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Heres where St. Louis ranks in top bed-bug infested cities – KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS -The bad news for people who live in St. Louis, the city still remains in the Top 50 of the most bed-bug infested cities in the country.

So which cities have it the worst when it comes to these bloodsuckers? Pest control company Orkin released its list of top 50-cities for bed bugs and it seems Washington, DC is also the capital of bedbugs. Baltimore ranked second on the list followed by Chicago and Los Angeles.

St. Louis ranked 28th which is well below other large metro cities like Cleveland ranking in the Top 11 on the list.

Orkin says bed bugs travel easily from place to place in items like luggage and purses with hotels spending an average of $63,000 dollars per bedbug incident.

Orkinsays it bases its list on the number of residential and commercial treatments in metro areas.

The Top 15 cities, according to Orkin, are:

1. Washington, D.C.

2. Baltimore

3. Chicago

4. Los Angeles

5. Columbus

6. New York

7. Detroit

8. Cincinnati

9. Indianapolis

10. Atlanta

11. Cleveland

12. Philadelphia

13. San Francisco

14. Raleigh, NC

15. Norfolk

See the article here:
Heres where St. Louis ranks in top bed-bug infested cities - KTVI Fox 2 St. Louis

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