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4 Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs | News Break

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And prevent their return

Maybe I was an entomologist or insect in a past life. Ants, spiders, and bees, and more, fascinate me. I release spiders to their outdoor space or leave them alone when theyre inside my house. Though I love most of them, there are a few exceptions. Im not a fan of roaches in my home. They're common in the New Mexico desert, where we used to live. I'd sweep them out to live the rest of their days in my yard instead of the kitchen.

And then there were bedbugs.

Theyve altered my relationship with insects forever. Im itching just thinking about them. For those who are allergic (Im one of them), they leave rows or clusters of itchy bites overnight.

If you suspect you have bedbugs anywhere in your home, youll have to be relentless in eliminating them.

Heres how you can (hopefully) get rid of bedbugs:

Bedbugs are round, brownish-red, and somewhat flat before they feed. Theyre about the size of a flea. Like me, you might not see them often or at all. The first one I found was as filled with my blood. It didnt even look like a bug at first. They look like the tip of a candlewick when full.

Midway through my professional treatment, I didnt expect bites after he sprayed. They bit me eleven times in one night. Seriously, these bugs are no joke. It mightve taken only one of them to dine on my forearm, neck, and thighs.

Theyre more likely if you live in a rental. Ive always rented apartments as an adult. Even with flea-carrying cats, Ive never been subject to this many bites from an insect. They got my attention.

If you live in an apartment, check with your neighbors. My next-door neighbor had more bedbugs than I do, and we share a common wall. Theyre likely hiding there, then sneak in to suck my blood in my sleep. Ive never been so motivated to rid my room of bugs.

I had bedbugs in my room for months. I noticed several tiny bites on my knee and wrist once or twice in late June. I recalled a similar pattern on my youngest daughter last year, so I had a feeling they were here. We went to visit my parents for a month, and they returned with a vengeance. I suddenly had up to a dozen bites every night.

We probably had an infestation when we lived in Oregon, but never pursued treatment because we were about to move. A variety of insects thrive in New Mexico, and we get plenty coming inside. Bedbugs take it to a new level. They can survive without a host for up to 18 months, even in a sealed trash bag.

There are several steps. First, wash and dry all clothing, pillows, and bedding on hot. Put everything else in sealed plastic bags. Include books and picture frames. Discard whatever might be a good hiding place, as finances allow.

Vacuum throughly, then empty out the canister or dispose of the bag in the outside trash bin. Continue to vacuum before, during, and after treatment.

Heres the deal with bagging your things. You have to look through every item since they dont all die in there. I suggest going outside, far from your door. Inspect for holes, rips, or tears. Flip through books and notebooks. Shake out baskets. I found a few in a wicker basket Id kept by my bed. No wonder they were after me so often. I threw it in the garbage.

Having a bedbug invasion isnt about overall cleanliness. Anyone can bring them in. But knowing youve cleared what you can of any chance meeting is the best way to keep them at bay. Contrary to what some people believe, you won't only find bedbugs in dirty dwellings. They're parasites, which means they search for humans to feed on. If you're warm-blooded, bedbugs will try to find you. But cleaning your space will help you find and eliminate them.

3.Use essential oils

I dropped and rolled all the essential oils before going to bed. I used a combo of lavender, cedarwood on my neck, wrists, and chest. I tried a homemade concoction of peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, and cedarwood to spray around the perimeter and on my sheets.

I used bug repellent with catnip, lemongrass, rosemary, and geranium oil. Badger Bug Balm works well and smells delicious. The catnip spray is called Life Stings. Theyre both organic and dont contain DEET.

I have to get honest about my use of essential oils. They do help, dont get me wrong. Theyre effective to an extent. But theyre not reliable to completely repel these bedbugs. They deter them for a time until you have to reapply. They dont like the scent, but they want you more.

Thats why oils are only a part of the picture. The most important thing to do is to call an exterminator.

Brian, my bedbug guy, as I affectionately call him, has the poison to kill bedbugs in every life stage. He sprays the carpet, mattress, and baseboards. Then he shakes dust thats similar to diatomaceous earth around the perimeter. It cuts the bedbugs, and they die from their injuries.

After the first treatment, we checked in about sightings and bites. When I reported seeing them and getting bites, he applied a second dose a week later. They remained until after we left that apartment. Bedbugs dont give up that easily.

I recommend you maintain a working relationship with your bedbug exterminator. Stay in contact with them to report your observations. We rent, so all I have to do is text or call him. Youll have to research costs, but it seems he has a flat rate, regardless of how many visits.

As a nature lover, I initially wanted to live harmoniously with bedbugs. When I realized no harmony comes from bugs biting me every night, I had to do something about it.

Since humans have interfered with the cycle of nature too many times, we need to take measures we might not have had to worry about in the past. Im sure bedbugs are on the rise due to our imbalanced ecosystem. Unfortunately, it came down to Us vs.Them. If you have bedbugs, youll need to take action right away. They want to survive, and theyll do anything they can to stay in your home.

Clear out your belongings, clean thoroughly, apply essential oils, and call a professional exterminator. Communicate with neighbors if you live in an apartment, condo, or duplex. Theyll likely need treatment, too. Dont give up until theyre gone. Keep the faith, even if it takes years. I hope my experience and newfound expertise will help someone else stay out of bedbug hell.

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