Bagan picked up their second win in two games as they beat Chennai City FC and Shillong ...

NEW DELHI: The much anticipated battle between the two newcomers, Chennai City FC and Minerva Punjab FC failed ...

A great display of attacking play and a brace from Udanta Singh ensured that title favourites Bengaluru FC ...

Bengaluru, January 7: A great display of attacking play from title favourites Bengaluru FC handed them their ...

The 2017 edition of the Hero I-League gets underway today and we have two exciting matches lined up for today. ...

When Cameron Watson made his way into the I-League from the A-League in Australia, little did he know that he ...

When Cameron Watson made his way into the I League from the A League in Australia, little did he know that he ...

Sports Rediscovered is a one stop destination for sports lovers inIndiafor latest sportsnews,analysis,views,interviewsand reports. With special focus on covering Indian sports players performing across the globe we aim to be the platform for a billion people, united by the love of their country and its sports stars.

Sports Rediscovered covers Indian sportsmen and sports women across all sports includingArchery,Athletics,Badminton,Basketball,Boxing,Chess,Cue Sports,Football,Golf,Gymnastics,Hockey,Judo,Kabbadi,Motorsports,Rowing,Shooting,Squash,Swimming,Table Tennis,Tennis,Weightlifting,WrestlingandWushu.

Sports Rediscovered aims to cover sports passionately and yet objectively with the focus on covering sporting feats and achievements especially of Indian sports stars.

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Horseshoe casino cincinnati has bed bugs - San juan hotel and casino spa - Sports Rediscovered

A squirrel with a taste for human blood is running wild in Prospect Park – Time Out New York (blog)

July 24th, 2017 by admin

New Yorkers have a lot of things to worry about: rent hikes, treacherous subway commutes and the constant paranoia of a bed bug infestation, to name a few. After a series of strange attackslast week,locals have another thing to fear: squirrels.

The adorable rodents roam freely through the city's parks and green spaces, living in a respectful symbiosis with human passersby. But last week, one rogue squirrel in Prospect Park broke the long-held truce between its kind and the people of New York when it went on a rampage, wounding five unsuspecting park goers in the process.

Between July 18 and July 20, five people were attacked and bitten by a "potentially rabid squirrel" close tothe Parkside and Ocean Avenue entrance to the park, according to a statement from the Health Department. The incidents ledofficials to hang up a set of flyers near the affected access point, urging anyone that may have been bitten by a squirrel in the area to immediately seek treatment for rabies.

While reports of squirrel bites are nothing new for the Health Department (there are roughly70 reported bites from our bushy-tailed brethren in the city each year), the aggressive nature of the Prospect Park squirrel is unusual. The department notes that New York State has not found a rabid squirrel since it began surveilling for rabies in 1992, but, given how nuts (get it?) the rodent in question is behaving, it's acting under the assumption that the creature is rabid.

The attack of the squirrel ought to be a reminder for everyone in the city to keep their distance from wild animals. Health commissioner Dr. Mary Basset said in a statement that most squirrel bites occur when someone tries to feed an animal. So, like, don't do that.

The merciless squirrel is still at large, but if it is in fact infected with rabies, it's probably already dead, the Health Department says. If it isn't infected with rabies, then that means that a squirrel is out there, roaming Brooklyn's most beautiful area with a thirst for human blood.

Clayton is a digital editor forTime Out New York. He has an overwhelming love for south-facing windows and bicycles. Follow him on Twitter @ClaytonGuse.

A squirrel with a taste for human blood is running wild in Prospect Park - Time Out New York (blog)

Nashville criminal judge to retire – Nashville Post (subscription)

July 21st, 2017 by admin

Legal Jul 21, 2017 Share

Also: Lawsuit alleges bed bugs at Renaissance

authors Stephen Elliott

Davidson County Criminal Court Judge Randall Wyatt Jr. (pictured) will retire in September after more than four decades on the bench, The Tennessean reports.

