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Big Country Chateau Renters protest for the gas to be turned back on and better living conditions – KLRT –

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-People at the Big Country Chateau Apartments in Little Rock are living another night without gas at the entire complex.

Some people say they havent had a hot shower or a hot meal since September 16.

They held a protest on Thursday with workers from Arkansas Renters Untied demanding change.

This is the third time Fox 16s ReChelle Turner has been at the complex talking to people.

They say theyre not paying rent until theyre compensated for the weeks that they had no gas service.

Im calling you to leave this message because fight, fight, fight housing is a human right, people said.

Frustration continues to grow for renters at Big Country Chateau apartments.

Fight fight fight we want our deposit back, people yelled.

Im tired of taking cold showers come on out the door, one man said.

People stood outside the complex on Thursday protesting for change.

We just want a listening ear somebody sympathetic to listen to what we are going through, Nichole Cameron said.

Renters United said Arkansas sits at the bottom of the list when it comes to basic health and safety standards for renters and property owners.

And thats a damn shame, Neil Sealy said.

Tenants like Michael Ford are calling on lawmakers

Definitely need to push for more stricter laws, Ford said.

People even marched to the front office. The door was locked and the blinds were closed.

We deserve a response, people said.

Why is there no answer and you guys are in the middle of a crisis, one woman yelled.

If we are paying rent every month and the utilities are already paid then it needs to be paid and taken care off, Ford said.

Renters say the fight continues for gas at the complex and better living conditions.

We will be heard we will be heard, people said.

No matter how long it takes.

If it dont stop here we will take it to city hall and go down there and protest, Ford said.

People say theyre also dealing with mold, bed bugs and leaky pipes.

The Planning and Development Department with the City of Little Rock says that the property owners have to bring the gas lines up to code and pass inspection before the gas is turned back on.

The property was recently acquired by a company based in Brooklyn, New York. The management company, Integra Affordable Management, is based in Chicago.

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Big Country Chateau Renters protest for the gas to be turned back on and better living conditions - KLRT -

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