Wyatt was a general sessions judge, assistant district attorney, FBI agent and police officer before being first elected to his current position in 1982.

Gov. Bill Haslam will appoint a successor to serve the remainder of Wyatts term, which was set to expire in 2022, according to the newspaper. Wyatt is a Father Ryan High School graduate and U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

"I will greatly miss being in our court and being with the people there, the judge said in a release. I do believe the time is right for me to spend more time with my wife, children and grandchildren."

Lawsuit alleges bed bugs at Renaissance

A lawsuit removed to Nashville federal court this week alleges that the Renaissance Nashville Hotel failed to properly treat the downtown hotel for bed bugs, resulting in medical problems for a New York guest.

The plaintiff, represented by the local office of Morgan & Morgan, claims a multi-night stay at the hotel last summer resulted in a number of bed bug bites requiring medical attention. Hotel management moved the guest to a different room after she informed them of the issue, but the plaintiff claims the hotel should have properly treated the facility beforehand.

The plaintiff seeks damages for pain and suffering and punitive damages.

A Renaissance spokesperson declined to comment.

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Nashville criminal judge to retire - Nashville Post (subscription)

LH reporter wins first-place for story – Gloversville Leader-Herald

July 20th, 2017 by admin

Jason Subik displays the 2016 Distinguished Beat Reporting Award of Excellence from the New York News Publishers Association Wednesday at the State Room banquet hall in Albany. (Photo by Spencer Tulis for the Leader-Herald)

ALBANY The New York News Publishers Association on Wednesday awarded Leader-Herald reporter Jason Subik first place in the Distinguished Beat Reporting category, as part of its 2016 Awards for Excellence competition.

The annual contest recognizes journalistic excellence among the associations member newspapers.

Newspapers competed against one another in five circulation classes: under 10,000; 10,000-24,999; 25,000-49,999; 50,000-75,000 and over 75,000.

Subik won his award for his three-part Bedbugs: A community problem series. He won for newspapers in the under 10,000 circulation class.

The series ran Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 and examined the proliferation of bedbugs in Gloversville.

According to a NYNPA release, winning entries in the category Distinguished Beat Reporting must demonstrate sustained and knowledgeable coverage of a particular subject or activity of local interest.

Subik received his award at the at the Continuing Excellence Banquet and Reception Wednesday night at The State Room in Albany.

We had known about the bed bug problem for awhile, Subik said. People kept sending us information about the really horrific situation some of them were trapped in as residents of the Gloversville Housing Authority, being forced to go through multiple treatments of their apartments, having to repeatedly launder all of their belongings, throw out furniture and also the pain and irritation of being bit by the bugs themselves. [The editor] decided the paper needed to devote some resources to telling the story of these people and to explaining the big picture of why bedbugs have returned and spread through rental units in Gloversville, so they gave me the time to do the best job we could possibly do and ultimately this award was the result.

Contest judges selected winners from 436 entries submitted by 23 New York state daily newspapers. Judges were: Heather Henline, publisher of The Telegraph in Nashua, N.H.; Deb Hoffman, former awards coordinator for The Wall Street Journal; Carolyn Levin, journalism program director at Long Island University; Stuart Shinske, former executive editor for the Poughkeepsie Journal; and Jim Ware, public safety editor for StarNews Media in Wilmington, N.C.

Award winners were named in these 23 categories: distinguished breaking news coverage, distinguished live sports coverage, distinguished investigative reporting, distinguished business reporting, distinguished beat reporting, distinguished editorial writing, distinguished feature writing, distinguished sports writing, distinguished column writing, distinguished sports column writing, distinguished headline writing, distinguished community service, distinguished state government coverage, distinguished page design/presentation, distinguished news photography, distinguished feature photography, distinguished sports photography, distinguished online photo gallery, distinguished online blog, distinguished multi-media presentation, distinguished news supplement, distinguished sports supplement, distinguished feature supplement.

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